Wedding Ceremony in Greece


How to make a wedding an unforgettable event? There are many options. But if you want the wedding ceremony to take place in a romantic place abroad, then organize a wedding in Greece. This country with beautiful landscapes and ancient history will give you vivid impressions. Where is the best place to hold a Greek official wedding ceremony? What documents are required to register a marriage abroad?

Benefits of holding a wedding ceremony in Greece

Greek wedding is only romance and love. The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea will make lovers admire the surrounding landscapes. Only close people will be present at the wedding abroad, who will sincerely share your joy and have fun from the heart. Oddly enough, but the Greek wedding will cost no more than holding it at home. And after the holiday, you can relax and spend a honeymoon on the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean Sea..

Wedding in Greece

How to organize a ceremony in Greece

Some couples themselves are engaged in organizing weddings abroad, while others trust this to professionals. Good planning of all stages of the holiday and preliminary agreements with officials on the registration are important components of the success of the future event. When organizing a wedding abroad, you must:

  • choose a place for the wedding;
  • book hotel rooms for guests and honeymooners;
  • in the mayor's office of the Greek city to agree on the date, place of the wedding ceremony;
  • come up with a celebration script;
  • invite a photographer, stylist, hairdresser, decorator, translator;
  • order a banquet.

On the Greek island of Santorini

Many couples dream of connecting their hearts on the island of Santorini, which is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Everything there is saturated with romance, beauty and love. An unusual landscape, ancient churches and a huge volcano - all this will give your wedding photo a bright color. Beautiful sunsets will enhance the feelings of the newlyweds and leave an unforgettable experience of being on the island of Santorini. The history of this place has many centuries, as evidenced by architectural monuments and rock frescoes. Some people believe marriages in Santorini are the strongest.

Santorini perfect for a wedding

On the island of Rhodes

«The pearl of the Mediterranean» - so called the Greek Rhodes. This island is saturated with happiness and beauty. Gracefully rising over the sea, coastal cliffs, turquoise waves, fresh air, stunning nature - all this will make the ceremony in Rhodes unforgettable and beautiful. Especially popular with engaged couples is the place of Lindos, which is located in a surprisingly beautiful bay surrounded by mountains. For the ceremony of marriage, you must first agree with the mayor of the city.

Rhodes is great for organizing a wedding

In crete

Lovers come to Crete from around the world to marry and spend their honeymoon in this picturesque place. This island is the southern point of Europe, which is famous for beautiful sunsets, mountain ranges, golden beaches, lush nature. Crete is perfect for a wedding. Luxurious villas, hotels, delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine - all this will make your holiday bright and fabulous.

Wedding in Crete

On the beach of Zakynthos Island (Zakynthos)

Zakynthos Island is a great place for a wedding ceremony. It is located in the Ionian Sea and is famous for its beautiful beaches and seascapes. The choice of a place on the island for the celebration remains with the newlyweds. For example, a bright and romantic wedding ceremony can be held on the famous Navajo beach. On its white sand, to the sound of the surf, the words of a vow of fidelity will sound especially solemnly and will remain in memory as a vivid memory.

Wedding ceremony on Zakynthos beach

Necessary documents for registration of marriage in Greece

The official registration of marriage by Greek officials is considered valid in Russia. Sometimes Greek authorities may refuse to marry. This can be, if the person is not 18 years old, they are relatives, have been divorced from their previous spouse for less than 1 year, or 4 years have not passed since the previous life partner was missing. To marry abroad, lovers need to carry:

  • foreign, Russian (domestic) passports;
  • birth certificates translated into English and notarized with a stamp of apostille;
  • certificate of divorce or death of the previous spouse (if appropriate).

How much is a wedding ceremony in Greece

Some couples spend their wedding in Greece only together, and from this they get more impressions than from a celebration in their homeland. And other lovers bring to the Mediterranean all their large company of relatives, friends in order to brightly, noisily and cheerfully celebrate the registration of marriage. The cost of the ceremony, the number of guests affects the budget of the holiday. Different travel agencies can offer their help for organizing a wedding abroad.

Symbolic ceremony prices

Some newlyweds or spouses who have lived together for some time travel to Greece to hold a symbolic wedding ceremony. After that, they receive a marriage certificate, which has no legal force. However, an overseas wedding is able to give a couple unforgettable, happy moments. Young people can register a marriage in a registry office before traveling abroad, and play a wedding in Greece. Travel agencies can help organize a symbolic ceremony. The cost of a wedding in Greece ranges from 600 to 3000 euros.

Formal ceremony cost

Romantically inclined couples are ready to do a lot to be declared husband and wife on a beautiful Greek island with a long history. If you entrust the organization of the celebration with a travel agency, you can enjoy a happy wedding day without worries. How original the bride and groom will look at wedding photos, the backdrop for which will serve as ancient monuments of Greece! And if the ceremony will be held by the mayor of the city chosen by the lovers? The cost of an official wedding ceremony begins with six hundred, and ends with three thousand euros.

Video: wedding ceremony for two in Greece

Dreaming of a wedding on the Mediterranean coast with white sand, bright turquoise waves? Do you think it is realistic to organize a wedding in Greece? Already more than one couple in love from the CIS countries vowed fidelity on the shores of one of the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. In Greece, any of your wedding dreams will come true. A ceremony on a beautiful beach, a banquet in a chic restaurant with delicious cuisine, a boat trip - all this will give the celebration a special touch. The video below will show an example of marriage in Greece.

Photos of weddings held in Greece

If you want to make your wedding day fabulous, romantic and full of new experiences, then Greece is waiting for you. On the famous, picturesque islands of this country, you will spend a happy, joyful day and you can take a vow of fidelity at an official or symbolic wedding ceremony. Greek wedding photo session is bright, unusual, beautiful. Look at the selection of photos and mentally transport yourself to a country that will give you a beautiful wedding.

Photos of weddings in Greece