Wedding Ceremony in Cyprus


A wedding is an important event for the newlyweds, but often pre-wedding bustle, the solution of organizational issues, paperwork overshadow the event. The meeting of all relatives, guests, a noisy banquet often destroy the romantic atmosphere. To make the holiday perfect, the bride and groom were able to enjoy an important solemn moment; they often choose the option of holding the ceremony abroad. Especially popular is the wedding in Cyprus, where nature and atmosphere contribute to the organization of a romantic celebration..

Wedding organization in Cyprus

How to organize a wedding on the island of Cyprus

Many couples in love want to hold a wedding ceremony on the chic island of Cyprus. This option has many advantages:

  • The beauty of nature, architectural buildings, clean beaches with white sand and clear waters. The ceremony held on the island will give a sea of ​​delightful minutes of joy and magical pictures that lovers will show to friends and relatives.
  • The possibility of legalizing a marriage concluded in the municipality of Cyprus on the territory of the Russian Federation with the correct execution of all documents.
  • Inexpensive. The myth that holding a wedding ceremony abroad is too expensive a pleasure has long been debunked. Domestic wedding businessmen are overstating the price of services and accessories, and in Cyprus due to high competition and «moderate appetites» foreign entrepreneurs cost lower.
  • The weather from May to October promotes a wedding ceremony, an amazing photo shoot. At this time, it is always warm, sunny, and the probability of rain, which can ruin the fun, is reduced to zero.

Lovers can organize the wedding ceremony on their own, but this will require considerable effort, time, and thorough knowledge of the language. For the celebration, you need to choose a venue for the celebration, agree with the municipality, solve organizational issues - find a photographer, hairdresser, makeup artist, restaurant. To do all this with a distance of several thousand kilometers is not very easy, but it is possible, then the wedding ceremony will be modest.

Often, newlyweds who want to hold a wedding ceremony on the chic island of Cyprus turn to tour operators for help. It will cost more, you will have to pay for the services of a travel agency, but it will be much more efficient, better and more reliable. Particular attention during the planning and preparation of the ceremony should be given to the collection and execution of the necessary documents if lovers want to hold an official wedding ceremony.

Holding a wedding in Cyprus

Where to hold a wedding ceremony

The charm of the island of Cyprus is breathtaking. Newlyweds have the opportunity to choose a colorful venue for the wedding ceremony, which they liked most. It could be:

  • the hotel where the newlyweds stayed;
  • city ​​hall;
  • sea ​​coast, beach, stone cliffs;
  • picturesque, colorful garden;
  • sea ​​vessel - steamboat, schooner, boat.

To determine the location of the wedding ceremony, select the city where the celebration will take place, decide which municipality will register the marriage. Each region is beautiful in its own way, rich in sights, picturesque places, breathtaking, but Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Lefkara are more popular for holding a wedding ceremony..

Paphos City

In the western part of the island of Cyprus is a beautiful city with a well-developed infrastructure - Paphos. There are few sandy beaches, mostly the coast is covered with stone blocks, which are broken by sea waves, scattering with white foam. There are many places rich in history in the city, there are even excavations. In such an area rich in various plants, flowers, sights, there is the opportunity to take many charming pictures. And a magical sunset, during which the sun sets right in the sea, is an ideal option for a romantic photo shoot.

Paphos is chosen by the newlyweds, who, in addition to a beach holiday, are interested in the culture and history of the island. The city is recognized as the cultural capital of Europe, here you can easily find all the necessary accessories for a wedding celebration or just arrange your own shopping in your free time. This romantic place with enchanting views is a great option for a marriage and honeymoon ceremony..

Wedding in Paphos, Cyprus

Resort Protaras

The most romantic city on the island of Cyprus is Protaras. This is an ideal place for those who want to retire, relax from the hustle and bustle with the company of a loved one. The area is famous for its large, clean beaches, where white sand is golden, and the water in the sea is crystal clear. For lovers who want to hold a romantic wedding ceremony, such beaches, secluded coves will be an ideal place for a celebration. The city has its own attraction - the chapel where the wedding takes place.

Wedding ceremony in Protaras on the island of Cyprus

Limassol Port

The business center of Cyprus is considered the city of Limassol. This is a large port of Cyprus, which is not very popular with tourists, although it has a favorable territorial location. The city is rich in historical sights, one of which is a medieval castle or archaeological park. A wedding ceremony in a historic place, on the sandy shore or the promenade will look beautiful and romantic.

Wedding registration of marriage in Limassol, Cyprus

Ayia Napa romantic place

Many compatriots choose the municipality of Ayia Napa for the wedding ceremony. This is a tourist town where at the height of the season it is possible to meet people from different parts of the world. Favorable geographical location, wide, clean beaches - this is what the city is famous for. There are many beautiful, romantic places for a wedding photo shoot. For example, the bridge of love, Cape Cavo Greco, a winding tree. Amazing pictures taken near the beach during sunset.

Ayia Napa wedding in Cyprus

Larnaca coastal town

The most beautiful municipality of the island of Cyprus, located in a delightful mansion in the city center, is famous for Larnaca. Many people prefer this Cypriot resort to hold a wedding ceremony in a beautiful building, and then enjoy a photo shoot while walking through delightful places: beaches, the promenade, and visit religious shrines. Have a good time and make beautiful pictures possible, and taking a walk along the streets of the city, and in the evening, lovers can go to relax in a club or other entertainment venue.

Larnaca wedding ceremony in Cyprus

Required documents for registration of marriage

To officially register a marriage in Cyprus and legalize it in Russia, you need to collect a package of necessary documents. A certificate of marital status is needed, which confirms that lovers who want to marry do not have other formal relationships. Such a document is valid for 3 months, and it can be obtained in several ways.

  • You can contact the registry office in Russia for a certificate that needs to be translated into English, notarized, put an apostille.
  • Or contact the Russian Consulate of Cyprus, providing a passport and making sure that you are a citizen of the Russian Federation. The advantage of this method is that the certificate is issued immediately in English and does not require additional certification. The cost of the service is 10 euros.

Documents required for any relationship registration option:

  1. Birth certificate translated into English and notarized.
  2. Originals of marriage passports.
  3. If one of the spouses was in an official marriage, the bride changed her name, there was a death of the former spouse - documents confirming these facts are necessary. All of them must be translated into English and certified in accordance with the law..
  4. If lovers wishing to marry have not reached the age of 18, you must show the permission of the parents or guardians (in English, certified by a notary).

The entire package of documents must be submitted to the municipality at least one day before the appointed date of marriage. However, the paperwork does not end here, upon returning to your native country you have to translate the marriage certificate, the bride will go through the official change of surname and change the passport. The charm and magic of a Cyprus wedding smoothes out all these bureaucratic litigation.

Cypriot marriage certificate

How much is a wedding ceremony in Cyprus

The price of a wedding ceremony in Cyprus depends on the type of celebration. Official registration will cost more than symbolic registration, as it includes payment of fees for public services. The average cost of a wedding celebration on the island will be cheaper than a similar event organized and held in cities with a million-plus population in our country, and a magical ceremony, the charm of the area can not be compared with concrete «the jungle» metropolis.

Formal ceremony prices

Registration of marriage in Cyprus (official ceremony) will cost about one and a half thousand euros if the tour operator will organize the trip and the holiday. This price includes:

  • specialist advice;
  • state duty;
  • booking dates and registration;
  • transfer;
  • translation and apostilization of documents;

Additionally, the following services may be included in the list:

  • Make-up artist, hairdresser (approximately 80 euros for the work of one specialist).
  • Bridal bouquet, cake - at 45 euros per service.
  • Holiday at the hotel from 150 euros.

You can always arrange a grand feast by ordering the best specialists, many accessories and entertainment, in which case the cost may exceed the figure of 7 thousand euros. Do not think that the independent preparation of the wedding ceremony, not implying the assistance of a specialist (tour operator), will cost less. Saving money, you will lose a lot of energy, nerves, organizing a holiday abroad.

The official registration of marriage in Cyprus

The cost of a symbolic ceremony

A symbolic wedding ceremony will be cheaper, it does not include state duty and registrar services. The price of such a celebration is approximately 800 euros and includes:

  • Ceremonial services
  • champagne, a bride's bouquet;
  • call hairdresser, photographer.

Entertainment is paid separately, it all depends on the scale with which the newlyweds are ready to spend money and arrange a celebration. The most popular pastimes after the wedding ceremony are: sailing on a yacht (from 3 thousand euros), shark hunting, sea safari (180 and 90 euros per person), sailing (1500 euros). Cheaper entertainment can be chosen - a photo shoot on the coast, excursions, sightseeing, which is especially true for those who are first on the island.

Symbolic wedding ceremony in Cyprus

Video: holding a wedding in Cyprus

A romantic atmosphere, the charm of beautiful nature, a good mood - all this contributes to the organization of a magical wedding ceremony on the island of the goddess Aphrodite - Cyprus. The atmosphere helps to create amazing photos that will remain for a long memory, and the video operator will help capture the most vivid, joyful moments of the wedding throughout the holiday. Watch the wedding video of the wedding ceremony in Cyprus:

Photos of weddings in Cyprus 2016

Professional photographers will help newlyweds who decide to hold a wedding ceremony in Cyprus to leave this magical day not only in memory, but also in photographs. Charming terrain, the beauty of nature provides the opportunity to get original, unique pictures, which are unlikely to boast of many friends or relatives of the newlyweds. View photos of couples in love, appreciate the beauty, feel the special romantic atmosphere of the island.

2016 Cyprus Wedding