Wedding at home


Organization of a wedding involves a considerable investment of money. But not all couples are willing to splurge on luxurious restaurants, an expensive toastmaster and other indispensable attributes of a wedding event. Sometimes the bride and groom are content with a modest wedding ceremony. Wedding at home, in your apartment is a great way to celebrate the main day of your life with dear, close people, and spend money saved on the celebration, for example, on an unforgettable honeymoon.

Home wedding

How to organize a wedding at home

Self-organization of a wedding feast requires serious preparation. If the newlyweds decided on such a step, they definitely need to have a diary, in which it is recommended to record the stages of the preparation of the wedding. So, the following headings should be highlighted separately:

  • list of guests invited to the wedding;
  • furniture, other equipment;
  • wedding props to decorate the room;
  • Important dates
  • menu;
  • purchase of products for a wedding feast;
  • choice of host, host;
  • music;
  • appointment of assistants;
  • cooking utensils.

The first thing to do is to really assess the area of ​​the apartment where the wedding feast and reception will take place. Owners of large country houses in this regard will be easier. A large area of ​​the premises, the opportunity to arrange a wedding reception of guests on the summer terrace, in a meadow near the house, a place for a dance floor will greatly simplify the task.

Self-organizing weddings

If you want to hold a wedding feast in a small apartment, you will have to carefully consider the number of guests invited. It is recommended that you invite no more than 10 people to the wedding. Such a number of guests can comfortably accommodate in the apartment. Take care of the necessary furniture. From the room where the buffet will be held, it is necessary to take out excess furniture.

If you have a large room at your disposal, then tables with chairs for the wedding should be placed against the walls around the perimeter of the room, leaving a place in the center for dancing. Sometimes during a wedding in a small apartment there are two zones: one room is reserved for organizing a wedding feast, and the second is equipped for the conditions of a dance floor, entertainment program.

Pay attention to the time of year. Arranging a wedding in an apartment on a hot summer is a bad idea. Guests, the bride and groom will be stuffy in cramped conditions. It is likely that the snacks on the table will quickly go bad due to the heat. If possible, wait for the cold season. Then the guests, the newlyweds will be more comfortable, and you can use the glazed balcony, the loggia as a refrigerator, where products for the wedding feast will be stored.

Home wedding feast

What wedding is complete without musical accompaniment? If the wedding feast is held in a large restaurant, then there will be no problems with the choice of music. When the wedding is arranged in a small apartment, then when choosing a musical accompaniment you will have to be guided not so much by your taste, preferences, but by the conditions of poor sound insulation. From «alive» music will have to be abandoned in favor of a selection of wedding music tracks.

Organizing a wedding feast at home is troublesome. Do not be afraid to use the services of your friends, call them to help. Give each of them a wedding task for which a person will be responsible throughout the preparation. The bridesmaids will assist in decorating the apartment, the groom's friends will help take care of the wedding procession, music. Particularly active and fun people ask to come up with wedding contests, an entertainment program.

Wedding in the apartment

How to decorate a wedding house

It will be possible to maintain a romantic wedding atmosphere of the holiday with the help of beautiful decorations. Carefully think over the decor of the room for the wedding and discuss with the bridesmaids who will be able to help you. When decorating an apartment for a wedding feast, one should be guided by the principle of conciseness, so as not to overload the space of too bright details. Just a few accents and highlighted areas will create the right mood at home.

Wedding Home Decor

Start the decoration from the landing, if any. Tie balloons, satin ribbon bows, and notes for newlyweds to the stairs. Pay particular attention to the front door. It is decorated with floral arrangements, fabric draperies, funny posters with photos. At the entrance to the house, designs are made of balloons in the form of hearts, swans, rings.

In the room where the main part of the wedding feast will be held, a separate place for the newlyweds is arranged. The wall, which will be the background for the place of the bride and groom, is decorated with beautiful fabrics, flowers, thematic paintings. When choosing flowers for a wedding home decor, one should take into account the fact of the small size of the home. So that the branch compositions do not seem excessively bulky, it is recommended to give preference to small bouquets of small flowers: violets, chrysanthemums, daffodils, spray roses.

Home: decorate for the wedding

Guests will come to the wedding with flowers, so place the floor vases in the corners of the room in advance, and the bouquets placed in them will be a wonderful addition to the festive decoration of the house. Actively use candles, figurines, paper garlands, rose petals in wedding decor. Place them not only on the festive table, but also on the dresser, other furniture available in the room.

Wedding decoration of the apartment

When a wedding is being organized at home, the question of the menu, food preparation should be carefully discussed in advance. It is recommended to hire a cook who will prepare dishes for your holiday, and the bride, her mother and future mother-in-law will be able to enjoy the long-awaited day, and not stand at the stove. The same goes for service. One waiter is enough to serve, set the table, serve dishes for a feast. The wedding feast menu should contain the following types of dishes:

  • 3-5 types of cold appetizers, including salads;
  • on a plate of vegetable, cheese and cold cuts;
  • two types of hot dishes (fish and meat) with a side dish;
  • hot snack;
  • fruits;
  • dessert - a wedding cake (calculation 150 g / person) - about 2 kg.

Menu for a wedding feast

Cold starters for a home wedding:

  • stuffed fish;
  • cutting (meat, vegetable, cheese, fish);
  • meatloaf;
  • jelly;
  • salad «Greek»;
  • salad «Caesar»
  • meat salad.

Hot snacks for the wedding:

  • chicken and mushroom julienne;
  • pancakes with meat.

Wedding hot dishes:

  • grilled fish with vegetable puree;
  • French meat with eggplant
  • chicken skewers on skewers with a side dish in the form of broccoli and cauliflower.

Menu for the wedding

Scenario of holding a wedding at home

Wedding guests meet the newlyweds at home or in the porch, lining up in the corridor. They pass the bride and groom as they sprinkle with rose petals, sweets, rice, coins, and pronounce: «Happy wedding! May you live happily ever after!» Young people who stop in front of the threshold are met by their parents and utter a greeting phrase: «Congratulations to the bride and groom! Let mutual grievances remain behind the threshold, and in a new family life only love, happiness, mutual understanding are waiting for you».

Home Wedding Scenario

Then the parents pour champagne on the prepared wedding glasses for the newlyweds, offer them a drink. Groom and bride, drinking champagne, break wedding glasses for good luck. Then the husband takes his wife in his arms, and brings over the threshold. Then parents take out traditional bread and salt, and offer to taste them for young people who, bowing to them, try bread and salt. Then the newlyweds, their parents, witnesses and guests pass at the wedding table.

The word is taken by the bride's parents. They pronounce: «Husband and wife, from this moment on, we wish you many years of happy, lossless, more love, a happy fate, fewer jealous words and rumors». The following is given to the groom's parents: «We congratulate you cordially, love each other forever, fate has connected you, from this day you are together forever. May there never be contention between you!»

Script and text of the host of the wedding

Then witnesses say their congratulations: «Congratulations to the bride and groom, let you be together all your life, wish you love, happiness, let the bad weather pass you, so that the marriage is unbreakable, be faithful until the gray hair». The wedding feast begins. The first toast is delivered by the mother of the bride: «Dear daughter, on this happy day for you I want to congratulate you, wish you happiness, health, prosperity».

All guests take turns toasting: «Dear newlyweds! We want to wish you a happy and fun to celebrate not only the wedding ceremony, but also paper, wooden, crystal, silver, gold, porcelain, and even a red wedding». Later, the bride and groom dance a traditional wedding dance. Toward the end of the feast, a wedding cake is served, which is cut by the newlyweds. The wedding ends with a ceremony of throwing the garter and the bride’s bouquet.

How to have a wedding party

Contests and games

«How well do you know the bride». The bridesmaids make chamomile, on the petals of which they write important dates for the newlyweds (date of meeting, first date, kiss, birthday). Tearing off another petal, the groom should give the correct answer, and say what happened on that day. Each wrong answer is paid by the groom's team. Money is added to the family treasury.

Wedding contests

«Shoe theft». Traditional bride redemption tests for the groom on the wedding day do not end there. When the company is already tipsy, girlfriends steal the bride’s shoe. In order to return the loss, the groom and the witness should fulfill some requirements, for example, to dance the dance of little swans or a gypsy with a way out, push oneself off the floor, who, as much as he can, etc..

«Get to know your loved one». They blindfold the bride and offer to recognize her lover with a kiss. The host informs that all the men present at the wedding will take turns kissing the bride, and she needs to find out which of them is her bridegroom. The essence of the wedding contest is that only the bridegroom will kiss the bride, but she should not know about it in advance. It’s fun to watch how the bride will respond to kisses from what she thinks of other men.

Games for a wedding feast

The pros and cons of a wedding at home

A wedding celebration at home has its pros and cons. This is a subject of controversy for supporters and opponents of such an event. Self-preparation of a wedding in a home requires tremendous determination. But if you decide to arrange a wedding in the conditions of your house or apartment, then be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such a holiday.

Home Wedding Benefits


  • A budget option. A wedding at home will significantly save your family budget, you will not need as much financial investment as when organizing a feast in a chic restaurant.
  • Cozy atmosphere. You do not like noisy companies, do you want to spend this day only with close, dear to you people? There is no better way than to get together a small company of best friends at a feast at home.
  • The wedding in the apartment will appeal to your elderly relatives. Grandparents will be able to take breaks during a feast and relax in neighboring rooms from noisy fun.
  • There are no working hours at home, as in a restaurant, so you can celebrate the wedding at least until the morning.

The disadvantages of a wedding feast at home


  • Sometimes the feeling of solemnity is lost when celebrating the marriage at home. Therefore, you should take care of fun contests, entertainment program in advance..
  • You risk spoiling the holiday for your parents if you ask them to prepare a wedding feast and all the dishes. You can’t do without the help of a cook.
  • There is not so much space in the house to arrange a spacious dance floor, as in a banquet hall.
  • To organize a wedding feast at home, you will have to take care of the necessary amount of furniture, dishes.
  • If the wedding takes place in summer or warm spring, the house may become too stuffy and hot, which will be uncomfortable for both guests and newlyweds..
  • In a small-sized home, you will be limited by the choice of the number of guests, because not many people can fit in the house.

Video: holding the second day of the wedding at home

To organize a wedding in an apartment or in a house is a good idea for a financially cramped bride and groom. The main thing is to take care of the selection of a fun company that will not let you get bored and will be able to support the wedding spirit, create a festive emotional atmosphere during the feast. Beautifully decorate your home, select themed props to create funny photos. If you are adherents of a classic wedding feast in restaurants, then at home you can make a holiday on the second day of the wedding, as in the video below, where only close friends are convened.