Wedding in cyprus


Cyprus ... The goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite was born here, her son Eros with golden arrows went out to hunt here, and the god of marriage Gimeney lit his torch. A wedding in Cyprus is a ceremony blessed by the gods and the first step of the newlyweds to the Olympus of Happiness, because a family created under the magical look of the goddess of love is doomed to be strong. In addition to this, the island gives you picturesque views for the ceremony and weddings, excellent weather, rich fauna and flora, the gentle sea, historical, architectural monuments. The island of happiness opens hearts for tenderness, joy and boundless love.

Traditions and customs of a wedding on the island of Cyprus

In the life of the village community, a wedding in Cyprus was a very important event. Numerous folk traditions, ceremonies with rituals of the Greek Orthodox Church intertwined in it. Weddings always played on Sundays. On the eve of the ceremony, the women of the village gathered in the bride’s house to prepare a traditional crushed wheat dish called «resy». Pasta was also prepared, which was treated to guests at the Cypriot wedding. To play the violin at noon, the ceremony of decorating the bed of the bride and groom took place.

On Sunday noon, wedding guests gathered in the groom's house, where preparing for the wedding turned into fun. The barber shaved and cut the future spouse, the guests improvised in poetic form to the sounds of a lute and violin, congratulating the newlywed. During the celebration of the groom, the witness, who is called in Cyprus, accompanied «kumbaros». Similar actions took place in the bride's house for the wedding. After preparation, the entire procession walked to the church for the ceremony..

The traditional marriage of the islanders of Cyprus

When the wedding took place, the newlyweds and guests went to feast at their home. The wedding on this island lasted three days. On Monday, the newlyweds performed a traditional dance, during which guests pinned money to their clothes, threw coins. According to another tradition, the bride’s family is obliged to present the house to the newlyweds for the wedding, and in return the husband took responsibility for providing his wife. There are other colorful features of holding a wedding ceremony in Cyprus:

instead of a bouquet, the bride holds a pomegranate, which symbolizes fertility and passion;
before the marriage, the newlyweds pour sugar into the glove to sweeten the marriage;
for longevity and stability after the wedding, the newlyweds throw a small piece of iron on the roof;
if the bride pins a twig of ivy to her hair, then she expects to love to the grave.

How to organize a wedding in Cyprus

Wedding ceremony off the coast of Cyprus

Tears of joy, the smiles of loved ones, the sparkle of newlyweds in love, the feeling that the sea breeze lifts you off the ground are indispensable components of a wedding on the island. The marriage there is recognized as legal in Russia, so why not give yourself an unforgettable holiday? Many couples believe that organizing a wedding in a foreign country is a task that requires an independent collection of a lot of permits and documents, but in the case of Cyprus, everything is much simpler.

Any couple can get married with a birth certificate, Russian and foreign passport. Sometimes, for the ceremony, future newlyweds require additional documents, for example, which indicate the death of the former spouse, divorce, parental consent, if the newlyweds have not reached the age of majority. It’s very simple to have a wedding on the island: you only need to choose a city, contact the municipality by sending an e-mail with confirmation of payment of state duty.

Official marriage

You can hold an official wedding ceremony in Cyprus at a hotel, city hall or other place. Here you will be presented with a variety of surprises for newlyweds in your room: a bottle of champagne, wine, a birthday cake, fruit baskets, a more beautiful room for the price paid, spa, candlelight dinner and other romantic, pleasant gifts. To make an official wedding in Cyprus you need to collect the originals of the necessary papers, bring them to the municipality of the selected city.

Cyprus as a wedding venue

On wedding day, newlywed witnesses should have a passport. If you arrived in Cyprus without guests, then the workers of the municipality will be recorded as witnesses. After the ceremony in Cyprus you receive a marriage certificate, which must be checked for errors and typos. If the bride wants to change her last name after the wedding, then it is necessary to inform the municipality where they will draw up the relevant document, the valid month after the marriage is concluded in Cyprus.

After the wedding, an apostille is required for the certificate at the Ministry of Justice of Cyprus, which is located in Nicosia. This procedure is fast, on the day of filing the corresponding application. Upon arrival home after the wedding, the newlyweds will have to translate, assure the certificate. In the local department of the FMS, you need to put a stamp on marital status.

Symbolic wedding

Symbolic wedding celebration in Cyprus

A symbolic wedding is much more accessible and simpler: in Cyprus you will relive exciting emotional moments, but without red tape with documents, translations, notaries, without official registration of marriage, which is chosen by many married couples. The venue for a symbolic wedding can be the cliffs of Paphos, Aphrodite, coastal hotels, restaurants in Cyprus, Cape Capo Greco, the ship. In terms of emotional content, this option for a celebration in Cyprus is very romantic..

Wedding Venues in Cyprus

Cyprus has a wide variety of regions suitable for weddings, each of which has its own characteristics, individual features. Therefore, the young couple should decide in advance on the resort where the ceremony will take place. Holidays in Cyprus are concentrated in the territories of Paphos, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Larnaca, which have a large number of hotels, restaurants, attractions, developed infrastructure. A wedding held in Cyprus will fill a couple with unforgettable, vivid emotions.

The ceremony is held in the hall of the municipal department, registry office, amphitheater, in one of the many picturesque gardens, on a pirate schooner, the seashore. But some places can be limited by time frames, for example, ceremonial events in the municipality take place only before lunch. It is possible to rent a special hotel room, which is adapted for special occasions..

Paphos City

Paphos in Cyprus has magnificent landscapes, important historical sites, archaeological sites, a relaxing, relaxed atmosphere. This defines the special charm of this bridal resort. After the wedding, the newlyweds can stroll along the famous promenade, visit the spa, watch the evening performances in the old fortress, go to the best Coral Bay beach. The ceremony in this place of Cyprus becomes unique and fabulous.

Wedding in Paphos

Resort Protaras

Protaras in Cyprus is located near Ayia Napa. There are discos, bars, restaurants, comfortable hotels, secluded beaches that will help in the wedding combine incendiary fun and an unforgettable romantic atmosphere. Here is the unusual Garden of St. Elias. At the foot of the hill where the chapel is located, there is a magnificent garden. In the shade of eucalyptus trees, olive trees are wooden arbors, which are prepared for weddings. TO «wish tree» near the chapel, the newlyweds will be able to tie a ribbon and enjoy the magnificent view.

Wedding ceremony in the resort of Protaras

Ayia Napa romantic place

Ayia Napa in Cyprus is a bright, fashionable, modern youth resort for lovers of water sports, beach holidays, active nightlife. However, there are secluded, romantic places created for weddings of couples in love. This Cyprus resort is famous for its luxurious golden sand beaches - this is where the earthly paradise for honeymooners. Nearby is the cape of lovers Cavo Greco, where many important places for loving hearts are concentrated, which will serve as an excellent background in Cyprus for a wedding.

Ayia Napa Wedding Ceremony

Larnaca coastal town

The architecture of Larnaca in Cyprus surprisingly combines modernity and antiquity. The special atmosphere of the wedding ceremony and the celebration of the weddings held here will give the culture of the East and Europe, united in this resort. This is a town of centuries-old history with a warm sea, beautiful beaches, ancient streets that will not leave indifferent a couple in love.

Marriage among the beauties of Larnaca

The capital of winemaking and the main port of Limassol

Limassol in Cyprus - these are comfortable hotels with services «all inclusive», wide beaches, picturesque green oases. Such an excellent decoration at the wedding ceremony will leave a lot of pleasant impressions for the bride and groom. To the west of the resort is Kolossi, a medieval castle where the wedding of Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria of Navarre took place. This city will conquer the newlyweds with cultural traditions and ancient history..

Limassol nature wedding ceremony

The scenario of the celebration

Newlyweds to the place of registration ceremony on the beach of Paphos are in a helicopter. The guests are greeted with thunderous applause. All action shoot cameras. Dress leading resembles the outfit of Aphrodite. Guests are dressed in Greek tunics, sandals and other antique attributes. The presenter calls on the supporters to take places. The registration ceremony in Cyprus begins. The newlyweds come to the arch to the solemn music..

The presenter pronounces the following words:

- The goddess of love Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea naked and reached the shore in a sink. The island of Kiefer was the first on its way, but, considering it too small, she first moved to the Peloponese, and then finally settled in Cyprus in Paphos. Until now, this place remains its main sanctuary. And on this beautiful day we observe the birth of a new family under the auspices of the goddess of love.

Holding a wedding celebration off the coast of Paphos

After this speech, the host invites the bride and groom to the table so that they put their signatures in the document confirming the marriage. The bride and groom approach the bar and exchange rings. The presenter is declared a couple by husband and wife. The groom is offered to kiss her lover. All guests applaud and congratulate the young. Under the glasses of champagne, the first wedding toasts sound. Sirtaki traditional Greek music plays, dancers appear.

Invited and newlyweds are sent to be photographed. Then everyone leaves for the ancient port of Paphos in Cyprus, where a yacht awaits. The presenter asks everyone to rise to continue the feast with a banquet. The yacht is sailing to the place where Aphrodite emerged from the foam. During the trip, a wedding with music takes place. The end of the banquet is a colorful firework.

Video: Cyprus wedding ceremony

What could be more romantic than celebrating a wedding ceremony on the island of Cyprus, where the birth of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was? Make the wedding a unique, special, unique event. For inspiration, we suggest you watch a video where the legendary island with the gentle sea and sunny beaches serves as the backdrop for the celebration. Feel how romantic your sound «agree» to the sound of the surf.

Reviews on holding a wedding in Cyprus

Ekaterina, 27 years old, Moscow:

The young man and I went to Cyprus to rest. We were so inspired by this place that we decided once again to relive the whole romance of the wedding and become newlyweds. We ordered a symbolic ceremony at the Alion Beach Hotel. We were very satisfied, everything went fine.


I decided to surprise my lady and ordered a wedding on Ayia Napa beach in Cyprus. We did not take such baggage of impressions and inspiration from more than one place. The tour operator organized everything well, efficiently, professionally and tastefully.!


My husband and I spent an amazing, unforgettable vacation in Paphos Cyprus, where our symbolic wedding ceremony took place. A very beautiful place with rocks by the sea, an unforgettable romantic atmosphere! And what photos we have left - just a fairy tale!

Wedding photo shoot on the island of Cyprus 2016

Cyprus provides a lot of beautiful landscapes for the wedding photo shoot of the newlyweds. Remember that at noon during the holiday season it is very hot, so it’s better to postpone the shooting in the morning or afternoon. Especially beautiful are the photos at a wedding when shooting the sunset of Cyprus, when the sun sets in the water, the sky is painted with magical color stains, and sea foam plays off the coast.

Wedding photo session on the island of Cyprus