September wedding


Our ancestors believed that the most favorable time for creating a family is the first month of autumn, September. Autumn weddings have always been distinguished by luxury, abundance: the harvest is harvested, the main concerns of the villagers have departed, the townspeople are returning from vacations. A wedding in September is also beneficial from the point of view of financial calculation: products are relatively cheap, an abundance of fruits and vegetables gives rise to the prospect of interesting treats. The autumn celebration is beautiful and there are no secrets!

Autumn wedding

September wedding omens

Traditional autumn signs say that the creation of a family portends a newlyweds a quiet, measured life. The spouses will have few joys, but they will be so bright that they will fill the existence of the family with happiness, satisfaction from marriage. Consider some of them:

  • Rain - for a happy future.
  • Windy weather, slutty - to dissolute marriage.
  • A dusty whirlwind towards the young - to dysfunction.
  • Snow for a wedding in September - to wealth.
  • Frosts - the future first-born will be a strong, healthy son.
  • A storm or thunder flies - to trouble.

Auspicious days in September 2016

Astrologers consider September the most successful month of marriage. According to them, young people have a laid-back, happy relationship. The luxury and pacification of September promise a calm, beautiful, comfortable life together. However, this month there are days that are perfect for the wedding, and the church also speaks of them. The distribution of days will allow you to plan your wedding when it’s most convenient for you..

Autumn photo shoot: a walk in the park

Good days

  • September 5-6 - a strong marriage that will give stable financial prosperity, great love.
  • 12 - the wedding will bring stability, peace.
  • 19 - union of passion, love.
  • September 20 symbolizes strong bonds, veneration of family traditions.
  • September 26 - marriage expects harmony and understanding.
  • September 27 will bring love, stable relations of spouses.

You should not plan a wedding in September only on the 13th day, and also for the last week of the month. A marriage concluded on one of these dates can lead to disappointment, sadly ending in divorce soon. Given the advice of astrologers, you will be able to choose the best date from all points of view and arrange not only a celebration, but also a trip after it.

September Wedding Passion

Best day for a wedding

According to all the same astrologers, the best sunny day in September 2016 is the 5th. The sun will influence the fate of the young family: it will bring joy, luck, happiness to the newlyweds. This day, as a rule, pleases with the weather, a warm breeze, an abundance of flowers, and even that the organization of the celebration will be a pleasant adventure, and there is no doubt. Summer is just over, but its colors are still present!

September Wedding Ideas

Bright colors of the beginning of autumn, as well as its pleasant weather make it possible to realize a lot of ideas, but due to possible rainfall, it is better to celebrate the wedding under the roof. The banquet hall is decorated with colorful garden flowers, maple leaves, balloons in orange and white. Magnificent autumn flowers - roses, chrysanthemums, dahlias will become an irreplaceable decoration. Autumn pumpkin, apples, grapes, watermelons, eggplant, nuts will shade.

Decoration of the hall for the wedding in September

Examples of the design of the wedding table, see the video:

Autumn accessories on a wedding table

The September wedding menu is an abundance of vegetables, berries, fruits, which are rich in markets. Meat and fish are also present, but always with side dishes and salads. Ideas can be found in family recipes, proven over the years. Even the wedding cake is decorated with autumn accessories: chocolate maple leaves, marzipan bunches of grapes. A special place will take a photo shoot and video. Bright landscapes of parks, old mansions will create a stunning background for photographs, and bright umbrellas, baskets with mushrooms will become additional accessories.

Cake for the autumn wedding

What to go to the autumn wedding photo

The outfits of the bride and groom are not much different from the summer version. The bride will be able to wear a dress with bare shoulders, complemented by a drape or bolero, or a closed dress with sleeves. As for colors, brides are recommended traditionally white, gold, bronze colors of the dress. It is better to complement the bride’s outfit with shoes of soft warm colors - for example, vanilla ice cream, ivory or beige-golden hues. The bride’s bouquet should be drop-shaped, may contain chrysanthemums, gerberas, creamy yellow roses, orange callas.

Wedding dress for September wedding

Autumn Bridal Bouquet

In preparation for the celebration, pay attention to signs, stylistic features and other very important little things. Remember that the key to a happy life is your love.