Wedding ceremony in the Crimea


A significant wedding day is a special event that the newlyweds want to make memorable. You can celebrate a wedding of the European level off the coast of Crimea. This is a special place combining beautiful nature and ancient architecture. Famous Crimean palaces - Livadia, Yusupovsky, Massandra will welcome newlyweds for the ceremony. Unique weddings in Crimea are organized taking into account the experience of European countries at relatively low prices, which allows you to get a chic holiday for less money.

Options for a wedding ceremony in the Crimea

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are held on the peninsula in any season. The most popular among newlyweds are ceremonies in places full of romance and sophistication: in palaces, picturesque places, restaurants with fine cuisine. Fans of luxury, for an wedding, an exclusive rental of the best hotels in Crimea is suitable.

Wedding ceremony in the gazebo on the coast

Romantics prefer a wedding ceremony in a gazebo off the coast. The bright Crimean sun, sea landscape and azure sky will give unforgettable feelings. The most attractive places for newlyweds are: Nikitsky Botanical Garden, park «Aivazovsky» in Partenit, Arbor of winds on top of the Falcon rock near Gurzuf and Silver arbor on Mount Pendikyul (near Miskhor). There is no need to pay for the celebration, just pay attention to the organizational aspects of the wedding.

Wedding in the gazebo on the Crimean coast

A small gazebo, under the dome of which you say the cherished «Yes», will be like a piece of paradise for two lovers. Decorated with delicate flowers and a light fabric, it will bring a sense of fairy tale. Guest chairs are decorated with satin fabric with bows, and the path to the gazebo is covered with a walkway. The wedding ceremony, which will not only have warm memories, but also stunning photographs, is arranged to the enchanting music of a harp or violin.

Ceremony in the Romanov Palace

The former residence of the Russian emperors, the Romanov Palace, which dates from the end of the 19th century, is located near the sea near the village of Livadia in the Yalta region of Crimea, from which it received the same name. The Romanov Palace is considered the pearl of the southern coast of Crimea, inspiring hundreds of artists and poets with its beauty. The light Italian style of construction of this palace attracts newlyweds for a wedding ceremony with a seascape.

Wedding ceremony in the Romanovs palace

An arch decorated with flowers, a calm melody, people close to you, the atmosphere of the holiday will create a feeling of a royal wedding. It is becoming a tradition to release pigeons after the ceremony as a symbol of eternal fidelity and love, and then to hold a wedding photo session in the rooms of the palace filled with grandeur, the interior of which will inspire you to create beautiful photos.

At Villa Oneiro

From the terrace of a cozy villa «Oneiro», which is located in Alupka, visible landscapes of gray mountains, centuries-old pine trees and the Vorontsov Palace. From the windows of the rooms, bays of the coastal strip and the lighthouse at Cape Ai-Todor are visible. Beautiful landscapes, a high level of service make this place popular for weddings. The staff will help with the organization of the holiday. The wedding ceremony will take place on the terrace, and a banquet and photo shoot at the hotel. If desired, the newlyweds can continue the photo session in Alupka, full of beautiful places.

Wedding ceremony at Oneiro Villa

On the site of the Swallow's Nest

This architectural monument is a kind of wedding symbol of the southern coast of Crimea. Located on a sagging rock and made in the style of medieval castles, its view from the observation deck resembles a picture: a palace resembling the possessions of a glorious knight separates the blue sky and the blue sea. This place is saturated with romance, so it is popular with those who want to hold a wedding here. An off-site wedding ceremony is organized on the site, which takes place against the backdrop of this «Castle of love». A wedding can be either official or symbolic.

Wedding at the Swallow Nest venue

Approximate prices of an exit wedding ceremony in the Crimea

The cost of organizing a wedding depends on the choice of the newlyweds. Travel companies offer a minimal package that will help to carry out a symbolic wedding ceremony. It includes car rental, photography, hairstyle, makeup of the bride, double room, bouquet, boutonniere, pillow for rings, a bottle of champagne. The price includes the services of a host who will conduct a wedding, a decorated arch, a small decor with flowers. The tariff for such a package of services is from $ 1800.

Official painting in Crimea with paperwork for a small company of 15-20 people will cost from $ 8,000. The price includes an extended package of services: transfer to the hotel, newlyweds, guests, decor and floristry, photo, video, hairdresser, makeup artist, host evenings, chamber music or DJ. The price increases depending on the whims of the newlyweds. For example, if they want to see a stylized decoration of a wedding or starry evening hosts. For the extra money, an underwater wedding ceremony is arranged..

Video: holding a wedding ceremony in the Crimea

The Crimean peninsula enjoys great success among tourists, among which there are often couples in love who dream of taking vows of loyalty and love on its territory. There are all conditions for this: hundreds of wedding venues, services of the best specialists in visage, hairdressing, photo, video, decoration and decoration of holidays. Watch the video below, which demonstrates the beauty of landscapes, the romance that accompanies wedding ceremonies in the Crimea, unforgettable feelings that are read on the happy faces of newlyweds and guests of the holiday.

Photos of wedding ceremonies held in Crimea

Colorful shots of wedding moments are one of the undoubted advantages of holding a ceremony on the Crimean peninsula. Wedding ceremonies against the backdrop of a panorama of jagged mountain peaks, a rocky sea beach, ancient architecture, various historical monuments make Crimea a unique place for a wedding, wedding or symbolic ceremony.

Weddings in Crimea