Wedding in Montenegro


What could be more sophisticated than a wedding celebration in the mountains, against the backdrop of the sea and waves? A wedding in Montenegro is an ideal solution for newlyweds who are connoisseurs of natural beauty. Here you can not only get a lot of emotions, but also experience all the delights of relaxation. Be sure that guests of the celebration will be surprised by the choice and be amazed by the landscapes of Montenegro.

Traditions and customs of weddings in Montenegro

According to the old rules that existed for Montenegrins, a woman could marry from 18 to 25 years old, and a man - whenever she wished. The choice lay solely on the shoulders of the young man who, after identifying the desired bride, sent matchmakers to arrange a wedding. The decision was made by the girl’s parents - will she marry or not. If both sides agreed on all the points, then a shot was fired that spoke of a positive resolution of the wedding issue.

Now such traditions are not respected by many couples, and the state of Montenegro forbids the use of weapons. The matchmaking process is omitted, the newlyweds decide the wedding issue by mutual agreement. There are no age restrictions in Montenegro, although many young girls still believe that you need to get married exactly on the date specified in the traditions. Residents of this country observe interesting wedding ceremonies that are performed by the newlyweds..

Wedding celebration in Montenegro

The most popular rite in Montenegro is considered to be visiting the groom's house and receiving a presentation from the mother-in-law. It should be a wedding sieve with a ripe red apple or orange, for those periods of time when the specified fruit is not. The bride should throw a sieve on the roof so that it does not fall down. This will indicate that the young wife has successfully, permanently entrenched in her husband's family. The wedding apple could be stored until moving to new housing or eaten at the event.

How to organize a wedding in Montenegro

Before planning a celebration abroad, it is important to consider many points. Be sure to record all the necessary information in a notebook or file on the computer: starting from the list of invitees with their contacts and ending with the addresses of the necessary restaurants, the parameters of the wedding dress. Consider the following points:

  • Obtaining international passports, travel documents. Contact the relevant state authorities, specify what documents you and your guests need for departure, holding a wedding in Montenegro.
  • Check with the registry office, will marriage in your country be concluded in Montenegro? Perhaps the best option would be to hold only a solemn event in this country, and get a certificate of family creation on your own at home. It’s okay that the date of painting and the wedding itself will be different.
  • Ask your most important guests if they can go with you on a holiday to Montenegro? Do they have the relevant documents, permissions? Does health allow you to make long journeys, flights?
  • Identify a place for a wedding ceremony, celebration, overnight in Montenegro. Book them in advance and pay in advance for your reservation. You should take care of this while still at home..
  • Choose the theme, style of the wedding, analyze the possibility of designing all the places that were chosen for the wedding celebration.
  • Add Montenegrin traditions to the event plan to make the holiday colorful. Let some holiday contests be in the style of Montenegro.
  • If you have no idea how to organize a wedding celebration, and do not want to do this, contact a special agency. A qualified specialist will help you there, who will not miss a single detail. You can always ask your wedding coordinator questions..

Official marriage

If the newlyweds decided to sign according to the Montenegrin rules, and the native state recognizes such a marriage as valid, then this wedding matter should be taken seriously. Contact the appropriate organizations in Montenegro to clarify the possibility of painting on the selected day, specify what is necessary for this. In this country there is the possibility of an official wedding on the road, near beautiful landscapes.

Stamps in the passport will be placed only in the relevant state bodies and a marriage certificate will be issued there. Find out these points in advance, it will take a certain amount of time to receive documents (from a few days to weeks). It happens that while the newlyweds are resting on their honeymoon, these formalities are being prepared, and the couple can pick them up for departure.

Symbolic wedding

When the newlyweds decide to sign on their homeland, and play a wedding abroad, the issue of paperwork turns the other side. When changing the family name, the bride must change her documents in one full month, in which the old data appears. These are passport, visa, rights, certificates. If you plan a long trip abroad, make sure that you can return home without any problems..

Where to have a wedding

You can hold a wedding event in a place where your heart desires. Very often the choice falls on the mountain ranges, so that behind there was a charming landscape. You can choose the marine version of the celebration and celebrate on the ship, yacht. If you like ancient castles or the atmosphere of estates, such places can also be found here, the choice is yours.

On the island of St. Stephen

This small village is named after the main patron of Montenegro. Over the years, it has turned into a wonderful tremendous hotel for vacationers. Pink sand can be a great decoration if your wedding is held on the beach. The island of St. Stephen is the most popular resort place in Montenegro, in recent years a lot of wedding ceremonies have been held on it..

Wedding ceremony on the island of St. Stephen, Montenegro

In Perast

One of the most spectacular towns of the Boka Kator Bay can be a good option for a wedding. Visiting attractions such as the Bujovic Palace, the city museum, the palazzo on the Marco Martinovic promenade, guests can relax during a wedding walk, and for you these places will be an ideal backdrop at the time of photography.

Perast, Montenegro - for a wedding celebration

On Mount Lovcen

A winding serpentine will become a picturesque road to the long-awaited moment of the Montenegrin wedding ceremony, if the choice is stopped at this elevation. You can use the large Lovcen park at the foot as scenery for a photo shoot, let alone the view from the peak of the mountain. A wedding in such a place will be remembered for a long time not only young, but also invited.

Mount Lovcen, Montenegro - the perfect place for a wedding

In Herceg Novi

Ancient buildings, unusual landscapes, a blue cave - this is only a small part of the sights of a beautiful corner of Montenegro, where you can hold your wedding event. Go with the guests to the Herceg Novi fortress, visit the Spasskaya Church, on the Clock Tower. It’s very convenient to combine a wedding event with a journey to new places.

Herceg Novi, Montenegro: wedding event

On a yacht on the high seas

Fresh air, clean, clear water, a gentle breeze and swaying - what could be better for relaxation? And if such an atmosphere will be present at your wedding? Give preference to this place for a holiday if you are brave and risky. At the end of the event, organize an exciting nightly fireworks display that looks especially good at sea.

Wedding on a yacht at sea, Montenegro

How much is a wedding in Montenegro

  • The price of a banquet in a mid-range restaurant is from 60 euros. Keep in mind that dishes can be national, Montenegrin, so not all guests will like them. Indicate these points when preparing a wedding menu for a banquet.
  • Bouquet for the bride - from 70 euros. It is worth considering the air temperature for the season when the wedding will take place. For a very hot pore in Montenegro, you need to choose bouquets with a portbuketnitsa, so that the flowers look fresh for a long time.
  • Montenegrin makeup artist and hairdresser - from 150 euros. It is possible to choose both one universal wizard and several. It depends on the wishes of the bride.
  • In Montenegro, a photographer for a wedding will cost from 100 euros per hour. When ordering a specialist for a period of more than 3 hours there will be additional discounts. Keep in mind that the local photo-master will know all the nuances of the region, interesting places for shooting, and the visitor will have to deal with landscapes along with the newlyweds.
  • The coordinator and agency services may have different costs, at least 300 euros. But, according to the principles of their work, the wedding should be held at the highest level and without unforeseen situations..

Video: holding a wedding ceremony in Montenegro

In order to take into account all the little things of organizing a wedding celebration in Montenegro and to make a 100% decision on the location of the holiday, you need to look at the already implemented events in this country. A wedding in Montenegro will be ideal subject to certain rules, which you can learn about by watching the video from the wedding. So you can easily determine the need for certain customs, the correctness of the action plan drawn up.

Reviews on the wedding in Montenegro

Svetlana and Alex

We held a wedding celebration on a yacht in Montenegro. There were 10 invited friends, relatives, and 5 attendants. The wedding was held for 3,000 euros, this amount includes agency services. Although the event was symbolic, it will be remembered for a lifetime.

Veronica and Benjamin

In Montenegro, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our official relations. Wedding celebration in this country can not be compared with Russian. We were on Lovcen Mountain. It is so romantic, calm and sincere that I did not want to return home. In our opinion, this is an ideal place not only for weddings, but also for other holidays.

Roman and Elizabeth

The island of St. Stephen in Montenegro has become a holy place for us, because we got married there. Fifteen people attended the wedding, some of which were our Montenegrin friends, who provided great assistance in preparing for the holiday. The event cost 4,000 euros, but for such a scale in Russia would have to pay 2 times more.

Wedding photo session in Montenegro

A wedding in Montenegro is a beautiful, unusual photograph for a long memory. If you have chosen this variant of the event, implement it correctly, with a sense of style. The photographer will certainly offer you the right angles, backgrounds and formats for the photo, but if you tell him about your ideas and preferences, the work of the photo master will be even more effective. Here are some possible options for implementation:

  1. Photoshoot on the beach in white shorts and a shirt for the groom and in a light dress for the bride. It is worth stocking up with beautiful wedding flowers, fruits, glasses with champagne.
  2. Photographing on the background of the coast, old buildings, ancient castles, abandoned places. In such pictures, the love of two will be expressed even brighter.
  3. Photo on a yacht at sea. You can make them not only on the day of the wedding, but also in another period of rest. Try to swim to different places and change the background for photos. The impression of such a walk will remain for life.

Newlyweds in Montenegro