Phuket Wedding Ceremony


Since childhood, many have been dreaming of a wedding by the sea, when there is no one nearby except guests and the sound of the waves. A wedding ceremony in Phuket is more than just a romantic wedding ceremony. This is a reunion of two souls with all earthly elements - earth, water, air and fire. Follow your dream, not standards, and then the Thai wedding will exceed all your expectations.!

How to organize a wedding in Phuket

If you are determined to hold a wedding ceremony, then the main thing you need is time, patience and money. If the newlyweds are missing the first two points, they choose a symbolic wedding ceremony in Phuket. If you are willing to spend several weeks formalizing your marriage in Thailand, then why not? Let's dwell on the procedures that await the bride and groom there..

Official marriage

For people who temporarily live in Phuket, an official wedding option is possible. You will need a passport. First, find the embassy of your country in Thailand, request an affidavit (document) on the marital status of the bride and groom. It must be completed in English, legalized by a notary by means of a seal and signature, translated into Thai, certified.

Then contact the consulate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). You will need 2 foreign passports and 2 copies, 2 affidavits, 2 translations, Legalization Division. When you fill out the form, you will be given a number and asked to wait. You will be notified when you need to pick up legalized documents.

Next you will need to visit the registration authority - the local municipality. You will need the documents mentioned above and, if one of the spouses was divorced, they will additionally require official confirmation of this fact from him. Further, for this marriage to be valid in the home country upon arrival, it is necessary to legalize documents in the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. The official wedding certificates should be translated into the national language, certified by a notary.

Upon arrival home, contact the State Migration Service, where they will stamp your passports. Further, everything is standard - replacing documents with a change in the name of the wife (if she agrees). If you are ready to visit so many places, give the right amount, then go for it! But first, check out the benefits of holding a symbolic wedding in Phuket..

Symbolic wedding

Any travel agency will help you learn in detail about the possibilities of marriage in Thailand. The staff offers wedding packages, which include services, decoration, style of conduct, the presence of a Russian-speaking assistant. It is better to think over the wedding scenario in advance and on your own, otherwise, under the influence of prices and advantageous offers, you yourself, without wanting it, will refuse the wedding of your dreams.

Choosing a symbolic wedding ceremony on the chic island of Phuket is an excellent solution for couples who are ready to combine a wedding and a honeymoon. The organization will help you local coordinators, florists, photographers, decorators and monks. There are many options - a traditional European beach wedding, in a chic villa with a view of the waves, a luxurious wedding on a yacht ... The Thai style of marriage is suitable for newlyweds who want to feel the spiritual atmosphere of this country and its indigenous people. The holy ceremony will be held by monks in a Buddhist temple.

Where to hold a wedding ceremony

To determine the ideal venue for the wedding, you need to consider the financial side and personal wishes of young people. Everything is standard: will it be a magnificent Thai wedding for many guests or a closed, quiet, cozy ceremony? Are you not against the views of curious residents or want a secluded wedding? Does the place for the wedding night matter - a five-star hotel or a cozy, modest house in the rainforest under a palm tree? The bride and groom should ask themselves such suggestive questions during their wedding planning..

Phuket is a place where you will not only be offered a traditional wedding ceremony, but also surprised with exotic wedding decisions. Do you know the feeling of greatness and kindness of elephants? Wedding riding on these giants is suitable for fans of extreme entertainment. According to Thai traditions, the elephant takes the couple in love to the temple, where they will be declared husband and wife, and after that the newlyweds will go to the rainforest to learn the wildlife. You just imagine wedding photos with monkeys, butterflies, birds of incredible beauty. This is not a street photo shoot in a gray city!

In the temple

If Buddhist culture is close to you, then you should not stand on ceremony with the choice of the style of the wedding. The Thai rite of marriage will give the newlyweds not only a strong union, but also peace. The wedding ceremony is as follows: the bride and groom dress in white robes, go to the temple, kneel down and wait for the blessing of the monks. During the mysterious marriage, wedding wreaths of orchids appear on the heads of the newlyweds, fastened with a thread - a symbol of spiritual union. Thai atmosphere fills the hearts of guests at a wedding.

Wedding in Phuket Temple

At the waterfall

There are 3 waterfalls in Phuket: Kathu - in the center of the island, Bangpe and Tonsai - in the north side, in the Talang region. Clear, flowing water is in the middle of an exotic forest with old, majestic trees. Wedding organizers will help you arrange romance among nature. A floral arch, places for guests, a view of a waterfall and a reuniting couple, Thai music, a photographer and an individual wedding concept - what else do you need?

Wedding ceremony at the waterfall

By the sea

Phuket has a large number of beaches - Bangtao, Karon, Patong h, Tri Trang, Panwa, Chalong Bay, Paradise, Nai Harn, Emerald, Ao Sane, Nai Yang, Nai Ton, Surin, Kata. You can choose any of them for a wedding. The beach ceremony in Phuket is both modest and luxurious. Newlyweds have a favorite marine or exotic style of holding a wedding. European ceremony is becoming popular.

Imagine - the sound of the waves, the soft sand under your feet, the flowing dress of the bride, the free image of the groom, the happy guests at the wedding ... And after the wedding you will find a cozy restaurant by the sea or an entertainment complex in the hotel, where the wedding night will take place. Wedding coordinators think through individual programs that emphasize the individuality, interests, and character of the newlyweds..

A wedding by the sea in Phuket

On a desert island

If your dream is an exotic wedding away from noise, unfamiliar eyes, head to one of the uninhabited islands near Phuket. A cozy, warm atmosphere, an air tent, candles, flowers, unusual arches will create the feeling that this is a foreign film, and not your happy ceremony. On these islands there are hotels and holiday villas. The traditional first option is for a wedding with more than 40 guests, the second - for a celebration of up to 35 guests.

Another important point of the ceremony is the method of arrival on a desert island. Use for your wedding both a custom boat for everyone and an exclusive, luxurious yacht of any size. Usefully spend time on the road - have an unforgettable wedding photo session. The advantage of such a wedding is that you do not need to look for places to shoot, equip photo zones, focus on small details. Beauty is everywhere!

Wedding on a desert island near Phuket

How much is a wedding ceremony

The price of the wedding depends on what you choose - an official wedding or a symbolic ceremony. Do not forget to add the cost of living, travel to the first option. The price for processing all the necessary papers for an official wedding in Thailand will be about $ 100. Next, you choose an individual wedding package.

A symbolic ceremony takes less time to prepare, cheaper. Travel agencies offer wedding packages for her, which include: decor and floristry of the venue (arch, decoration of tables, chairs, a bouquet, a boutonniere, a bride’s wreath, the road to the altar, strewn with rose petals), an unofficial wedding certificate, a table, a transfer for guests, Russian-speaking coordinator and ceremonial master, photographer. Depending on the services included, the price of a wedding is from 60,000 baht (approximately 90,000 rubles.).

Holding a wedding in Phuket

Tropical Paradise - These two words accurately describe the wedding ceremony in Phuket. The solemn wedding on the island under palm branches to the sound of gentle waves, gentle, soft sand is ideally complemented by small floral decorations: an arch, flower stands on the way to it, all kinds of garlands. Wedding sea photos of the newlyweds in a wooden boat, a ceremony on the background of a waterfall, in the apartments of the villa overlooking the horizon convey a unique romantic atmosphere. Look at the video below how beautiful it is. A wedding in Phuket is worth such memories!

Photos of weddings in Phuket

The ceremony in Phuket is the right choice. If you are still in doubt, check out our selection of wedding photos. Lovely elephants, luxurious yachts, incredible landscapes, exotic sunsets, airy dresses on the beach, a reverent ceremony, floral arrangements - so much beauty and experience! You will take home the light, laid-back, unforgettable sensations received both during and after the wedding.

Photos of wedding ceremonies in Thailand