Wedding in Turkey


In the modern age, many young couples prefer organizing weddings abroad. This fashion trend has captured the minds and hearts of the newlyweds, due to the fact that the unusual setting only adds fun, unforgettable experiences. A wedding in Turkey is one of the most interesting ideas for holding a celebration. Here you are guaranteed excellent weather, beautiful pictures, stunning landscapes and a pleasant stay. You can combine a wedding ceremony with a honeymoon, having spent it in amazing Turkey.

Traditions and customs of a Turkish wedding

A wedding at the Turks has many customs and rituals. After deciding to bond their relationship with one another, young people consult with their families. If the groom’s parents give their consent, they go to the bride’s relatives to ask for her hand. The beginning of the celebration marks the moment when the side of the young guy buys gold jewelry for the bride, chooses her a wedding dress.

At the wedding, the newlyweds put on wedding rings on their fingers, which are interconnected by red thread. The bride and groom are told a few emotional parting words and cut the thread. Next begins the celebration. After the betrothal before the wedding, according to the traditions of Turkey, it can take a lot of time, up to a year or more. At this time, the couple lives together, gets to know each other better. Preparation for a wedding in Turkey is delayed for 2-3 months.

Turkish wedding

A couple of days before the wedding, the bride is painted with palms and henna. In the center of the room they put a burning candle, a plate with ready-made henna. Only women take part in such a rite. This is considered the last night of the young lady in the parental home. A wedding feast in Turkey is held on a large scale, a lot of fun. The number of invited can reach 500 people.

How to organize a wedding in Turkey

Turkey is the border between West and East, harmony and grandeur. This is a country of contrasts, where the culture of the Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman empires is mixed. This makes her mysterious, majestic. A wedding in Turkey can take place both in the territory of a modern hotel and in an ancient castle. Wide sandy beaches, sun, sea, eucalyptus, pine forests are ideal for the birth of a new family. Until recently, Turkey could offer the newlyweds only a symbolic wedding, but now you can officially bond yourself with marriage.

Official marriage

Official ceremony on the coast of Turkey

In Turkey, citizens of the Russian Federation can enter into an official marriage. No special documents are required for this. The bride and groom must take with them internal, foreign passports, birth certificates, death certificates if one of the spouses is a widower, or a divorce if someone in the couple has already been married. The most popular wedding venues are:

  • Coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas of Turkey. Here are the best places for a wedding. Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Kemer and other famous Turkish resorts are always at the disposal of young couples. The wedding is very convenient to spend on the beach. In one place there are places for exit registration, a photo shoot, a festive banquet in the form of chic local restaurants on the coast.
  • Private beaches of Turkey. For a wedding, the coast of one of the selected hotels is reserved. The shore will only belong to those invited to the ceremony and the newlyweds.
  • On a yacht. The calm expanse of the sea, the indescribable beauty of the sunsets, the majestic mountain landscapes of Turkey. Isn't this the most romantic setting for a wedding? On a yacht, you can gather all your loved ones in one place, have fun from the heart. A wedding held on the high seas in Turkey will be remembered for your whole life.

Symbolic wedding

Some couples who choose Turkey for a vacation are so inspired by the local beauties and romantic atmosphere that they decide to hold the wedding again. But not real, but symbolic. This trend is so popular that spouses with 30 and 40 years of experience come again to feel the emotions that gave them the happiest day in life.

Symbolic wedding in a Turkish resort

A symbolic wedding is more modest than an official one, but here a wide field for imagination opens. You can hold a celebration on the pier, in a hotel, show center, on the beach of Turkey. The decor of the venue is agreed in advance with the organizers. In Turkey, at a symbolic wedding, you can independently correct the mistakes that were made during the official ceremony.

Where to hold a wedding ceremony in Turkey?

This country offers many ideas for organizing and conducting weddings. The best places are considered the coast of the Aegean Sea (Marmaris, Bodrum, Cesme, Kusadasi, Fethiye), the Mediterranean Sea (Alanya, Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Side, Lara), Istanbul. The warm climate of Turkey will give you confidence that nothing will ruin the day. Clear sunny weather and high water temperatures are guaranteed for 10 months a year, and intermittent rain only occasionally.

Coast of the Aegean

The Turkish part of the Aegean coast is crystal clear water, comfortable hotels, picturesque beaches, and refined society. This place is chosen by many newlyweds to celebrate the wedding. The celebration can be held in a hotel in Turkey, the castle and on the coast. The wedding here will be remembered for a long time. The Aegean coast is also famous for its chic wedding venues:

  • Marmaris is Turkey’s largest port, a youth resort surrounded by mountains. From the sea side there is an island that protects the city from the wind. Marmaris has a large number of pine forests. The best time for a wedding at the resort is the period from May to September. The city is famous for its nightlife with an abundance of pubs and discos..
  • Icmeler is a resort town in Turkey, rich in gardens.
  • Turunc is a small picturesque town for a wedding, surrounded by mountains with pine forests. The air here is very clean, and the sea is protected from the wind. The sandy beaches here have been rewarded «Blue flag» for environmental friendliness and cleanliness. Stunning nature is considered the main attraction of this corner of Turkey and is ideal for weddings..
  • Fethiye - warmed by the hot sun, smelling of pine needles, a surprisingly clean, secluded resort in Turkey, very prestigious and democratic at the same time. Here you will find the botanical garden, the famous old hotel clubs. This fabulously beautiful wedding venue.
  • Bodrum - the largest resort in Turkey, the most youth and party on the coast. He was nicknamed «Turkish Ibiza». In the vicinity there are many picturesque bays, historical monuments..

Wedding ceremony on the Aegean coast of Turkey

Mediterranean coast

Unique beauty, majestic and at the same time calming, azure sea, countless islands, bays, long beaches, emerald green pines, sheer mountains with caves - all this gives the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, conquering the newlyweds with eastern generosity and romance. Spending the main day of a couple in love at one of the resorts will give an unforgettable experience. On the Mediterranean coast there are many romantic places suitable for weddings:

  • Alanya is the most remote resort in Turkey, has a developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment. The sea and mountains protect the city from the winds. Among the famous attractions: Damlatas cave, a fortress and a castle of the 14th century, a shipyard, «Cleopatra Beach», numerous monuments and museums.
  • Antalya is a young resort in the south of Turkey. The new part of the city is a developed infrastructure with restaurants, hotels, parks, bars, and the old part is almost not affected by modern buildings, which preserved the national color of the combination of Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine architecture.
  • Belek is one of the greenest resort towns of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. In addition to the fact that the city is popular among those wishing to celebrate a wedding here and spend a honeymoon, it is also famous for its rich fauna and flora, an abundance of eucalyptus and pine forests.
  • Kemer is the most popular resort city of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Here are the ancient cities of the World, Olympos, Phaselis. Kemer includes several resort areas suitable for weddings: Beldibi, Kirish, Goynuk, Tekirova, Chemyuva.
  • Side - «open-air museum» Turkey with a rich history. This place is famous for its long sandy beaches, good hotels, modern restaurants, convenient for weddings. Side includes the resort areas of Kizilot, Cholakli, Manavgat, Kumkoy, Sorgun.

Wedding on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey


Istanbul is an excellent place both for a noisy big wedding, and for a secluded celebration with a modest budget. Due to affordable prices for accommodation, a flight to this resort city of Turkey is considered relatively inexpensive. This is the only place where couples get married, being between two parts of the world, Asia and Europe. You can have a wedding on an island in the Sea of ​​Marmara, in the Ottoman palace, a Greek mansion, a chic restaurant in Turkey with a view of the city, in the mountains in nature. Here you can combine a wedding with a honeymoon.

Istanbul Wedding Ceremony

The scenario of the celebration

The basis of the wedding script can be taken «Scarlet Sails». According to this topic, the celebration should be held on the coast of Turkey in a restaurant. There the guests will be met by the captain of the wedding ship, youngsters, the bride and groom. To the sound of a ship's horn, the lights go out and romantic music is turned on. The host of the wedding pronounces the following words: «This story began when a girl (the name of the bride) met an old wise storyteller. He told her a story and promised that when she grows up, he will meet a captain who will love her.

The young man will sail on a ship under red sails, together they will go to the Pink Valley, will live happily ever after. The girl obeyed the storyteller and began to wait for the captain. Years passed and (the name of the groom) sailed to the girl, falling in love at first sight, vowed to love her until the last days of her life. And so our newlyweds embark on a romantic voyage on their ship. We wish them that only joy, happiness brought them Pink Valley».

The newlyweds take their places, and the captain invites guests to join the holiday. The host of the wedding in Turkey gives the first toast to the newlyweds and announces a competition: «As the playful sea drowns out my voice, you need to choose «bitter», who will command loudly «Bitterly!» on the ship». For candidates, a competition is organized among the guests, where all participants simultaneously blow on bills: whoever flies away further becomes «bitter».

Turkey Wedding Scenario

Competition for raising anchors. For him, it is necessary to prepare cardboard anchors with tied threads of 1.5 meters. Participants should take up the thread so that the anchor hangs. On command, they pick it up and collect the thread in their mouth, without helping hands. The prize is awarded to the first person who completed the task. After, the host of the wedding announces: «I give a command «full speed ahead» and we are not afraid of either a storm or a storm. With such a team we will overcome all obstacles».

A romantic song is included, those invited in turn say congratulations. The host of the wedding gives out multi-colored flags to everyone so that the guests get to know each other faster and says: «The signal is given by witnesses (they must raise flags), parents of the bride, groom, brothers of the bride, etc..». The host of the wedding in Turkey should read out everyone on the guest list.

There is a musical pause. The host of the wedding announces a stop on the uninhabited island of Turkey, where the newlyweds perform their first dance. Next, each guest is presented with an on-board book to make wishes for the bride and groom. Meanwhile, they take out a sign with the inscription «Island of bad luck». The host of the wedding announces that the ship waved onto the island of bad luck, which is strewn with greenery (at this time shows the gesture of rustling notes), and offers to check how things are going with guests luck.

Competitions for a wedding on the coast of Turkey

Married couples come out for the competition. Fake dollars are poured onto the floor, and couples must collect them for a certain time to the music of the song «Island of bad luck». Wedding host says: «The participants tried so hard, and the bills turned out to be fake. Indeed, this is the Island of Bad luck, but our contestants found their love. Maybe this place is not so unlucky? Let's check if someone can catch the bride’s bouquet?».

Girls line up behind the bride, and she throws a bouquet. Whoever catches him, crosses out a piece of the island’s nameplate «not». The host of the wedding announces a stop on the island in Turkey, where the lighthouse is located. Everyone faces the coast. Guests light small candles and approach the newlyweds who have one large candle in their hands. They light it with the fire of their little candles. The host of the wedding says: «This candle is a family hearth that will always illuminate your path and bring happiness to the house!». This rite is the final chord of the wedding..

The cost of a wedding in Turkey?

Organizing a wedding in Turkey is a good solution in terms of quality and price. Many hotels operate according to the system «all inclusive», which simplifies clear budget planning if many guests are invited. The price of the celebration of travel agencies includes: coordinator services, organization of the ceremony, registration of the registrar, marriage certificate, the ceremony itself, the festive decoration of the place, cake, video and photos for a couple of hours, a bouquet, a boutonniere. Accommodation, flight and wedding banquet are not considered.

Name of travel agency

The cost of the wedding (for two, excluding guests), rubles.

Symbolic ceremony

Official ceremony


From 135000

From 170,000

All-Russian tour operator of honeymoon trips

From 78,000

From 120,000

Wedding way

From 250,000

From 350,000

I'm resting

From 60,000

From 96,000

Honey moon

From 200,000

From 280,000

Note: The above data were collected by random analysis of several travel agencies and are not promotional in nature. Information may be outdated at the time of viewing..

Video: how is the wedding in Turkey

A wedding held in Turkey is a new, unforgettable, incomparable experience. This is a country of contrasts, mysterious and majestic. You can see this by watching the video below. The program of the organization of the celebration includes: gatherings of the bride and groom, a banquet, an exit ceremony, an invitation to artists. A wedding held on the coast in the open air of Turkey gives a magical feeling, and live music, hundreds of sparkling lights flickering in the night bring their own zest.

Wedding photo shoot in Turkey 2016

There are a lot of ideas for holding a wedding photo shoot in Turkey. This is an amazing place, a unique country, combining the culture of West and East. You will get excellent pictures among the majestic nature, the azure sea, in the chic atmosphere of hotel rooms, near ancient castles. No additional props for the wedding are needed here, because Turkey gives the most unforgettable backgrounds for a photo shoot.

Ideas for a Wedding Photo Shoot in Turkey