Where to be photographed for a wedding in winter


Pre-wedding chores left behind? Dress, limousine and matching shoes matched and waiting in the wings? That's just bad luck - outside the window is a winter blizzard ... But what about the wedding photo shoot? Where to be photographed for a wedding in winter? Don’t worry, winter is the time of fulfillment of fabulous desires. Make your own «elixir of a successful photo shoot»: find a professional photographer, select places for photography, add a little imagination. Then, beautiful wedding photos from a winter fairy tale will long remind you of an exciting event.

Features of a wedding photo shoot in winter

Frosty and snowy winter is a great time for a wedding ceremony. Snow-white streets, parks, gardens of the city, falling snowflakes ... Why not a reason for walking and photographing the newlyweds? And how many entertainments young people can think of in a snowy winter: ride a three horses, visit a country estate, arrange a snow battle. Find a professional photographer, listen to his advice.

How to organize a winter wedding photo shoot

Winter wedding photo shoot has its own characteristics. If you take them into account, having prepared in advance for the vagaries of the weather, the duration of daylight hours, then beautiful photography for newlyweds, witnesses, guests will bring a lot of positive emotions. Let's try to figure out what surprises young people can expect:

  • It gets dark early in winter. So that the wedding photos of the winter walk of the newlyweds are beautiful, try to be in time before dusk.

Buffet for guests: the beginning of the wedding photo shoot

  • After an exciting exchange of rings, before a wedding walk in the winter city, invite guests to a small buffet at the registry office. Congratulations to friends and relatives, the first toasts for the health of the newlyweds - an occasion for successful frames of the wedding photo shoot.
  • Choose your intended winter wedding photo location in advance. In winter, the weather is changeable, consider all possible options: snowy streets of a winter city, a fabulous country forest, a quiet cozy cafe with a glass of mulled wine.

Walk in the open carriage through the winter forest

  • Try not to linger on the street for a long time. Is there a winter wedding walk through the snowy forest? Do not forget the thermos with hot tea or coffee. Try to have a private crew, or rather a limousine or any other car waiting for you nearby.

Winter wedding photos in a cozy restaurant

  • Wedding photo session to be in the city? Book tables in a cozy beautiful cafe in the city with a fireplace. Then you will not be afraid of winter slush and drizzling rain with snow. Make bright accents in the interior.
  • Planning to visit architectural monuments, country residences? Feel like a wedding person of royal blood, conduct a photo session on the background of beautiful interiors, creating bright accents. Do not forget that visiting country estates must be agreed in advance.

How to conduct a wedding photo shoot in an old manor

The issue of training the newlyweds, their guests at the wedding for a winter walk and taking pictures ceases to be intractable. Choose the right clothes by looking at the weather forecast a couple of days before the wedding. Young people should prepare in advance for the winter wedding photo shoot and do not forget to warn witnesses about the upcoming «test». Then the photos will be beautiful, and the wedding is bright and unforgettable.

Honeymoon Prep Tips

Taking pictures against the backdrop of the beauty of winter nature will require special training from the newlyweds. Follow the advice of professionals:

  • If you intend to hold a wedding photo shoot in the winter in nature, think over your outfit in advance. A snow-white dress, shoes, a light, albeit a fur cape, are not the best choice. Choose warm shoes, preferably boots, both for the groom and the bride, appropriate to the style of the wedding.

Warm shoes as an attribute of a newlyweds winter photo shoot

  • Most wedding dresses require a neckline, or even completely open shoulders, back. A warm coat will warm you, giving charm. The hood will not be superfluous. The groom should think about a cashmere coat.
  • Winter weather is unpredictable. Instead of the snowy streets of the city, there can be slush and dirt on the wedding day. Try to refuse long wedding loops, they will be inappropriate.

Winter Wedding Photography: Vivid Accents


  • In order not to merge with the background of nature in winter pictures, think over bright accents in the outfits of young people and guests. Hats, scarves, mittens of bright colors will decorate your wedding photo and add color to the image.
  • Get ready for the fact that after taking pictures against the backdrop of winter landscapes, you will have to fix your hair and makeup. Headgear, strong wind can ruffle your hair. It is best to invite a makeup artist, hairdresser to drive up to the cafe after completing photography. Two different hairstyles in one day - what is not a dream of any woman?

A car for a country photo shoot of the newlyweds

  • Try to think about issues with the vehicle. For a convenient and comfortable trip out of town on snowy winter roads, a car with a high clearance is more suitable.

Take into account the suggested tips, then neither snowy frosty January, nor slushy December, nor February blown by all the winds can ruin your mood. And wedding photos of newlyweds in extraordinarily beautiful places will leave for a long time memories of a fairy tale that will warm the soul every year on the day when another stage of life together takes place.

Beautiful places for a wedding photo shoot (photo)

Beautiful places for winter photography of the newlyweds

So that the winter wedding photo shoot, like a walk, does not take much time, is successful, carefully consider the route of movement around the city. Decide where you want to conduct a photo shoot, not forgetting the duration of daylight hours:

  • winter forest or city parks will give magic;
  • ski resort with downhill skiing, an outdoor skating rink will give a feeling of drive;
  • country estates, palaces will make it possible to feel like royalty;
  • small cafes will help keep you warm, and chic hotels and restaurants will realize the most extraordinary dreams..

Winter forest

The magic of the winter forest: wedding photos

Is there a forest near your town? Is winter in your area frosty, snowy? A few hours of a winter photo shoot of the newlyweds in the fresh air will present a fairy tale. Photos will turn out magically beautiful. Think of what is interesting to entertain yourself and guests in the winter forest: play snowballs, make snowmen, ride a sled, arrange a wedding quest.

How to diversify a young wedding walk

Wedding photos of newlyweds with horses look very beautiful. If there is such an opportunity and skills, ride a pair of horses. Be careful not to saddle the animal yourself - your horse carriage or the traditional Russian troika are at your service. Invite friends and guests to have a small picnic amid the snowy nature. What could be better than basking in a campfire on a frosty winter day, eating hot tea or coffee snacks on both cheeks.

Newlyweds equestrian walk - spectacular shot

How to organize a winter wedding picnic

Parks and squares

City squares, parks are ideal for a wedding photo shoot. Pictures of newlyweds, witnesses, and guests in smoky twilight against a park lake or pond will turn out to be extremely beautiful. For a bright accent, prepare a small corner of the park: come up with wedding decor, dazzle snowmen, dress them with bright attributes according to the style of your wedding.

Bright accents of the winter photo shoot: parks and squares


Ski slope or ice rink

Prefer to break traditions? Quiet, cozy, but such a boring traditional wedding photo shoot is not for you? Feel the drive, recharge your batteries by going down the slope on a snowboard. The only thing that will have to be foreseen is the clothes that will be needed for sports personnel during the wedding, and the equipment (own or rental).

Snowboard VS wedding: together or apart

How do you like beautiful wedding photos of the newlyweds in the cabin of the ski lift? You are just the two of you and no one around ... In addition to the photographer, friends, witnesses - and this is a lot! Just think how fun it will be for everyone, how many joyful moments the photographer will take and how soon you will be happy looking at them. Want to get down the hill with fun? It does not matter that one of the guests does not know how to ski or snowboard. Everyone knows how to ride a sled!

Young and witnesses: we go down the hill on a sled

Do not like mountain slopes and other traumatic entertainment? Do you really want to drive? A skating rink on the roof of a skyscraper, in a square, indoors - a great option. If financial opportunities allow, rent an ice rink for an hour, invite professional skaters. A little training, perseverance - and you will perform the first wedding dance on ice, which the photographer will not slow down.

Wedding photos of young people at the rink

Hotels or interior restaurants

Outside is dirt, wet snow? Instead of snow on the streets of puddles? Winter photo shoot in the interior of a chic hotel in the city has a lot of advantages:

  • Warm, cozy and comfortable.
  • Luxury apartments, conservatories, walkways, stairs - the necessary surroundings for photography.
  • Since childhood, dreamed of an arch of flowers, under which the young swear allegiance to each other? Many hotels provide such services, often there is even a special banquet room only for weddings.
  • The cozy restaurant of the hotel will provide an opportunity to relax after photographing..

Theme Restaurant: Winter Style Wedding

Old manors or country houses

Holding wedding photography in old manors will set you up for a regal note. Beautiful women, dresses with crinoline, gallant gentlemen - the atmosphere of the 19th century will turn your mind. The beauty and grace of dresses is fascinating, revealing the interesting aspects of the bride and groom, their guests. Cozy country houses with a fireplace, grog or mulled wine are another option for holding a wedding winter photo shoot. Snow falls all around and creates the effect of separation from the whole world.

Wedding pictures - interior of an old castle

Snow wedding: the comfort of a country house

There are many reasons to take interesting photos, but in order for everything to work out, you need to prepare everything you need in advance. The beauty of the bride, her husband’s gaze in love, the corresponding surroundings - wedding photos deserve to be admired by many years later. Winter is not summer, but this time is perfect for [wedding dress, beautiful and elegant.