Wedding ceremony in Cuba


Dreaming of being with a loved one far from everyday hustle and bustle, many newlyweds choose «Liberty Island» to fulfill his cherished desire. A romantic wedding ceremony in Cuba by the azure sea, where the very nature of the island will become a wonderful decoration, will be remembered by two lovers forever. Exotic plants, white sandy beaches, excellent service and the warm welcome of the indigenous people attract more and more newlyweds every year..

How to organize a wedding in Cuba

At the request of the newlyweds, the wedding ceremony on the chic islands of Cuba can be official or symbolic. Buying a ticket to a travel agency, the couple may not think about the chores and fully enjoy the rest. The hotel staff will be happy to help organize the wedding, taking into account the wishes of the newlyweds. The low cost of the ceremony, in comparison with other islands with pristine beaches and azure water, becomes another weighty argument when deciding on a trip to Cuba.

The solemn event can be either in a traditional solemn setting, or in a local manner, where the wedding ceremony takes place at the arch, decorated with flowers of bright colors, accompanied by local music. The outfit of the newlyweds is also selected in accordance with the event. An even more romantic atmosphere will give reddish shades of sunset. After the wedding day, the newlyweds can spend a honeymoon in Cuba, away from the hustle and bustle, enjoying the sun and warm weather.

Organization of wedding ceremonies in Cuba

Official marriage

Many newlyweds dream of legitimizing their relations in a paradise of the globe. Realizing this idea is not difficult with the help of Cuban legislation. For marriage, the newlyweds need to provide passports, certificates of marital status, birth and divorce certificates, translated into Spanish and notarized by a notary, if available. The marriage certificate is issued after 3-4 months, which subsequently must be notarized and translated into Russian. Registration of a large number of papers affects the cost of the wedding ceremony.

Symbolic wedding

Repeating the pledge of allegiance is a great opportunity for couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. This will remind them of the power of love, resume romance in a relationship. A symbolic wedding ceremony is a great option for newlyweds who have registered their marriage in Russia and want to repeat the ceremony while on a honeymoon on the islands of Cuba. An unofficial ceremony does not require the preparation of documents, and therefore can be carried out at the request of a couple on any day.

Where to hold a wedding ceremony in Cuba

Every corner of Liberty Island has its own history and peculiarity. Some newlyweds prefer to hold a wedding ceremony, having secluded themselves at the edge of the sea, while others like to see the city sights, traveling through the colorful streets. Many beautiful places, exotic nature, beautiful hotels with a high level of service - a pleasant addition to the trip.

In the retro city of Havana

This city is the capital of the Republic of Cuba. It is distinguished by its color against the background of other cities in the Caribbean with the architecture of the Spanish colonial era. Rich in sights, Havana will present newlyweds photos on the background of the Capitol building, retro streets with old houses, and will amaze with the beauty of Cathedral Square. Arranging wedding ceremonies, the newlyweds give preference to this city, thanks to its unique charm. An important feature of Havana is the presence of an Orthodox church, where newlyweds from around the world are crowned.

Havana Wedding Ceremony

In the city of Varadero

This resort town is located on the Ikakos Peninsula, 134 km from Havana. Varadero received a UNESCO award for one of the cleanest beaches in the world. The presence of first-class hotels, diving centers, parks and fish restaurants have turned it into a popular world resort. Newlyweds visit the Ambrosio Cave with cave paintings, admire the grandeur of a 500 year old cactus and go to the Varaikakos conservation area. Those who wish can hold a wedding ceremony on a yacht, and continue the celebration on the white sand by the ocean to the sounds of Cuban music.

Wedding ceremony in Varadero

On the islands of cuba

Small archipelagos off the coast of the Cuban Republic deserve the attention of newlyweds for a wedding ceremony. The uninhabited island of Cayo Guillermo is a protected area, 90% of the area is filled with virgin palm groves and mangroves with exceptional flora and fauna. Many newlyweds, especially lovers of active pastime, wish to retire here. Near the island is a coral reef, which allows you to engage in water sports and diving..

Cayo Largo is located in the center of the Cuban archipelago and has the shape of an elongated narrow strip with an area of ​​38 square kilometers. On the southern coast of the island is a vast beach 27 km long with fine white sand. Scuba diving, boat trips, visiting the reserve - a great way to spend time for the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony in Cuba. The comfortable hotels of the island have their own houses, equipped with all modern amenities, perfect for a honeymoon.

Cayo Coco is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is a great place to relax on the white sand, basking by the sea with a fruit cocktail. This island is the most isolated resort in Cuba and attracts the attention of newlyweds - fans of ecotourism. Organizing a ceremony on a deserted beach will help you feel the reunion with nature. Comfortable hotels on the island will offer a pair of lovers rooms for accommodation, a high level of service.

Marriage ceremony in the islands of Cuba

How much is the wedding ceremony

When choosing a venue for a wedding ceremony, the main criterion is often its cost, which largely depends on the hotel, where the newlyweds decide to stay. An important role is played by the time of the wedding. In the dry season, the cost will be higher than in summer. When holding the ceremony during the New Year holidays, get ready to increase the price by another 1.5 times. The standard package of many hotels, the cost of which ranges from 400 to 800 euros, includes:

  • preparation of necessary documents;
  • a wedding certificate, its legalization and sending to the country of residence of the newlyweds;
  • consultations of the wedding coordinator;
  • preparation for the ceremony of the dress of the bride;
  • decoration of the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere;
  • providing friends of the groom and bridesmaids (if necessary);
  • decoration of the place of the upcoming celebration;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • wedding ceremony;
  • light snacks, a bottle of champagne, cake;
  • romantic dinner, breakfast in a double room the day after the celebration.

Some hotels organize weddings for their clients for free, but the prerequisite for this is the stay of the newlyweds for at least 8 days and the list of services provided is minimal. The cost of the wedding ceremony will not end there, because The price does not include:

  • air flight;
  • medical insurance;
  • transfer to the hotel;
  • accommodation;
  • makeup, hairstyle and beauty treatments;
  • photographer and camera operator services;
  • a party.

To calculate the exact amount needed for the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds need to decide on the time and other details. If the price turns out to be high, you can reduce costs by excluding something from the list of necessary services, or choose a hotel and organize the celebration yourself, finding a coordinator and talking to him without intermediaries.

The cost of a wedding ceremony in Cuba

Video: holding a wedding in Cuba

Many couples planning to get married dream of holding a wedding ceremony on the islands of Cuba. Romantic kisses, hugs on the boundless sea, connected by the horizon with the sky - this is the script of the film about love. The duration of such a video is up to 30 minutes, during which the whole ceremony and walk of the newlyweds will be photographed. You can see an example of such a video in the video below..

Photos of weddings held in Cuba in 2016

An unforgettable wedding ceremony on Liberty Island will give the newlyweds a lot of impressions that will definitely remain in the photographs. Exotic landscapes and natural beauties will be an excellent backdrop for romantic shots. Historical architectural sights will remain not only in memory, but also in the album of the bride and groom, and vivid impressions of the island of Cuba will make you come back here more than once.

Photoshoot for a wedding in Cuba