Wedding in the sky


Holding a wedding ceremony in the sky is a bold option, which not every couple ventures on. Such an extreme wedding will be wanted by true thrill lovers and lovers who do not want to hold a traditional holiday with a feast, template contests and dances. If you want to experience a flurry of bright emotions and get unforgettable memories, there are several ideas for organizing a wedding at the height.

Ideas for a wedding in the sky

It is believed that the element of air symbolizes prosperity and good fortune (remember the saying by the tailwind). Therefore, a wedding at a height will be for a couple in love a successful and original start to family life. There are various ways to conduct a ceremony on the clouds. For example, the option of painting on the wing of an airplane is gaining popularity. If you wish, you can organize a celebration during a parachute jump or rent a balloon for the ceremony.

Balloon wedding

From May to the end of the warm season, huge balloons fly into the sky. Families with children, couples in love and those who want to look at the earth from a bird's eye view rise to the sky. Sometimes such a walk is also arranged by newlyweds who want to paint unusual. The ball can vary in size: be small and accommodate about 5 people (newlyweds, receptionist, witnesses) or have large sizes. Since the oaths will not sound in the usual place - the wedding palace - but in the sky, the action will gain an atmosphere of magic.

Balloon Wedding

While parachuting

Not the faint-hearted bride and groom can choose another original place for the wedding ceremony - on the wing of the plane. However, in order for the painting to pass safely, it is worthwhile to enlist the help of professionals in advance. Make sure that this crazy action was shot by a good videographer, then you will have something to show to future children and grandchildren. Standing on the wing of an airplane flying through the sky, you can say each other the words of consent, and then jump down with a parachute, holding hands.

If the newlyweds want something special, but they do not intend to parachute, then it is possible to hold a full ceremony on the wing. For this, it is worth finding a specially trained person who can register a marriage in the sky. Moreover, the newlyweds and the registrar will be insured with special cables, and the paraglider will fly at low speed. Guests, meanwhile, can be in the cockpit with champagne and snacks..

Newlywed Parachute Jump

Wedding in the sky on an equipped platform

In some European countries, newlyweds who intend to hold a wedding at an altitude choose the safest option - a ceremony on an equipped platform. This solution, unlike the above, allows you to invite friends and relatives to the painting. For this purpose, special structures are used that provide the opportunity to raise the constructed site to a large height (more than 50 m).

Guests are seated in flight chairs, fastened with seatbelts, and the groom, bride and receptionist are located in front of the platform, after which the structure rises. Even priests, sometimes conducting an unusual wedding ceremony in the sky, sometimes agree to climb the platform to the sky. A significant disadvantage of such a wedding venue is that not all guests can decide to come to the celebration because of a panicky fear of heights, in addition, this type of celebration is only suitable for the warm season.

Holding a wedding on a special platform in the sky

Bungee jumping

The essence of the popular bungee jumping attraction is that a person is tied to a long rubber rope, after which he jumps. During the jump, the cable stretches, and then returns to its original state, due to which you spring up and down again. Young people should not worry about their safety, because thanks to reliable equipment jumping is absolutely not dangerous. The advantage of this wedding option is that the bride will be able to wear a magnificent wedding dress - this will not interfere with the jump and will look very impressive.

Honeymoon Jump with Bungee

Images of the bride and groom for the wedding

Newlyweds who have never once made a parachute jump should choose the costumes for such a ceremony in a sports store. But nevertheless, the idea to jump in formal dresses is not bad: the flight of the groom in a classic suit, and the bride in a luxurious wedding dress will be a stunning sight. The breathtaking not only the jumping newlyweds, but also the guests who will watch this action from the ground. Find a good photographer who will be able to capture the flight so that the couple, looking through the pictures, again experienced exciting moments.

Video: holding a wedding in the sky

One of the most romantic, original options for holding a wedding ceremony will be painting in the sky. Being much higher than earthly concerns, the newlyweds will be able to address each other with the main words, give beautiful and honest promises, because it’s not in vain «sky» and «love» are interconnected. It is believed that marriages are made in heaven, and the chosen method is an excellent confirmation of this. Taking off in the sky in a balloon or airplane, take your closest friends, a photographer and a registrar with you so that the painting follows the rules.

However, consider when planning such a wedding that some people are very afraid of heights and they may not be ready for such a thrill. Few official employees will agree to hold such a wedding, so be prepared that planning such a celebration can entail many difficulties that the newlyweds have to cope with. But if you still manage to organize a wedding on top, it will never be forgotten and will be the brightest memory that you will carry through years of marriage.