Wedding at sea


Some newlyweds like unusual ceremonies, vivid impressions of the solemn ceremony. There is nothing more magical than a wedding on the sea - the gentle sun, the fresh breeze, the sound of the surf, the touching unity of two loving hearts. A trip to the paradise islands surrounded by loved ones will be an unforgettable adventure for the newlyweds, it will give you delightful memorable moments.

The nuances of preparing a wedding by the sea

A win-win version of the ceremony is a celebration on the coast. Give preference to remote, sparsely populated places, so that your guests have the impression of privacy. Together with the participants of the event, make an exciting adventure that every guest will remember. If you have the desire and the means, any exotic country is suitable for organizing a sea wedding, where you can then spend your honeymoon. This idea is good because it fits any season.

A wedding at the sea will cost you no more than a magnificent celebration of a house with a large number of guests, a limousine, a salute. Sea triumph can be celebrated together or in a narrow circle of friends and relatives. Most of the costs are air travel, hotel accommodation, paperwork. All questions of a future event are discussed with a representative of a wedding agency, who will offer you places for registration, options for holding a ceremony on the seashore, and tell about the features of such a wedding.

How to choose an interesting image for a wedding on the sea

Ideas for a beach wedding

Every girl dreams of a miracle. If the groom rents a small yacht, arrives on her for the bride - it will amaze all the guests. The stylization of the meeting of lovers to the story of A. Green will become original and romantic. «Scarlet Sails». Another non-standard option for a wedding will be a festival on the seabed with a beautiful and proud mermaid, where the groom will appear in the form of Neptune.

You can choose a plot for the celebration with a dramatization of the abduction of the bride by pirates. Those invited with the groom will receive a hint that she has been captured by the corsairs. Rescue guests at prompts will find the bride on a yacht, which stands next to the shore. On board animators will be waiting for them, and the pirate captain will free the bride and groom. Then everyone will go on a boat trip. For the participants of the action it will be necessary to think over costumes, images of pirates, inhabitants of the water element are welcome.

A boat trip will be a great place for filming and photo shoots. Organizers can arrange contests for men. Completed quest will receive the title «sea ​​wolf». A fortune-telling hall is arranged for women, where they learn a lot about their fate in a playful way. This scenario will turn a traditional wedding on the coast into an exciting adventure..

For the bride

The decoration of the bride for a wedding on the coast can be classic or original. It all depends on the style of the celebration. If the wedding is chic and pompous, then the bride should choose a white airy dress without intrusive rhinestones, ruffles and bows. The perfect option is a simple, sophisticated fitted outfit. For example, dress in greek style.

Wedding dress and suit of the groom for the ceremony in a marine style

For the groom

Traditionally, in the outfit of the groom for a wedding in a marine style, blue, gray, blue and white are combined. A win-win option is a beautiful white suit. A blue chest tie and a boutonniere in the shape of a nautical knot will perfectly complement the outfit. For the image of a pirate, a vest, a cocked hat, a bandana with skulls, a fake pistol are perfect. Such an outfit will amuse not only the newlyweds, but also the guests.

Celebration ideas on the Cote d'Azur

A wedding at sea is attractive in that its elements are familiar to us from childhood. The azure surface, warm sand, anchors, ropes, chains, signal flags - all this is perfectly beaten when choosing the design of the venue for the ceremony. For example, the walls of the hall, draped with white cloth, symbolize the sea foam. The basic shades of the sea are blue, white, yellow. If the maritime wedding is planned in the open, then install an improvised ship model on the shore. Build a fake lighthouse from a cardboard base and a lantern.

Beach Decor Wedding

If the wedding is planned in an informal setting, then a beach party will be an excellent solution, which will allow each of the guests to feel free and at ease. Pareos, tunics, wide-brimmed hats, shorts, T-shirts and slippers are perfect as costumes. In this situation, it will be appropriate to place sun loungers, tents and deck chairs on the shore..

Hall decoration with anchors and helms

Organizing a wedding in a marine style is an entertaining and creative activity. When making the main thing to comply with the measure and not to overdo it with marine decor. The basic rule is to observe a single color scheme for the wedding. For decoration, any souvenirs brought from trips are suitable. Select one of the walls for a small exposure of the photo of the couple. Helms are great for frames. And anchors, shells, images of sea landscapes complement the overall style.

Making chairs with ropes and chains

It is advisable to decorate chairs in accordance with the color scheme of wedding tables. For this purpose, use fabrics, ribbons, fresh flowers, paper. For the design of chairs, take ropes, chains decorated with starfish, pebbles, corals. You can decorate them with blue covers and golden bows braided with a rope with lanterns fixed on it.

Marine Style Banquet Table Decor

Cover the nautical-style wedding tables with blue and white checkered tablecloths or stripes. Striped fabric wrap will match the style of the celebration. On tables, in addition to plain and striped napkins, flags will be placed in place, and flower vases should be decorated with shells. The original option is the use of candles that are inserted into small containers filled with sand.

Room decoration for a nautical-style wedding

Video: romantic beach wedding

Each couple seeks to conduct their wedding so that the memories of this romantic day pleasantly warmed the soul for life. If at a celebration you want to move away from familiar traditions, a marine wedding ceremony is perfect for you. So you can truly enjoy your wedding. Watching a video of a marine wedding that will convince you of this completely.

Photos of wedding photo shoots on the seashore

Wedding on the Cote d'Azur