Silver Wedding Celebration Ideas


25 years of living together is a serious anniversary for any couple. The couple earned respect and showed by their example that people can live in love for a long time. Why is the wedding called silver? If you hold an allegory, then silver is considered a precious metal, symbolizing the purity of family relations, unity, family strength. Husband and wife prepare in advance for this day, considering different ideas for holding a silver wedding, but there are invariable customs that must be followed on the 25th anniversary of marriage.

How to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary?

For any celebration, you need to prepare in advance and a silver wedding is no exception. Silver color goes well with the entire color palette, so absolutely any shade can be used to design a wedding decor. Outfits and accessories for 25 years of marriage are also chosen using silver color, for example, a gray evening dress by the wife and a shirt of the same color by the husband.

If spouses respect the traditions of a 25-year wedding, then on this day you need to perform symbolic rites. It begins with joint water procedures, a morning kiss and washing each other from a silver bowl. It is believed that this ritual ablution removes the burden of past years, eliminates current problems and prepares spouses for a new life. The steam is wiped with one linen towel, and the silver jug ​​in which the water remains is exposed in the sun to evaporate all the worries and hardships.

Spouses change silver rings

The next traditional event of the 25th anniversary is the moment when the “newlyweds” must exchange silver rings. This memorable event should be held with family, friends or relatives. The pair acquires two identical silver rings and puts them on to each other instead of the engagement rings, removing them until next year. If you want to celebrate the anniversary on a grand scale, then use the ideas proposed below.

In the style of an old movie

Kinotematics gives a wide scope for imagination. When organizing a silver celebration in the style of an old cinema, the most creative ideas are realized, for example:

  1. Movie Premiere.
  2. Black and white movie.
  3. Retro 20s or 30s.
  4. Silent movie.
  5. Film Festival.

The basis for the festive scenario is taken by their own love story of the heroes of the occasion, and the genre of the old film is chosen to the taste of the spouses. It can be a romantic comedy, a western, a kind fairy tale and even an action movie in the style of «Mrs. and Mr. Smith». Based on the chosen genre, one should select the costumes of participants in the silver celebration, as well as the design of the banquet hall.

Invitations to the wedding in the style of an old film are drawn up in the idea of ​​tickets for a movie show or a video invitation is recorded in the style of black and white silent cinema, which reflects information about the place and date of the celebration. Design a silver wedding in the appropriate color scheme: hang black and white photos of anniversaries on the walls of the banquet hall, create white and black floral arrangements, and select similar accessories for table decor. Such an idea will be original, and most importantly, memorable.

Silver wedding in the style of an old movie

In the form of a school exam

A silver wedding in the form of a school exam will be fun and cheerful with a touch of nostalgia. This idea will be especially interesting for the couple who met while studying or have friends since their youth. A wedding celebration in the form of a school exam may appeal to anniversaries who, by profession, are teachers or teachers of educational institutions.

The organization of such a themed evening in honor of the silver wedding will suit those couples who simply have a modest budget. Start with school ideas for issuing invitations: write text on notebook sheets, which doesn’t interfere with silvering in advance, fold it with an airplane. To celebrate, choose a banquet hall with a high ceiling and light walls, reminiscent of a school room.

Pull bright colorful ribbons with origami figures or balloons over the tables and the decor is ready! Arrange a corner where the invited host master will sit - the teacher. He will «to take an exam» for anniversaries and guests, while entertaining them with witty jokes, telling the love story of spouses, it will create a festive atmosphere for all those invited to a silver wedding.

School Exam Celebration Ideas

An evening of pleasant memories

The most popular idea of ​​holding a silver wedding is according to the classical scenario, when the holiday is organized like a celebration that took place 25 years ago. An evening of pleasant memories begins with the ransom of the bride, when the groom goes through many different «test», invented by the host or friends of the anniversaries. He answers all sorts of tricky questions, sings to his beloved serenade, winning the symbolic key to his wife’s heart again and again.

One of the stages of the silver celebration is to view a collage of family photographs taken at different periods of the couple’s life together. The holiday is immersed in a pleasant atmosphere of memories, which often causes tears of tenderness in the eyes of the heroes of the occasion and invited guests. Before the feast, it will not be superfluous to drive with guests to those places of the city where the couple traveled 25 years ago on their wedding day. It is very symbolic!

At the banquet, guests sit down as they were at the wedding: anniversaries, witnesses, relatives, friends. Guests are screaming again «Bitterly!», pronouncing heartfelt congratulations, give gifts, as it should be at any wedding. When celebrating a silver wedding, one more tradition is observed: the couple cut the cake and treat them to their guests with their own hands. For the celebration to be successful, consider the following points:

  • Make the silver wedding evening as similar as possible to a celebration that was held 25 years ago.
  • Prepare your holiday script in advance.
  • Remember all the contests that were at your wedding in youth.
  • Take the time to create a collage of wedding photos - this is useful for viewing and for designing a banquet hall.

Banquet Decoration Elements for Silver Wedding

What to present on the anniversary of a life together?

25 years of marriage is an important date for any person, so gifts for a silver wedding should be special. Classics at this anniversary are considered to be present in the form of any silver objects, but it is allowed to present to the “newlyweds” something unusual or useful in the household. It is better to ask the heroes of the day in advance what gift they will need. But parents at the silver wedding will be pleased to receive a touching video congratulation from the children - the story of the acquaintance of mom and dad, their love. See example below..

Gift Ideas for Spouse

According to tradition, on the 25th anniversary of marriage, spouses exchange silver rings and give each other small bouquets consisting of 5 flowers. This is a symbol of a reverent relationship between them. But it is allowed to give your soul mate a silver anniversary and many other things:

  • souvenirs (pair of candlesticks, figurines, tree of happiness);
  • jewelry (chains, bracelets, brooch or cufflinks);
  • interior items (watches with engraving, photo frames).

Gifts for spouses on the 25th anniversary

What to give as a guest?

Guests at the 25th anniversary also try to present silver items: dishes or coins. Gifts made of silver are good, but it is better to present the celebration with something original, for example:

  • fireworks or fire show;
  • Chinese lanterns, which anniversary will have to release into the sky with romantic music;
  • ticket to the sanatorium or to the sea;
  • professional photo shoot in nature.

The show is an original gift idea

Ideas for a beautiful silver wedding photo shoot

The secret of beautiful photos lies in a well-chosen moment. To have more interesting stories, you need to be well prepared before the photo shoot dedicated to the silver wedding. Explore the most beautiful places in the area and near the banquet hall in which the celebration will take place. A popular place for a photo shoot is a photo studio, because it creates original images of anniversaries, the place allows you to relax as much as possible, you have at hand the necessary accessories with which any idea is embodied.

Professional Studio Photography

A shot of a couple in love in nature always comes out spectacular. Such photos are touching and radiate heat. Even if on the day of the silver wedding there is no way to leave the city, a city park is perfect, in which a professional will find many picturesque corners for wonderful photos. Pose against the backdrop of historical places of the city or just sit on a bench, listen to the advice of a photographer and then for many years you will be happy to look at your photos, recalling a fun anniversary dedicated to a silver wedding.

Taking pictures in nature will give a lot of pleasant impressions