Budget Wedding Ideas


It happens that the proposal is made, a positive answer is received, and the wedding itself is postponed until better times. Often this is due to the limited financial capabilities of the newlyweds. Is it worth it to be upset? Now many couples prefer a budget wedding, and for the money saved they go to travel. By choosing this option, you will immediately «catch» two birds with one stone. But how to celebrate such a wedding and save at the same time?

Budget Wedding Tips

Saving money does not mean that you should abandon the wedding at all. There are simply some points in the organization of the celebration, which will be superfluous with the budget option. You can replace them with more simplified things or completely exclude them. It will turn out to be completely invisible to both guests and honeymooners. Here are some interesting ideas for a budget wedding, on which you can save a lot:

  1. Think carefully about the number of guests at the wedding. Limit yourself to the people closest to you. It is important that each guest gives an accurate answer in advance about their visit to the wedding..
    Making a guest list for a wedding
  2. Wedding invitations. A considerable part of the money goes into creating beautiful invitation cards for guests. We live in the modern world of Internet technology, and most people use a computer. E-cards as wedding invitations will be a good alternative (extraordinary budget idea).
  3. One of the expensive attributes of a wedding is the bride’s dress. In order not to spend your own money on an outfit that you only wear once, go to the bridal salon, where you can rent a beautiful dress for the bride and a suit for the groom. Moreover, there are a lot of budget styles of the first rental, when nobody wore a wedding dress before you.
  4. Photos for the wedding. You can replace the professional services of wedding photographers with amateur photos of one of your friends who is fond of this hobby (free for you, pleasure for a friend). Another idea is to choose a worthy beginner photographer who will inexpensively take for his services..
    Amateur photographer at a budget wedding
  5. Wedding procession. Renting a huge limousine takes a lot of money, so choose a budget case with an ordinary representative car.
  6. You can replace several musicians with one host, who can spend an interesting wedding evening with a ready-made repertoire of songs, phonograms.
  7. A lot of money goes to the decor of the banquet hall, especially if fresh flowers are used. Therefore, inflate colorful balloons yourself and decorate the hall with them. But if you want to use decor from fresh flowers at your wedding, take advantage of the huge number of bouquets that guests will give you and decorate the table for the newlyweds with them.

Budget wedding decoration with balls

Ideas for celebrating a wedding budget

There are tons of alternative ways to celebrate a wedding with a modest budget. In this case, it is appropriate to use your own imagination, to approach the situation creatively, to search for interesting ideas. Below you will find some extraordinary solutions that will allow you to economically and tastefully organize a budget wedding celebration.

At the cinema

Want your wedding to be modest but original? Organize a movie wedding. Such a marriage is unlikely to be wanted by anyone. Here are a few recommendations that will help you arrange a budget option for a wedding in a movie theater:

Budget Wedding: Cinema

  • Pick up a good movie in advance from the comedy repertoire, redeem tickets for all invited guests.
  • Take a look at the cinema buffet. Pre-order snacks for guests there, warn the staff about your idea. Perhaps you will meet and do everything in the best possible way, given such a wonderful occasion.
  • Send each guest a movie ticket (alternative to an invitation), on the back of which indicate a brief description of the reason for the imminent meeting, as well as the time of the marriage in the registry office.
  • On the appointed day and hour of the wedding, the whole company should gather in the indicated place, from where you all will go to an interesting session. You will have the impression that the whole room is at your disposal.
  • Use the rare opportunity to have plenty of fun in the cinema, commenting on each funny scene of the film, without fear that someone will not like it.
  • Come up with different competitions on the theme of the celebration with the theft of the bride’s shoes, throwing a bouquet to unmarried girls and wedding garter - to guys.

In aquapark

Another budget idea for a fun youth wedding is a celebration in the water park. You and guests will receive a lot of unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. If the time of the year for the wedding is hot summer, such an idea will be well received by all friends, no one will refuse to stay at the wedding day at the water park. Use the preliminary steps to prepare for a budget wedding on water rides:

Budget wedding in the water park

  1. Visit the water park in advance to find out all the services and conditions in the institution. Contact the administration to help you book the required number of seats in the water park. If this is inconvenient, then simply purchase the right number of season tickets for a certain date to start inviting guests.
  2. Organize a small wedding reception for your guests, pre-ordering snacks and drinks at the water park.
  3. Having decided on the date of the wedding, consider inviting guests. For such an unusual idea, it would be better if you personally visit each friend by handing him a subscription to the water park and verbally inviting him to the celebration. Describe in detail the format of the holiday and the necessary dress code.
  4. You won’t have to worry about music and entertainment. In the water park they already thought about it for you. Be sure to take a camera to conduct a wedding photo shoot.
  5. Stock up on some fun wedding competitions on the water and have fun to the fullest, not limiting yourself to thoughts that makeup will go bad or a dress will tear. Guests can steal and hide the bride from the evil Aquarius, and dip their mother-in-law directly into the water and lower them from the water slide, so that from the first days wean weaning.

Online wedding

Recently, people are increasingly spending time at the computer and in social networks. The idea of ​​organizing a wedding in online broadcasting will not surprise anyone. So you get a unique opportunity to collect for free all-all guests, even from the most remote corners of the world. Check out a few tips below on how to prepare yourself and invite all the people you want to attend such a budget wedding..

Budget wedding day with guests online

  • You must create an event on social networks and announce it. To do this, use personal pages wherever you are registered (on Facebook, on Odnoklassniki, on VKontakte). Create a group with the name of the event and include all the participants in it. Decorate it with different photos, funny pictures, interesting topics for discussion on this topic.
  • In addition to the group, everyone needs to send out a beautiful wedding invitation. Create some beautiful video that briefly describes your love story, explains the occasion of the event, the time, place and date of the celebration. Be sure to announce the way in which the online wedding will take place, for example, Skype.
  • At the specified time and day, you make a multi-call via Skype to all invited people and solemnly open the wedding celebration. Prepare drinks and snacks in advance so that you can not only talk, listen to greetings, but also toast toasts, drink, and also kiss when the guests are at a wedding «Bitterly».

Where to celebrate a budget wedding in the summer?

Summertime allows you to show maximum creativity, connect imagination and come up with an extravagant option for celebrating a budget wedding for a considerable number of guests. Here are some original ideas you can use to make an inexpensive option for a summer celebration:

Budget wedding in the summer

  1. Organize a grand nature outing with barbecue in honor of the wedding. It will be great if you select a place near the reservoir in advance and clean it for a pleasant time. Here you can use the decoration, decorating the trees with colorful balloons, wedding inscriptions. To create a romantic atmosphere at the wedding, in the evening light a huge bonfire and gather all the guests around it to the accompaniment of a guitar. Here you will save at least maintenance, decoration, cooking (guests will be involved in the process on the spot).
  2. Another budget idea is to organize a wedding in the popular modern country wedding style. It is suitable for those who have a small country house outside the city. A carefully thought-out budget celebration in a rustic style will help guests and newlyweds have plenty of fun and relaxation. Pictures from a gorgeous wedding photo shoot in nature will be remembered.

Modest wedding celebration in the country

In winter

If the wedding will take place in winter, then the flight of fancy for the budget way to organize the celebration is slightly limited due to special weather conditions. However, there are no unsolvable tasks if you are purposeful and result-oriented people. Use one of the two simple ideas presented below for a budget wedding. Thanks to them, the idea will become easily feasible..

  1. Arrange a wedding breakfast after the wedding: set a mural time for the morning and invite your friends to witness this wonderful fact in your life. After the REGISTRY OFFICE, go to a nearby cafe or an inexpensive restaurant to drink tea with a modest cake and sweets together.
  2. You can arrange a similar option for a budget wedding banquet at McDonald's. In the mornings, they make wonderful breakfasts and make excellent coffee..

Holiday with friends after painting at McDonald's

Video: the option of organizing the most budgetary wedding

If you are interested in the most budgetary way of holding a wedding, but you do not know how to worthily bring it to life, do not be discouraged - there are no hopeless situations. Check out the video below for a great idea to organize a celebration with a small budget. Having brought it to life, you will not fall face down in the dirt in front of the guests, being known as a greedy person. This is exactly the case that can be called - cheap and tasteful.

Photoshoot ideas for a budget celebration

A wedding photo shoot is something you cannot do without if you want to leave a good memory of the most important event of your life. You can save on the organization of the celebration, its various attributes, a banquet, but do not refuse a beautiful wedding photo album. To make this undertaking affordable for you, check out several ways to organize a budget photo shoot on the day of painting:

  1. Professional photographers claim that the best wedding shots are obtained at a wedding ceremony. Just imagine these special moments in the registry office: Mendelssohn’s wedding march, touching words of the presenter, donning rings to each other, the first newlywed kiss and a sip of champagne in honor of the birth of a new family. Literally 15-20 minutes, and the wedding photo session has already been held. And it won't take too much money.
    Budget wedding photo shoot in the registry office
  2. Use the idea of ​​walking through the beautiful places of your city. For a successful wedding photo shoot, even one hour is enough to capture good moments. The practicality of such an idea will not be an excessive burden for the budget of your wedding.

Wedding photo session in beautiful places of the city

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