Outdoor Wedding Ideas


An important day of your life is approaching - a wedding and you want to celebrate it in an original way so that this holiday will be remembered for a long time? Then, as an option, it is possible to organize a holiday in the open. There are various ideas for a wedding in nature, it all depends on the preferences, wishes and budget of the younger. The future spouses should decide how to conduct this event together, but before making a final decision, you should carefully weigh all «behind», «against» outdoor celebrations.

Pros and cons of outdoor weddings

The idea of ​​organizing a wedding banquet in nature has several advantages:

  • Fresh air;
  • spacious area;
  • celebration is not limited in time;
  • the opportunity to hold a wonderful retreat ceremony that will be remembered by you, your guests. You can launch pigeons, fireworks, balloons to make the mood even more fun;
  • the opportunity to arrange a thematic holiday (in the Hawaiian, noble style; the idea of ​​organizing a wedding rustic, boho);
  • wide selection of venues.

But, alas, celebration in nature has its drawbacks: unpredictable weather conditions (rain, strong wind, unbearable heat), they can significantly spoil the holiday. Insects (mosquitoes, flies) can cause a lot of trouble, which can also spoil the mood. It is not always easy to organize a festive table in nature or deliver guests to the venue of the event. But if you take care in advance, then it is quite possible to eliminate most of the troubles, the main thing is a good mood, a cheerful company.

Seat selection

The choice of venue for a wedding in nature is not limited. It all depends on the wishes, ideas of the newlyweds, the theme of the celebration. Popular venues include the following:

  • riverbank, pond;
  • sea ​​beach;
  • historical estates;
  • country cottages, recreation centers, summer residences, private houses;
  • a park;
  • forest;
  • interesting, picturesque area outside the city.

Outdoor wedding

A park

Often, for the wedding ceremony in nature, future spouses choose a park. This choice is due to several factors. Firstly, as a rule, parks are located within the city, it is easier to deliver guests. Secondly, it’s easier to find, install a tent, order food delivery.

Triumph in the park

Restaurant with a park area

A great idea of ​​holding a wedding banquet is to rent a summer venue or to celebrate in a restaurant, where it is possible to arrange an open-air celebration. The undoubted advantage of such a celebration is that you do not have to order food separately, the restaurant staff will take care of everything. They will prepare snacks, hot dishes, drinks at will. Often, a restaurant already has musical accompaniment and a host, they will help organize a fun holiday with dancing, contests, games.

Restaurant with a park area


What could be more beautiful and romantic than a wedding on the sea coast or on the banks of a river / lake? This is a great idea. A great place for a wedding ceremony - open space, a light breeze, the sound of the surf will create a relaxed atmosphere and inspire a festive mood.

Beach Wedding

Motor ship

The original idea of ​​a wedding in nature is a motor ship, which can be decorated, decorated in accordance with the theme of the celebration. Such a wedding will be the most romantic, brightest event, and the bride and groom will forever keep in memory the most important event of their life. Check that the ship has a cabin where it is possible to shelter from the rain. It’s good if there will be air conditioning, because with a lot of people it will be stuffy.

Motor ship celebration

Historic Country Estate

An original, interesting, unforgettable wedding will turn out if it is organized in a country house, which also has historical value. A good idea is to conduct a thematic wedding of historical style, to think over the scenario of the event. You and your guests will receive a lot of positive emotions, have a good rest. In addition, it is possible to conduct an original photo shoot, after which you will receive unforgettable photos.

Holiday in a country estate


A good place for a holiday is the tourist base in the country. You should rent houses in advance, agree on everything. The advantage of such a celebration is open space, not limited in time. The disadvantages include the annoying insects..

Celebration at the camp site

Style wedding «Picnic»

An unforgettable holiday will be a picnic in nature. Such an original idea will appeal to many. Any place is suitable for this: park, forest, riverbank. They organize such a holiday right on the ground, so you should worry about the bedspreads, as well as the warm blankets that they put underneath so that the guests do not catch a cold. Treats traditional for a regular picnic: sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, fish, barbecue. It is possible to arrange such a celebration under the crown of a large old tree or to build a small temporary canopy from the weather or to hide from the rays of the scorching sun. Wedding in nature is possible in a folk, romantic or traditional style..

Picnic as an idea for the holiday.

Hawaiian party

An unforgettable wedding will be held in the Hawaiian style. A good idea is to organize such a party on the beach or on the summer venue of a coastal cafe. Decorate the room to match the theme of the party. Such a thematic wedding will be absolutely remembered by everyone for a long time, and most importantly, it will be original and unique..

Hawaiian party style celebration

Noble style

Having decided to hold a wedding in a noble style, you can organize a real ball according to ancient traditions. All ladies will wear magnificent, chic dresses, and men will become real knights. To create a complete surroundings instead of the usual car, it is possible to hire a carriage with a harnessed pair of horses, in which you can ride around the city or the countryside. The venue for the celebration is a castle or a house that has historical value with a large hall. Such a celebration will leave unforgettable feelings, emotions not only for you, but also for all guests. The main thing is to carefully think through everything, draw up a script and clearly follow it. It would also be nice to take care of the kitchen, the musical accompaniment of the evening.

Noble wedding

Oriental tale

An unforgettable holiday will be a celebration held in an oriental style. Remember the tale «Thousand and One Nights», what prevents you from holding such a romantic party with an oriental theme? To realize the idea you need a little: a tent, which is recommended for rent. Celebration can be arranged on the floor, having prepared pillows for guests in advance. Of the treats, fruits and sweets are perfect (it’s good if they are oriental sweets: Turkish delight, baklava).

Boho style

If you want to get a fabulous wedding, then spend it in the style of boho. The main thing here is impeccable taste. Naturalness, naturalness, airiness are welcome. Natural colors and ethnic motifs prevail. The idea of ​​such a wedding is perfect for gentle, romantic natures that breathe and are saturated with love, then not only the wedding will be like a fairy tale, but also all of life. An example of organizing such a wedding, look at the photo.

Boho style for marriage

Rustic style

Rustic style wedding - a celebration in a rustic, simple style. The main idea is to create a warm, homely, cozy atmosphere, so that guests feel at home. Here minimalism, simplicity of details, naturalness are welcome. Available tools are suitable for decoration, a bouquet is best made from wildflowers, and outfits are made from natural fabrics. To clearly understand how to arrange a wedding in a rustic style, watch the video:

At such a wedding, everyone will feel family, close, which will create a favorable atmosphere and the necessary surroundings.

Rustic style as a wedding idea

Field painting

If you do not want to crowd in the registry office, waiting for your turn, and want to have an original wedding, then the ideal option is exit painting. This service is provided by many wedding agencies that interact with the registry office. Such a ceremony will be original. A beautiful arch decorated with natural or artificial flowers, guest chairs draped with fabric will create a festive, romantic atmosphere. Exit painting is becoming more popular, and not surprising, because you do not need to adapt to the time, you can choose what time is convenient for you, the venue and design of the ceremony.

Outdoor ceremony

Tents, Awnings and Awnings

To celebrate outdoors, often use tents, awnings, awnings. They also need to be festively decorated to give the evening a sense of celebration. Thanks to awnings, awnings, you and your guests will be able to shelter from the weather or to escape from the heat.

Tents and awnings for weddings

When organizing a holiday in nature, it is best to use the catering service - this is the delivery of finished food from the restaurant to the place you specify. What does it mean? You can contact your favorite restaurant in advance by ordering the dishes that you wish to see on your holiday table. On the indicated day, time and place the dishes will be delivered to you in the best possible way. You do not have to worry about refreshments - your favorite restaurant will take care of this.

Guest delivery

For delivery guests use buses, minibuses, decorated with ribbons or balloons (as identification marks). With this movement, all guests will arrive at the same time, no one will get lost, will not get lost, and most importantly, it will be convenient and comfortable. If there are few guests, it is quite possible to hire a limousine, where everyone will fit, and on which everyone will move. This idea will absolutely appeal to everyone.

Transport for guests

Musical accompaniment

As a musical accompaniment, it is possible to hire a host, who often works together with musicians, or invite your favorite band, orchestra. Music should be taken care of in advance, because good musicians are the key to a fun evening, fiery or romantic dances..

Musical accompaniment of the wedding

It doesn’t matter which idea of ​​celebrating a wedding in nature, you give preference, the main thing is to prepare everything in advance, organize it, stock up on a good mood and then you will be guaranteed a wonderful, memorable holiday. If the article presented helped you decide on the idea of ​​celebrating a wedding - leave your review, share your impression, your opinion.