Winter wedding


Few couples decide to hold such a solemn event as a wedding in winter, but in vain: winter has its own charm, snow and frost will not interfere with the celebration. The forests, fields and buildings strewn with snow look unusually beautiful, and the dazzling white outfit of the bride will look surprisingly harmonious against the background of the beauty of nature. Winter wedding - a choice of romantic, lovers and beautiful couples.

How to organize a wedding in a winter style

Preparing for a winter wedding

Those who chose the winter-style wedding option will not regret the choice: the winter wedding option is good in all respects, including organizational. In winter, few couples decide to marry: the strength of traditions is too great for weddings in spring and autumn. But those who decided to spend the holiday in winter will be surprised at the low prices for renting a hall, a car, for other services associated with the ceremony and the celebration of the wedding. The only exception is the New Year holidays..

Wedding ceremony: how to organize it

For a wedding in winter, we recommend renting a country mansion in a classic style with fireplaces, mirrors, a grand staircase, grandiose stucco molding and expensive parquet: let everything be as in a fairy tale. An alternative is to hold a wedding ceremony in Europe: renting a small old castle, for example, a Czech one, will not cost more than renting a remodeling mansion in the Moscow Region. If there is not much money, take a look at the option of renting a small restaurant with an open area.

Making a winter wedding photo

Winter wedding: clearance

A winter wedding is a charming fairy tale, and if so, then everything around should also be beautiful. Do not skimp on the surroundings: if you have chosen a hall with a fireplace for the celebration, let it be lit during the holiday. Such a winter «chip», as a decoration of the room with garlands and other tinsel, you need to use it at 100%. Do not forget to decorate the walls of the hall, windows, doorways, a wedding table (along the perimeter) with electric garlands, as well as the front doors of the establishment.

Getting married in winter: a sleigh ride

If there is an outdoor area near the banquet hall, organize several fireworks on it that will be lit at the climax: this will be remembered for a lifetime not only by the bride and groom, but also by the guests. If the winter is snowy, for a wedding walk to the place of celebration, we advise you to hire a trio of snow-white horses that carry a wedding carriage or an open sleigh. As for the color scheme of the celebration, we recommend the following options:

Winter wedding with basic red and green colors. The combination of red and green colors looks solemn. For the decoration of the wedding hall, use coniferous branches, as well as bouquets of red flowers. Decorate spruce branches with tinsel of red color, decorate the hall with red balls, candles.

Winter wedding: primary color red

Winter wedding with basic white and silver colors. The use of these tones is entirely justified: silver and white colors like no other emphasize the solemn moment, make it a little fabulous and romantic. The bride’s silver dress should match the color of the shoes and accessories - a veil, gloves, a sleeve. A silver fur coat will complement the fabulous look. The bride’s outfit will be decorated with white gold and pearl jewelry. For the decoration of the hall and wedding table, use candles, crystal, white and silver balls.

Wedding: primary colors silver and white

Winter wedding with primary colors silver and blue. Silver, blue color symbolize winter, so the decor in light blue and silver tones is the best suited for decoration of the wedding hall. To decorate the hall, use drapery of appropriate tones, balloons, candles.

wedding: primary colors blue and silver

Winter Wedding Invitations

Invitations given to guests of the wedding ceremony must match the basic color scheme of the wedding. If the primary colors are silver and blue, we advise you to choose cards made in silver-blue tones. It is desirable that the cards correspond to the winter theme, and were decorated with snowflakes, other winter «attributes». The task is simplified if invitations are sent by e-mail: the web has a lot of wonderful postcards in winter color.

Winter Wedding Invitations

Winter Wedding Script Ideas

An interesting idea, embodied in the script, will make the wedding memorable. Beautiful winter landscapes will become a natural backdrop for a wedding event.

Russian style

Russian wedding style

A wedding in the Russian style is a combination of Russian folk and noble styles that do not contradict each other at all. The Russian style is, first of all, the bride’s clothing and accessories: it’s a fur, fox, arctic fox coat, hat, as well as a fur bolero, red morocco boots, scarves and even felt boots! If you can find a room with a suitable setting, why not hold a wedding in the Russian style?

For a wedding in the Russian style, country-house log cabins are perfect, and if there is a forest near such a mansion, such a holiday will be unique in general. On the street organized «festivities», and so that guests do not freeze, they are invited to try tea from a samovar with bagels-bagels. For the holiday, you also need to invite musicians, as well as a folk dance group. Do not forget about Russian dishes during the banquet.

Rustic style

Rustic Wedding Style

A rustic wedding is another unusual option. Choose rooms in rustic Russian, German or Scandinavian style. As the groom’s wedding outfits, classic men's suits are used, decorated with boutonnieres from wildflowers with spikelets of cereals. Bride wedding dress option - light lace dress in style «retro». Bride hairstyle is decorated with a wreath «a la village».

Style «winter fairy tale»

Wedding style winter fairy tale

Usually choose some famous fairy-tale scenario. For example, Koschey the Immortal kidnaps a beautiful bride, and a good young bridegroom must free a beautiful girl. In addition to them, Baba Yaga, Snowman, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or other characters will also take part.

If possible, build an ice fort in an open area next to the restaurant: let the guests take part in a fabulous battle - both on the side of good and on the side of evil forces. Parties must clash in «brutal» battle of snowballs. Well, on the occasion of the release of the bridegroom, he is a good fellow, organizes a festive fireworks.

Ideas for a winter photo shoot

Snowy winter for a good photographer is a field untouched for creativity, especially if the wedding is thematic. So, what does the photographer offer the newlyweds?

If there is snowfall on the wedding day, it will be a great success. Excellent shots will be obtained when photographing kissing, throwing snow in the palms of lovers.

Creative version of the photo shoot: the bride and groom draw a heart on the snow. In addition to hearts, lovers make an angel in the snow, ride an ice slide, play snowballs, sculpt a snowman, just fool around in the snow.

Christmas tree, as well as trees sprinkled with snow - a welcome entourage for the photographer.

If there is no snow at all, you have to shoot in the city. Good photos at the rink, on New Year's festive streets, especially in the evening.

Some successful shots must be taken against the background of frosty patterns on the glass.

Photos around the campfire are unusually romantic and memorable..

Ideas for a winter photo shoot


Before you start preparing for the wedding, please watch a video on the topic.