February wedding


Offer the newlyweds different seasons for the wedding ceremony, and you will see that most will prefer the summer or autumn months. A winter wedding among modern couples is not very popular - the cold and harsh February wind does not contribute to the holiday. But for two lovers, insanely hot hearts, the weather does not matter. The newlyweds will be able to organize the celebration in such a way that the guests will be warmed by their love, hospitality, and the winter cold will recede before the boundless fun at the generously laid wedding table.

Great February Wedding Moments

February Wedding - Signs

Popular signs, transmitted from parents to children and grandchildren, are deposited in the minds of people, inadvertently affecting their decision. Especially listen to them when choosing a wedding date. Do this very carefully, because the further family life of the newlyweds depends on the day of the wedding. You should not blindly believe signs and trust your fate to the will of chance. First of all, listen to your feelings, realize your cherished desires. And signs can be wise advice for you, he hasn’t prevented any newlyweds.

The February wedding has its own special superstitions that distinguish this month from others:

  • The stronger the frost on the wedding day, the stronger the family union of the newlyweds.
  • Heavy snowfall, blizzard - to the monetary prosperity of a young family.
  • During the wedding, a strong wind rose - to the windy life of the newlyweds.
  • On the day of the February wedding, a severe frost suddenly struck - young people will soon have a healthy boy.

Auspicious days for a wedding in February 2016

In Russia, February weddings were often organized since ancient times. By winter, field work was completed, there was free time for weddings. In the month of February, the Christmas fast ends, which has always been a big plus for newlyweds who want to get married. February weather is not as harsh and windy as December weather. Calm, frosty, it pleases with sunny days, which have become much longer. It’s as if all nature feels the approach of spring, it’s becoming more fun in the soul.

February Cold Wedding

The month of February pleases the newlyweds with relatively low prices for wedding services, since the height of the wedding season has not yet arrived. You will quietly choose the room for a banquet, a leading celebration, musicians and other necessary people to your liking. A honeymoon will not cost you too much, because the holiday boom is far, people are busy with work and study, and travel agencies are worn out by the lack of customers. Another advantage of February is that the friends of the newlyweds have not left anywhere, are at home and have the opportunity to come to the wedding.

Good days

  • February 2 is a great day for new beginnings. Catch the bird of luck by the tail and forward to a new happy life!
  • February 5 - a family life full of romance will take place as one big holiday.
  • February 9 - the newlyweds will achieve great success after the wedding if they persevere in reaching their goals.
  • February 10 - astrologers recommend this day for engagement and weddings, it promises well-being and a lasting alliance.
  • February 24 - marital relations will be riddled with honesty, responsibility for each other. Unbridled passion awaits newlyweds in sex.
  • February 27 - a harmonious and strong young family is formed.

Good Days for the February Wedding

In any case, do not plan a wedding on February 14 - Valentine's Day. Some couples, hoping for the patron saint of all lovers, specially choose this day to get married. But keep in mind that February 14 is the eve of the Presentation of the Lord, a date completely unsuitable for a wedding. Also, do not get married on February 29, this number appears in our calendar only in a leap year.

Best day for a wedding

One of the most favorable time periods for marriage in February is considered an ancient Slavic holiday - Maslenitsa, which lasts 7 days. It itself involves festivities, fun, generously laid tables. It is not for nothing that people say who during this February week played a wedding will skate like dumplings in oil until old age. According to signs, the marriage to Shrovetide portends the newlyweds a happy, carefree life full of love and understanding.

The festival begins according to tradition from Wednesday. The bride and groom come to the bride’s house. Gradually, the walk flows into the house of the narrowed, then to the relatives. The hospitality of the hosts is determined by the lavishly set tables. The invitees are allowed to poke fun at the newlyweds, throw them snowballs, make them kiss on the street. Such a wedding will be remembered by all for a long time. The only drawback is that on the eve of Great Lent, the church does not hold weddings, it will be necessary to postpone the ceremony until spring. How is the Russian wedding during Maslenitsa, watch the video:

Wedding Ideas

Depending on the wishes of the newlyweds and their financial capabilities, various scenarios of the February wedding are chosen:

  • Walking with an accordion, a triple of horses, sleighs and bells, perky winter games. This scenario is most suitable for a wedding on Maslenitsa.
  • Romantic wedding evening under the roof of a small, cozy cafe or restaurant. Outside the window February, snow is falling, and the newlyweds are warm and comfortable by the fireplace, in the company of their closest friends and relatives.
  • For a noisy, fun company it would be nice to have an outdoor picnic. Fun around the fire, dancing to the accordion, hot tea and spirits, barbecue and baked potatoes will certainly make your February wedding special, unlike the others. This is where you can completely relax and unleash emotions!
  • And if you are tired of the Russian winter, you want to organize a wedding under the scorching sun somewhere in Miami, then you can not do without a tour trip abroad. On the happiest and most solemn February day, it’s not a sin to take this chance. But remember that not all guests have the material means to join your company.

The plot of the February wedding

What to go to the wedding

The February image of the bride among the Russian people is involuntarily associated with the Snow Maiden or the Snow Queen. If you pick up a wedding outfit in this style, you will be inimitable. They will help to create the desired look and additional accessories will warm in the frosty February - a fur coat, a sleeve, a down scarf, mittens, original jewelry. In the registry office, the bride can wear a light ball gown, but in the open February air you can not do without warm things. White boots decorated with silver threads and beads will be suitable shoes for the winter wedding..

The groom should also dress warmly so as not to catch a cold at his own wedding. The suit for the February wedding is selected from a dense fabric. Well, if it will be a three - a jacket, trousers and a vest. Under the suit, pick up a warm elongated coat, hat and gloves. Well, if you have a wedding in the old Russian style, just have a fur coat and mittens.

Wedding dresses of February newlyweds

February wedding photo session

Romantic photos of the bride and groom in the middle of the snowy February streets are very unusual. Falling snow flakes fall on wedding dresses, the faces of the newlyweds, casting memories of childhood. Naughty happy laughter is heard as if watching such wedding photos. Especially captivating are the pictures taken in the evening, under the light of lamps. Against the background of trees covered with a layer of February snow, the newlyweds look like a very beautiful couple from a winter fairy tale.

Scenes for a photo shoot in February are very diverse - from pictures near a horse drawn by three horses, a large wedding samovar and pancake dishes, to exclusive wedding photos somewhere in a modern cozy restaurant with an individual interior. The choice of the February plot largely depends on the ability of the newlyweds to beat one or another role. After all, the main thing is not the wedding venue, but the mood and desire to become unique, original.

Wedding photos of February weddings