Fashionable wedding


In the courtyard is the new 2016 year, the symbol of which is a wooden sheep, because if your solemn event is planned for this period, you should focus on actual colors and signs. To make the wedding fashionable and interesting, take advantage of the latest trends recommended this year for hairstyles and wedding dresses. Follow the appropriate color scheme, which should be followed in the overall design of the holiday.

Fashionable color wedding 2016

This year, the sheep recommends us to use cool cool shades for wedding dresses, decoration, invitations and more. Learn more about fashionable flowers for the wedding in 2016:

  1. The color scheme in the design of the wedding, where the approach will be used, will be very fashionable. «ombre», the effect of which is achieved by a smooth transition of tones from light to dark or vice versa. Use calm colors that blend seamlessly into each other. This style has been very in demand all last year so much that its transition in the current period of time has a normal tendency to win more and more fans.
  2. It looks very beautiful ombre if you dress several bridesmaids, dressing them all according to one style, but differing in color by one or two tones. And it will be even more interesting if you use ombre, decorating the elements of floristry, cake, curtains, using smooth transitions of pastel colors.
    Fashionable Ombre Style Celebration
  3. Wedding with pastel flowers is a romantic approach to organizing a gala celebration. Fashionable pastel color scheme provides for the creation of the effect of tenderness, taste, high cost. Use soft pink, violet, sky, mint, cream color, this choice of color scheme is especially ideal if you are going to play a wedding during the spring.
  4. Another fashionable color for this year’s wedding will be mint shades, which are associated with coolness, trepidation and fragility. This range includes all shades of light tones of blue, azure, blue, turquoise. Use this color, making small details of the decor, arrange a banquet table with mint shades, boutonnieres, invitations, hairstyle accessories, wedding decorations.
    Fashionable mint tones at a wedding.
  5. Since the colors of Mother Nature were also announced as a fashion trend at the 2016 wedding, berry shades will be more in demand than ever when decorating the solemn day of newlyweds painting. This is especially true for the wine shade of sangria or burgundy. Let the bridesmaids put on dresses of this color, and you will see how brightly, inimitably they will contrast with the snow-white wedding dress.
  6. The next fashionable color of the natural gamut of this wedding season is brown, all the shades of wood and the elements associated with it. It’s very original to decorate the wedding banquet table for guests with wooden details, the decor of floristry, use these colors when decorating an elegant cake, which will gradually change from beige to delicate light shades. All this looks very unusual, insanely creative, leaves an unforgettable experience..

Wedding decoration with wooden elements.

Fashionable evening dresses and wedding suits

Wedding fashion 2016 gives strength and the opportunity to invent an original evening toilet for women using delicate floral prints, animalistic style (images of animals, birds, butterflies) in pastel shades. Equally, both for men and for the fair sex, the retro image, exotic, as well as the original folk style will be very relevant. Read more about this below:

  1. This year presents us with many bright ideas for creating wedding images using an exotic style. For example, the Indian style of the bride and groom, dress code for guests exclusively in bright saris of beautiful fabrics, or something similar to the style of African slave owners of the end of the century before last.
  2. Fashion trend of evening dresses for this year’s wedding using a bold animalistic style: use calm shades of peacock feathers for individual details of the image, deer horns as accessories or jewelry, animal prints on silk flying dresses, men's jackets, etc..
  3. Lush dresses for brides are replaced by light flying silk silhouettes, chiffon, gradually shifting the fashion for trains. The fashionable image of evening dresses has a romantic, elegant shine, special lace and elegance are given by delicate lace.
  4. Flower fashion for clothes has won its place of honor in wedding 2016. Use beautiful wreaths with fresh flowers on your head, men's shirts with floral patterns in soothing shades, including for newlyweds, dress your bridesmaids in colorful dresses with flowers.

Floral Trends for Wedding Fashion Dresses

The fashion for wedding hairstyles in 2016 also did not remain unchanged and brought its colorful additions. There are a lot of styles and options, both for simple loose hair and more complex hairstyles with weaving braids, the formation of classic shells, laying beautiful curls to the crown, on the side. Next, you will learn in more detail what accessories for hairstyles should be used for this year's wedding, what to combine with for a perfect fashionable look:

Pigtail Bride Hairstyles

  1. Because the trend of the season is exotic, then hairstyles are not far behind in this regard: for example, the popular animalistic style using deer horns in the hairstyle will give the girl a special style of nobility, fidelity and originality.
  2. For a Hawaiian wedding, live lilies are woven into the hair, braid, on the crown, which look very romantic and give the bride a gentle look.
  3. Braids are also relevant in current wedding hairstyles. Curl your hair with beautiful curls, and put the braid over the head in the form of a rim.
  4. Flowers are especially suitable for the wedding this year, so a wreath of live field daisies, lavender, or classic roses of a minimalist style will create a fashionable trend for your wedding hairstyle.
    Fashionable hairstyles of the bride with fresh flowers
  5. As accessories for a classic small sink, use peacock feathers in brown and beige.
  6. This year, it’s very fashionable to braid the curled hair low into a bun, and from above let a couple of long curls, complement the hairstyle with a live orchid.
  7. You can make the effect of the Greek style by winding long hair with beautiful curls that you can pick on the back, and on top decorate with a voluminous wreath of fresh flowers of white roses, lilies.

How fashionable to dress for a wedding 2016

If the wedding to which you are already invited has its own fashionable style chosen from the trends of weddings in 2016, then generating the idea of ​​the outfit will not be difficult: everything according to the specified dress code for guests in the invitation. But what to do if there is none? You will be helped by the advice of stylists and ideas of fashion designers at this year's shows, for example:

  • This year is prolific in pastel and gentle colors, so choose a light silk dress in the floor of mint, violet, pink, lemon shades;
    Wedding dress in trendy color 2016
  • If you are a man, then the retro style at weddings always has its relevance, so put on light trousers with a pastel blue or pink jacket, add an image of brightness with a mint tie;
  • If you are a bridesmaid, choose a long dress with an ombre color (smoothly changing the color of the dress from dark to light);
  • Choose the brown color of the dress of the case, complementing it with accessories and jewelry made of wood (beads, earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc.);
  • A little black dress will never go out of style, just decorate it with a large lavender-tone flower on your chest, or floral belt;
  • Shirts with floral prints are very relevant for men this season, it looks especially original when the wedding is decorated in the Hawaiian style;
  • This year's men's suit for the wedding should have light colors, using mint colors, pastel brown, greenish;
    Fashionable wedding dresses 2016
  • The fashionable style in a feminine image gives an extremely relevant saturated color to a dark ripe berry or Bordeaux wine. Complement the dress with a flower of pastel color on the shoulder, and you will be an irresistible representative of the fair sex at the wedding (except for the bride).

Modern fashion allows you not only to strictly follow the latest trends, but also to be in style using your own visions and ideas, so a creative approach to any celebration will never go out of style. Let your wedding leave a lasting impression not only for guests, but also become an impressive event in life for the two of you. The most important thing is the atmosphere of happiness, love, fun, interesting contests and unforgettable impressions that will not leave indifferent any guest.