Wedding in Thailand


Each married couple dreams that the ceremony and the following holiday will be original and remembered forever. The ideal solution for a beautiful unforgettable wedding is to hold an event abroad. A wedding in Thailand is a real kaleidoscope of fun, bright colors, magnificent views. Celebrating the celebration in the Kingdom of Thailand, you can be sure that the beginning of your family life will turn into a breathtaking adventure..

How to celebrate a wedding in Thailand

If you are determined to celebrate a wedding in Thailand, you will have to deal with some organizational issues. The first step is to decide where the wedding ceremony will take place. Here are a few options for holding a wedding:

  • Beach wedding. A beach wedding is an ideal option for lovers of the sun, sea, sand and freedom. Thailand's clean beaches away from busy places will be the perfect solution for couples who decide to unusually celebrate a significant day. You can have a quiet little wedding under a generously decorated Thai flower arch or throw a large-scale party with a DJ, powerful equipment, dancing until the morning and a gorgeous banquet.

Beach Thai Wedding

A beach wedding has a great advantage over other types of celebrations, due to its beauty and photogenicity. Photos and videos from such a ceremony will please the newlyweds, as well as the guests of the holiday, for a long time.

  • Wedding on the mountain. Thailand is famous not only for its many cozy sandy beaches, but also for its picturesque rocky coastline, offering a gorgeous view of the ocean. You will not be mistaken if you celebrate a wedding in a high glade among magnificent tropical plants. Choosing this style of the ceremony, think in advance about additional transport for guests.

Rocky coast of thailand

  • Wedding on a desert island. Due to its unique location, Thailand spans a large number of islands, many of which are uninhabited. If you like to discover new things, you want to completely isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle created by large crowds of people, then there is no better option than to hold a wedding on a desert island. Untouched virgin nature, sand, on which there are no human tracks, and only you two and the master of ceremonies.

Desert Island Wedding

  • Wedding in the villa. Thailand attracts tourists from all over the world because of its extreme cheapness. You feel like real kings, renting a luxury villa in Thailand, and it will not cost fabulous money. Each couple can find an option for a wedding according to their financial capabilities. Thai agencies provide both small cozy houses for two, and huge villa-palaces, which can accommodate many guests.

Wedding in a villa of Thailand

The territory of the Kingdom of Thailand covers thousands of islands, so the selection of an island for a magnificent wedding deserves special attention. Most popular options:

  • Phuket is a large island with a developed infrastructure, where no one, even extremely demanding, a tourist can not get bored. Phuket is great for organizing a wedding.

Thailand Island - Phuket

  • Samui is a convenient and beautiful island with a moderately developed infrastructure. Samui is famous for a large number of villas for weddings in picturesque beautiful places..

Thai island samui

  • Koh Phangan is a romantic place that civilization least touched. In Phangan, more attention is paid to the entertainment program (diving, travel, water skiing) than to shopping and relaxing in the villa..

Thai phangan island

  • Krabi This island has recently become accessible for tourism and is a combination of beautiful rocky coasts and beautiful beaches. The unique nature allows you to organize a wedding, both on the shore and on the side of the mountain among the jungle.

Thailand island Krabi

  • Pattaya. A beautiful island of Thailand for a wedding, where every couple can find a suitable accommodation - a huge selection of rental properties and hundreds of hotels provide tourists with this opportunity.

Thai island Pattaya

In Pattaya

Pattaya is a popular venue for a wedding; you should talk about it separately. For couples entering into family life, there are excellent options for organizing the ceremony. Almost the entire coastal strip is beaches where a large amount of entertainment is concentrated. Future spouses can rent a good hotel room or rent a small villa. Compared to other islands in Thailand, Pattaya provides cheaper real estate options..

Wedding in Pattaya

The culprits of the celebration can have a wonderful time not only during the ceremony itself, the ideal place for which will be the beach, but also before and after it. The entertainment industry offers tourists to go diving, water skiing or even fishing. If you don’t want active entertainment, go to the magnificent botanical garden, visit animal farms where they organize performances and conduct tastings, take a look at the Wat Chaimonkron temple complex.

In phuket

Phuket - the island of Thailand, where there is the most developed infrastructure. Chic restaurants, shops with goods for every taste, theaters and cinema, concert halls, expensive hotels, villas and endless beaches - all this awaits the heroes of the occasion who decided to organize a wedding in Phuket. Due to the large number of amenities provided by Phuket for tourists, the cost of standard services here may be more expensive than on other islands of Thailand.

A magnificent wedding in Phuket

Together with professional wedding agencies, you can organize an unforgettable ceremony that incorporates the elegance of a European wedding and the cheerful oriental spirit of Thailand, and the rich entertainment world of Phuket will not let you get bored.

Thailand Wedding Scenario

Most weddings organized in Thailand are held according to the classical scenario. Consider the approximate stages of the holiday.

  1. Morning. It starts with the preparation of the bride and groom - future spouses get up early, put on wedding dresses. The hero of the occasion can pre-order the services of a professional makeup artist and stylist. They will arrive in the morning, do her professional makeup, hairdo. When everything is ready, together with the guests, a young couple goes to take pictures. To do this, they are provided with minibuses, a Thai guide and an interpreter. Thai guide - a prerequisite for the wedding of Thailand.

Photosession before the wedding ceremony

  1. Day. When the photo shoot is over, the heroes of the occasion arrive at the wedding venue, pre-decorated by the agency - it could be a beach with a carpet already laid, seating for guests, a beautiful flower arch. The organizers give guests the petals, which they shower with the newlyweds, the ceremony itself takes place. Spouses sign a wedding certificate, after which they are officially considered husband and wife. The second stage of the photo shoot.

Thailand: wedding ceremony

  1. Evening. After the ceremony, photo shoot and a small celebration, the heroes of the occasion with the guests go to the villa or to the restaurant, where they are waiting for the laid table. Those present celebrate the wedding. The groom and the bride can order additional services of a host who will hold interesting contests and prepare a chic entertainment program. The evening will end with colorful fireworks.

Symbolic wedding

A symbolic wedding is still the easiest way to hold a ceremony in Thailand. During a symbolic celebration, there is no official registration of relations, that is, the bride and groom do not become husband and wife according to documents. Such a wedding in solemnity and scale is no different from the official one, however, it will be necessary to put the stamp in the passport already in Russia or before leaving for Thailand. After a wonderful celebration, the spouses are given a Thai wedding certificate.

Symbolic Thai Wedding Ceremony

Official wedding

Despite serious difficulties, many newlyweds are still trying to go through the official registration of marriage. If you want to arrange such a celebration, be prepared for the fact that you will have to visit several state institutions and collect documents for the wedding. The package of documents required for registration of marriage in Thailand includes:

  • passports of citizens of the Russian Federation
  • foreign passports
  • certificate of divorce or death of the previous spouse, if any

When the necessary documents are collected, it is necessary to follow a clear plan in order to formalize relations on the territory of Thailand without any problems. Here is a step-by-step instruction for action:

Formal Wedding in Thailand

  1. Go to the consulate of the Russian Federation to fill out an affidavit on marital status. Affidavit is a document certified by a legal entity in which future spouses testify under oath about the current marital status. The culprits of the celebration will be given forms that need to be filled in English. In the form you will need to indicate two proxies with addresses.
  2. Make a translation of affidavit into Thai, notarize it.
  3. Legalize affidavit with transfer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. Future spouses will have to fill out a questionnaire, take the queue number and wait for documents to be accepted. Then it will take some time for the legalization process itself - it will be reported after the payment receipt has been issued.
  4. Go to your local municipality to register a marriage. Together with legalized affidavit and passports, you must go to the local registration authority, where the marriage will be issued on the same day. They may require a certificate of divorce or the death of an ex-spouse. After registration, a marriage certificate will be issued.

Thai marriage certificate

  1. Conduct reverse legalization at the Ministry of Consular Affairs of Thailand, and then at the Consulate of the Russian Federation.
  2. Translate the issued marriage certificate into Russian, assure the translation.

After all the above actions, you will officially become a husband and wife both in Thailand and in any other country..

Thailand wedding photo

A selection of gorgeous Thai weddings

Chic Thai Wedding Ceremony

Thai weddings with elephants


A few reviews about Thai wedding:

Mikhail, 34 years old: - «After ten years of marriage, he decided to make his beloved a present - a symbolic Thai wedding. I read the reviews on the forums, contacted the local wedding agency, specified the details ... My wife said that we were just going to celebrate the anniversary. What was her delight when, upon arrival, I told her the news. Dress with a suit purchased there. The excellent coordinated work of the organizers and the exotic wedding left great impressions.!»

Tatyana, 24 years old: - «My husband and I thought for a long time how to celebrate the wedding in an unusual way. The marriage was registered in the winter, so after some deliberation it was decided - we fly in the summer! They chose Thailand, because this is a proven option, and pricing is good. There was a wonderful symbolic ceremony on a wild beach, only close relatives and friends. Everyone was satisfied, and some unmarried couples after viewing our wedding photos decided to arrange a holiday there.»

Elena, 27 years old: - «I will never forget this day! Great views, a delightful ceremony, happy faces of guests, delicious Thai cuisine. Not everyone was able to arrive, but those who succeeded were simply delighted. And what can we say about the wedding album - an incredible photo shoot! The photographer did everything with a bang. Almost a year has passed, and we still review the pictures on weekends and plan a vacation in Thailand.»

Process video

If you chose Thailand for your wedding, be sure that your celebration will be an event that will never be forgotten! This kingdom is an ideal combination of the magnificence of wildlife and all kinds of recreational activities. A carefully planned Thai wedding will be a great start to your married life together..