November wedding


A wedding in late autumn gives a lot of advantages, and the first of them is the lack of excitement with the dates of the marriage in the registry office. This means that you do not need to come in three months to apply. November is convenient in that you are guaranteed a free choice of your favorite wedding date, and in addition, there are other factors - discounts on the rental of a banquet hall, reduction in the cost of services of marriage agencies, inexpensive vegetables, fruits. Despite the unstable weather and gloomy landscape for a wedding in cool November, there are many advantages.

November Wedding - Signs

The ancient Slavs always listened to folk signs and beliefs. The rural field work had already been completed by then, it was time to think about preparations for the wedding. And November was considered the best time for weddings and promised the newlyweds a lot of good. Let's look at the list of popular signs for November:

  • The guy was very lucky if he decided to marry in November - his wife after the wedding will cherish him all his life and «spin» around him like an autumn leaf.
  • If the first snow fell on the morning of the appointed wedding day, then the bride must go through it to be the first and only one.
  • Rain or snow when the newlyweds go to register a marriage - to a happy, long, rich family life.
  • Strong wind - one of the spouses will be unfaithful in life together.
  • The groom, leaving the house, must hold a sprig of mountain ash and an autumn leaf. If a woman is first to meet, you need to give a sheet so that the spouse is faithful, and if the man is a mountain ash, so that the family never needs.
  • Frosty morning of the wedding - the firstborn’s health will be strong and his character calm.

Favorable days for the wedding in November 2016

A wedding in 2016 is a great opportunity for newlyweds to create a strong happy family. According to numerology, the Year of the Blue Goat corresponds to the number 8, which means infinity, and for China it is considered the happiest number, attracting wealth, prosperity. If you have a choice on which day it is better to set a wedding date, choose Friday. This day is ruled by the planet Venus, helping all lovers.

Good days

  • The most successful days of November 2016 for marriage are considered to be November 6, 13, 20, 27 - Friday: they will bring a long married life, mutual love.
  • For weddings, the church recommends Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays in November: positive changes will definitely visit a new family.
  • It should be excluded from the planned dates on November 11 and 25 - the days of the new moon and full moon.

Best day for a wedding

Having listened to astrologers, it is easy to conclude that November 2016 will make it possible to plan a wedding very favorably. It happens infrequently when the planet Venus is in Libra, and this will happen twice this year: from November 9 to 15 and from November 28 to November 30. But immediately note that on November 28 the Christmas fast begins, when according to church traditions it is not recommended to marry and get married.

Autumn bouquets for the bride

Having analyzed most of the signs and warnings, feel free to submit an application to the registry office for marriage registration on November 13 of this year and do not be afraid that the number 13 falls on Friday: it brings happiness to many, and family partnership becomes equivalent. Peace of mind, support, understanding and warm relations will last for many years after marriage. Choosing the right good date for your wedding is another step towards a happy family life..

Wedding Ideas

How many ideas for holding a November wedding we are encouraged by nature itself: a riot of bright colors of November, which have not yet managed to completely dry out the leaves, the first unexpected snow, bright clusters of mountain ash and evergreen Christmas trees - as if created for a beautiful wedding photo shoot. Choose a bouquet for the bride in the style of autumn - it will become a bright touch on the holiday.

Landscapes for wedding photo shoot

The banquet hall for the holiday is decorated in the style of November, where golden and crimson colors predominate. The room is decorated with bouquets of flowers in yellow and red tones; they can stand mixed with large leaves of trees. A cozy atmosphere for the cool month of November will help create lighted candles placed on tables. The walls are decorated with drapery fabric burgundy with gilding tones.

Decoration of the ballroom for the wedding in November

Wedding Hall Decoration

Sparkling glasses, like the first frost, will complement the table setting. Dishes of the same style are chosen, plates with gilding, napkins are better than red or yellow. A variety of hot dishes and drinks should amaze and warm guests on a rainy November day. Autumn with a rich harvest allows you not to save on vegetables and fruits. All kinds of salads, combined with meat dishes, prepared in abundance by culinary specialists, will give strength for various competitions and a dance program.

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Creative newlyweds should be reminded of a significant date: the night from October 31 to November 1 is Halloween, widely celebrated by youth over the past few years. If the wedding coincides with the date when Halloween morning arrives, then the decorations of the hall and tables can be supplemented with pumpkins with slits instead of eyes, and the menu is complemented by dishes prepared on the basis of this bright and such useful vegetable. This date of the wedding will be remembered by guests and newlyweds as the most fun adventure in life..

Places for exit registration in November

What to go to the wedding

What to wear for a wedding? Having considered some recommendations, you should independently choose the outfit that suits your taste, style and weather. Noting that November does not differ in warm, calm weather, it is worth thinking about health and comfort:

  • Bridesmaid dress is more suitable with a long sleeve.
  • The fur cape will not only decorate the bride and groom, but also warm on a cold day.
  • Feet shod in graceful white boots or bots will not freeze during a walk and photo shoot.
  • The groom, dressed in a dense fabric suit, will also feel comfortable.

For wedding guests, there are no restrictions on the style of clothing. Light summer dresses will not work, it is better to choose things by season. Dresses, suits should have a long sleeve. For women, a shawl or a light cape can serve as a beautiful addition. Insulated shoes at the time of the banquet should be exchanged for shoes, this applies to both newlyweds and invited guests. So the legs will not get tired for a long period of time, comfort will remain, and the appearance will only win.

Clothing options for guests for the November wedding

Men's outfit for a wedding

November wedding photo session

Not a single wedding is complete without a photo shoot, video filming of the newlyweds. So that memorable wedding photos of November are not dull, it is better to find picturesque places in advance where you should go for photography. Clusters of mountain ash will gorgeously decorate the photo, and if snow had fallen by the time of the wedding, the contrast of white and red will make the background even more picturesque. The remaining bright yellow leaves look wonderful, and against their background the bride, wearing a snow-white dress - a fairy forest fairy, fluttering among the trees.

If the cold weather came earlier than usual, and nature cannot please anything on such a significant date, the newlyweds should think in advance about renting a room for a photo shoot with a beautiful hall, lots of greenery. For this purpose, a winter garden, greenhouse, house, in the form of a castle, are suitable. To enhance the emphasis that the wedding is autumn, it is preferable that the bride has a bouquet in a yellow-red palette, the added leaves will decorate the floral composition.

Wedding photos of the newlyweds in November

Ideas for the November Wedding Photoshoot