Wedding in august


When the decision to start a family is made, the newlyweds face a difficult question - which month and day to set a significant event. According to astrologers, the date of the wedding affects the future relationship between the spouses. If you plan to get married in the summer, take a look at the month of August. It has the peak of marriages, and for good reason. A wedding in August is good because you don’t have to worry about the weather, it will definitely be warm. And if summer rain splashes, it’s not scary, it’s only for good.

Pleasant moments of the August wedding

August wedding: omens

According to an ancient popular belief, the marriage in August promises a newly-married couple a stable and strong family. After the wedding, there will be not only love, but also friendship, partnerships between them. The bride and groom understand each other perfectly, and they will be able to keep this understanding forever. Therefore, if you decide to officially register the marriage, organize a wedding in August, and then the newlyweds will be together for many, many years.

August wedding omens

Believe signs and traditions, or not - a personal matter for each person. As practice shows, a lot of signs come true. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to them..

  • The bride strokes her wedding attire - not for good;
  • The bride selects open or laced shoes for the wedding - to poverty;
  • To put on a wedding dress through the legs - to an unstable marriage;
  • Newlyweds give someone to measure wedding rings before the wedding or after it - to the breakup of the family;
  • The bride on the wedding day woke up to the twittering of birds - to a happy life.

Auspicious wedding days in August 2016

August is the most convenient of all months for a wedding. After all, the sun no longer bakes so mercilessly as in July, even in the evenings it is cool. Newlyweds can choose for a wedding a restaurant with an outdoor area, a summer cafe with a terrace, or have an outdoor picnic. The month of August will give you a chance to shoot a bright, colorful wedding photo shoot. Pictures of the newlyweds will be wonderful against the background of lush green grass, trees, near a reservoir. Check out in our video how beautiful and fun the wedding took place in August with a beautiful couple of newlyweds.

August is generous with fruits and vegetables, at the end of summer a huge amount of them ripen. Wedding tables burst with delicious and original decorated dishes. Gourds - juicy watermelons, melons, sweet berries are pleasing to the eye. Using the moment, you will cover a chic wedding table, and in August it will cost you much cheaper than in winter or spring. And the banquet hall decorated with bouquets of summer flowers will look especially solemn. The generous summer month of August gives many surprises, taking them into service, the newlyweds organize the best holiday of unity of loving hearts.

Auspicious days for a summer wedding

Good days on the Orthodox calendar

Believers Orthodox Christians after the ceremony of the official registration of marriage by registry offices pass the sacrament of wedding in the church. On August 14, 2016, the Assumption Post begins, it lasts two weeks, just before the end of the month. It should be borne in mind that during fasting the church does not crown the newlyweds. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises, plan a wedding for the first half of the month.

Wedding in August

Unbelievers should choose good days for the wedding, focusing on the lunar calendar. Astrologers believe that in August 2016 only three days are suitable for organizing a wedding celebration - 4, 5 and 6. Using the lunar calendar, we learn more about each date:

  • August 4 - the 21st lunar day, the most favorable for the wedding, plans for the future will come true if the newlyweds focus on what they want and gradually achieve their goals;
  • August 5 - a successful family was created, they will succeed by themselves. Spouses will spend most of the time together, engaged in the life and upbringing of children, giving them wisdom and spiritual wealth..
  • August 6 - after the wedding, the newlyweds expect life's challenges, which they will overcome with dignity, supporting each other. The family will have everything desired, having earned it by honest work, from month to month, with the help of their knowledge and good education.

Best day for a wedding

From the point of view of numerology, the best day of the month for marriage will be August 8, 2016. Two eights on the wedding date (08/08/2016) promise everlasting happiness and prosperity to the newlyweds, as the number 8 is a symbol of infinity. Another date of the month of August is noteworthy - 08/15/2016, it contains the number 15 twice. Both dates fall on Saturday and are extremely suitable for a wedding.

Wedding Ideas for August

First, decide on the venue of the wedding banquet. If everything is relatively simple in the restaurant - the furniture, the kitchen, the decor of the hall are ready, then you will have to work hard to organize a wedding in nature. What will it be: a place by the river, a garden gazebo, a forest glade, an open veranda or an ordinary summer residence - it is up to the newlyweds to decide, but everything must be done to ensure guests comfort at the wedding.

Venues in August

Depending on the chosen venue of the celebration, decor is selected. If the wedding hall of the restaurant requires a magnificent and elegant decoration, then a holiday in a modest rural house should be shrouded in simplicity and comfort. The color scheme of the month of August is dominated by warm and even hot floral and fruity shades: pink, orange, yellow, lime, white. Decorators do not recommend making the August wedding too colorful, this month deviations from the main color should be slight.

August wedding color scheme

The candles, vases with flowers and fruits lit on the tables are very popular with newlyweds and guests, they add romance to the holiday. The August wedding menu should contain light salads, low-fat dishes, cold dishes. Pay special attention to soft drinks. Well, if among them are: mineral water, lemonade, cocktails, iced tea. A wedding cake, richly decorated with cream, is more suitable for a winter wedding, and in the summer fruit and berry will be a much better choice.

August Wedding Menu

So that guests do not get bored at an open-air wedding, prepare for them entertainment, let them have fun from the heart, get to know each other closer:

  • Hot air balloon trip with the newlyweds;
  • Horseback Riding;
  • Descent from a hill in a transparent ball;
  • Retro disco;
  • Cartoonists, magicians, clowns on stilts, trained animals.

A worthy end to the holiday will be the honeymoon of the newlyweds spent on their honeymoon.

Fun at the August Wedding

What to go to the wedding

Given the hot midday of the month of August, it is better for newlyweds to choose wedding clothes from light natural fabrics. The bride will feel comfortable in a white dress with a bare back or shoulders. It will not restrain the burning sunshine on itself and will allow the heated body to cool under the blow of a fresh breeze. In the month of August, choose the airy, free styles of wedding dresses, abandoning tight corsets and layered skirts.

To make it easier for the bride to endure the heat, it is better to make a wedding hairstyle high by picking up her hair and decorating it with artificial flowers. With a large amount of varnish or mousse, you only spoil the appearance of the hair and do not create the desired image. During the hot month, it is not recommended to use such tools, replace them with studs and invisible. The same applies to makeup, because the sun, stuffiness, hugs and kisses of guests will not withstand any makeup.

It will be great if the groom purchases a light suit made of natural fabric for the wedding. The hue can be anything - pure white, gray, cream, olive, ash. In a dark wedding suit, making midday heat is much more difficult. Instead of a tie that makes your breath difficult, it’s better to choose a bow-tie of the appropriate color. A wedding suit in the month of August is needed only for an official ceremony; after it, the groom will be more comfortable without a jacket. A stylish vest or suspenders will add extravagance along with.

The image of the newlyweds at a wedding in August