October wedding


Autumn weddings sometimes take place not in the warmest time of the year, but they are beautiful in their own way. A young couple looks beautiful under the azure sky, a bright sun, against the background of yellow-red trees dressed in a colorful outfit. Such a fabulous setting in October allows the newlyweds to feel like a king and queen. Golden autumn has always been a good time for a wedding. After all, summer chores were left behind, field work was completed, the long-awaited harvest was collected, it was time to relax and have fun.

Golden autumn for a wedding

October Wedding - Signs

By the end of October, the summer wedding season is nearing completion, so those couples who did not have time to register a marriage in August and September are in a hurry to do this before the onset of cold weather. The October wedding is a frequent occurrence, but among the people it has long been considered not the happiest. The sign says that the marriage will be dysfunctional, and the joint life of the newlyweds will be difficult and troublesome. But you should not attach great importance to the omen, because family relations are always built through overcoming difficulties, while true love becomes even stronger.

Signs for the October wedding

Preparing for the wedding, we must not forget about folk signs that warn inexperienced newlyweds from misfortune:

  • Let another person measure their engagement ring - soon divorce.
  • When leaving the registry office, someone will pass or become between the bride and groom - the young family will fall apart.
  • Before the wedding, the mother transfers her daughter some kind of family heirloom - to a strong family union.
  • At the parental parting word the bride burst into tears - to a happy marriage.
  • The bride and groom simultaneously extinguished the wedding candles - family life will be long and happy.

Auspicious wedding days in October 2016

Hot summer days have passed, and it is still far from strong winter frosts. Why not use this golden time for the most significant event? Nature in October captivates with its magnificent decoration, as if emphasizing the solemnity of the moment. Yellow, red, brown, green leaves fall, spreading a bright wedding carpet under the feet of the newlyweds.

What days are favorable for the October wedding

In October, the newlyweds do not have to wait long for their turn in the registry office to register a marriage, because the wedding boom has already passed. They will choose the date of the celebration that suits them best, and will not adjust to «free window». Restaurant, toastmaster services and music in October will be much cheaper than in summer. And the autumn wedding table will amaze with a variety of incredibly tasty and healthy dishes..

Good dates for a wedding

According to the predictions of astrologers, in October 2016 it is better to get married in the first or third decade of the month. Marriages in the second decade will be short-lived. The newlyweds, who played a wedding from October 1 to 10, should be patient - their life will be filled with trials, quarrels, moments of misunderstanding. It is impossible to say unequivocally that the family is doomed to break, but relations between spouses will be difficult.

Play the October wedding on an auspicious day

If you want an easy, lasting alliance, choose the third decade of October for your wedding. Then the stars will be arranged so that the newly-minted family builds a laid-back, healthy relationship. In addition to the fact that there will be complete mutual understanding between the newlyweds, fate will present them with many gifts - financial well-being, a cozy home and healthy children. Here are some good days for a wedding:

  • October 1 - a married couple will be successful in business;
  • October 3 - newlyweds after the wedding will spend a lot of time together, realizing the plans;
  • October 4 - a young couple will succeed in any endeavor, unless they give up;
  • October 6 - newlyweds will live long together if compassion and support prevail in the relationship;
  • October 21 - a strong, friendly family will be created;
  • October 22 - spouses give each other and others around them joy;
  • October 24 - the newlyweds will have enough strength and mind to overcome all difficulties in life;
  • October 25 - the wedding portends financial stability;
  • October 29 - marriage will be successful if the spouses do not commit rash acts;
  • October 31 - a good day for a happy marriage.

Best day for a wedding

Astrologers believe that the best day for a wedding in October will be the 28th day - 16 lunar day. The moon is in Taurus - a sign that embodies reliability, financial stability. Therefore, any transaction made on October 28 will be successful. The family union will be distinguished by a long and comfortable relationship for both spouses. Incorrigible romantics will be especially happy, they will have the prospect of realizing the craziest plans.

Wedding Ideas

Weather in the month of October doesn’t really pamper us with warmth, so you don’t have to rely on an outdoor wedding ceremony or a picnic in nature. The best solution would be to have a wedding in a gourmet restaurant. And what style you choose for your holiday, you decide. The choice of themes and scenarios for the October wedding is huge.

  • Russian wedding. Traditional costume presentation of national themes with the participation of trained bears, clowns, artists of the original genre.
  • Gypsy wedding. She will not leave anyone indifferent. Perky melodies, bright colorful costumes, perfectly in harmony with the rich decoration of autumn nature, awaken the vibrant energy, make you sing and have fun.
  • Eco wedding. In the fall, it becomes a traditional decoration of the banquet hall and the festive table with a variety of seasonal flowers and accessories in the fruit and berry style. Created with their own hands, they will give the wedding uniqueness, uniqueness.
  • Autumn Festival. Yellow leaves, bright flowers in the decor of the hall, a photo shoot in the middle of a park decorated with purplish - all these are integral features of an autumn wedding.

The bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere must contain seasonal flowers. They are made according to one principle and in one color scale. Make invitation cards for guests with your own hands and decorate with yellowed maple leaves. Irreplaceable guests at the wedding table - red-cheeked apples, huge bunches of grapes, ripe chic pumpkins.

Interesting October Wedding Ideas

October Wedding Accessories

What to go to the wedding

In the cool season, the dresses of the newlyweds should be sewn from dense, warm fabrics. The bride’s dress in the month of October should be chosen closed, with a lush multilayer skirt and a petticoat - it will be beautiful and warm at the same time. For the wedding, along with pick a warm cloak or white fur coat. Graceful leather gloves that warm delicate hands all day will complement the look of the bride. It is better to replace white wedding shoes with elegant boots, because in October it is very difficult to predict the weather ahead.

The suit of the groom should be selected in dark colors, complete with a snow-white shirt and a strict tie, he will create the image of an elegant gentleman. Given the cool weather, take care of his outer clothing, because in the open air a large part of the celebration takes place. Coats or cloaks for the wedding must be chosen so that they are in harmony with the wedding suit in color and style, and must be longer than a jacket.

Outfits of October newlyweds

October wedding: reviews

Very beautiful photos came out from the October wedding! Charming newlyweds stood under the crimson maples, and it seemed that they were in a fairy tale! The weather didn’t let us down - the sun was warming, the wind was quiet. We were pleased with the wedding. In the summer, the heat would not have allowed to celebrate so well.

It began to rain at the wedding, and the bride got her amazing dress dirty. Along with it was a pity, but the newlyweds did not lose heart, had fun. Although suddenly much colder, the guests danced all night, because the wedding happens only once. The main thing at the banquet is not the weather, but the mood of the people.

We did not have to choose the time for the wedding, we did everything in a hurry. It turned out that they were in October. Believe me, we have not regretted a bit. There were plenty of vegetables and fruits, the wedding table was set incredibly beautiful and delicious! And if you calculate its value, then I don’t envy spring weddings.

October wedding photo session

The most successful time for wedding photography is the first half of the month of October, when the sun still pleases with its bright light, and the photos are vibrant, colorful. Take pictures in a park, a botanical garden, a country estate, by a reservoir. Well, in the second half of the month, it is better to hold a wedding photo session indoors - a beautiful restaurant, bar, hotel, theater. Remember - it’s important not the place where you are shooting, but how you do it! Choose a good wedding photographer and trust him, then your pictures will be perfect, like the guys from our video.

October wedding photos

Photoshoot Ideas