Wedding in Israel


Christianity was born in Israel and Jesus was born, and the wedding is a union of a man and a woman according to the laws of heaven. For loving couples, the country's holy churches open their doors, inviting them to hold a wedding ceremony. A wedding in Israel will be one of the most joyful, exciting events in your life. If you want to perform the sacrament of wedding or to have a formal wedding in the bosom of beautiful nature and mild climate, then there is no better place than the Holy Land to find.

The traditions and customs of weddings in Israel

The week before the wedding, traditional Jewish rituals are held. The groom visits the synagogue, where he reads prayers and participates in the service, after which he announces the upcoming wedding. Earlier, weddings in Israel were arranged by the parents of the newlyweds, now only ultraorthodoxes continue this tradition. According to strict canons, young people can see each other just a couple of times before the wedding or meet only at the celebration. Traditionally, even with a parental marriage agreement, in Israel a young woman asks for the bride’s hands from her father, and they fix the agreement with a rich ransom for a girl.

Marriage in Israel is a huge number of ancient traditions, rituals that accompany the process from engagement to the wedding itself. During the engagement (tenaim) they break a plate, which symbolizes the destruction of the Temples of Israel. This action indicates that even during the holiday, Jews experience the bitterness of loss. The beating of the plate is repeated again during the celebration. There is no specific day for wedding ceremonies in Israel, so weddings are played on any day except Saturday - Shabbat. Do not arrange weddings during religious holidays.

How to organize a wedding in Israel

Period. The most successful time for weddings in Israel is the period from March to May, or from mid-September to the 15th of November. When the countries of Europe do not spoil the weather, it is very cold in Russia, Israel beckons the newlyweds with warm and comfortable weather. This period is sunny, the temperature is 15-25 degrees, few tourists. The flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv takes only three hours. This is important if the young people plan to invite the elderly or couples with kids to the wedding..

Tongue. Israel is considered the most Russian-speaking country, except for Russia and the CIS countries. About 2 million Russians live here. If desired, the newlyweds, all the contractors invited to the wedding can be Russian-speaking, and there will be no problems with communication. You do not need a visa to travel to Israel, but you need to go through customs carefully, take this process carefully.

Israeli wedding organization

Day of the week. Israeli work week is different from Russian. Their days off begin on Friday, and Sunday is a working day. Most shops and restaurants are closed on Fridays and Saturdays, so newlyweds should not plan a wedding these days. Sunday will be the best day. It’s a day off for us, so guests don’t have to specifically take time off from work, and in Israel this is a weekday - which means that all establishments will work.

A place. At Russian weddings, the host sets the mood, at modern Jewish holidays - musicians and a DJ. Music is considered an integral part of marriage in Israel. Do not save and hire a group of musicians for the holiday, then no guest will resist dancing. Since weddings in East are wide in Israel, more than 300 people are usually invited. If the young people plan to have a modest celebration, it may be difficult to find a small venue. But still, they are - it’s worth looking among hotels and restaurants.

Registration. There are many talented designers in Israel, thanks to whom you can realize any of your ideas, making out a celebration. Florists will create a beautiful bouquet for the bride by choosing a suitable variety from a wide variety of flowers growing in the country. There are almost no restrictions in the design and decoration of the wedding. Especially for the ceremony, the newlyweds can create a beautiful flower arch or decoration. A traditional Jewish wedding is held under a canopy - a canopy. Upon your request, this decor item will be provided free of charge by any wedding restaurant or hotel..

Official marriage

Modern Israel offers several ways of formalizing marital relations:

  • Church marriage. It is held among Christians of any faiths with registration, the marriage is recognized by Israel and other countries of the world..
  • Ravvintnaya wedding. Only for the Jews..
  • Consular wedding. Passes among Israelis and visitors who have the citizenship of a country, according to whose laws «relatives» consuls have the right to register marriages between compatriots in Israel. This type of marriage is problematic, as it entails lengthy bureaucratic delays, and the design may take many months.
  • A wedding with going abroad. Suitable not only for Jews, but also for mixed couples. It is recognized in all countries, enjoys the greatest popularity among foreign citizens..

In all forms of marriage in Israel, the signing of a wedding contract is recommended. This can help with the recognition of a marriage by the country's immigration services or during its dissolution. If one side has Israeli citizenship and the other does not, you should consult a lawyer specializing in immigration and administrative law in advance. This will avoid deportation..

Symbolic wedding

Such a wedding in Israel on the Mediterranean coast is a wonderful start to family life. The oaths of love and faithfulness you uttered in the Holy Land will bless the union and hold your hearts together forever. Such a ceremony would be an ideal solution for young couples who recently married but did not properly celebrate their wedding. The symbolic holiday is suitable for those who have lived together for a long time and want to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding.

Where to have a wedding

The modern fashion that has swept the world is a wedding abroad. A magnificent ceremony, a gentle sea and an exotic atmosphere - what could be more romantic? Wedding services in Israel are provided by many travel agencies. But, planning a holiday, the young must decide on the main question, where exactly will they play the wedding. Consider the most popular wedding ceremony venues in Israel.

In Tel Aviv

This city is considered the commercial, financial center of the country. Tel Aviv is famous not only for its many shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Famous local yacht clubs are valued by tourists from around the world. Why not have a wedding at sea? If you decide and move away from generally accepted canons, you can see Israel from a completely different perspective. Enjoy an exciting sea trip together or with guests.

Wedding on the banks of Tel Aviv

In Eilat

The city of Eilat is called the pearl of the Red Sea. People of different ages like to be here: youth, children and even the elderly. A wedding ceremony in Israel, in the bosom of amazing nature, rainbow mountains, oases or in the conditions of home comfort of one of the many hotels in Eilat will give young people extremely pleasant memories. Outdoor pools, cleanest hotel rooms, hospitable people and delicious cuisine are just a small list of what this city is famous for..

Eilat - the perfect place to get married

In jerusalem

The center of Christian Israel is in Jerusalem. Religious newlyweds who want to hold a wedding ceremony here are given the opportunity to get married in the old part of Jerusalem, near the main shrine of Christianity - the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The Alexander Compound is considered the traditional wedding venue for many of the greats of this world, including the Romanov family.

Jerusalem as a place for a wedding

In Netanya

A young but already famous resort in Israel - Netanya. The city is located on the shores of the gentle Mediterranean Sea. Netanya offers the newlyweds a huge selection of entertainment: luxurious restaurants with an abundance of different dishes, many attractions, walks in the mysterious and ancient Jaffa area. Newlyweds will be able to enjoy the wonderful beach, walks along the evening promenade and fresh sea breeze..

Wedding Netanya

In Bethlehem

You can comprehend one of the 7 sacraments if you want to celebrate a wedding in Bethlehem. A wedding in the Church of the Nativity of Christ, the oldest religious building that has survived to this day, will be the first significant step on the family path. Some couples come to this decision early, others decide on it after a long family life, coming to the altar already mature people. The wedding ceremony takes place at sunset, the newlyweds put on formal dresses, and they are united forever in Christ.

Bethlehem - a place for marriage

In Haifa

The sunny city of Haifa is located in the north of Israel, thousands of tourists come to its shores every year, including couples in love. Conventionally, the city is divided into the lower part and the business center. Newlyweds who want to have a wedding here can enjoy beautiful panoramic views from Mount Carmel. Haifa Jews hold ceremonies on a grand scale, observing the whole range of Israeli wedding rituals.

A wedding off the coast of Haifa

How much is a wedding ceremony in Israel

About 100 thousand shekels (131 thousand Russian rubles) is the wedding ceremony in Israel. This money goes to:

  • hall rental (76-77 thousand);
  • purchase of a wedding dress (7500);
  • hiring musicians (5000);
  • hairstyle and makeup of the bride (2100);
  • ordering video and photography (7000).

For the local population of Israel, preparation for the ceremony takes about 9 months. Young people choose a place for the ceremony, invite guests, make up a marriage contract. This time is symbolic and is determined by the term suitable for bearing and giving birth to a new family. Traditionally, Jewish weddings are held from July to September. Thursday is considered the most popular day for a wedding, which affects the cost of the holiday. During «high» season, the ceremony on this day the newlyweds will cost 25% more. In winter, the cost of a wedding on Thursday rises by only 6%.

Video: holding a wedding in Israel

The wedding can have various formats, the choice depends on the degree of religiosity of the couple. Orthodox communities in Israel oblige the young people to dance separately, and choose kosher dishes for the holiday. Less religious newlyweds can order a non-kosher vegetarian or fish wedding menu. Russian couples who choose to marry in Israel do not have to follow this tradition. At modern weddings, new musical compositions and old Jewish music are heard. An example of how it is possible to marry in Israel is the video below..

Wedding photo shoot in Israel

Every wedding and every couple is unique in its own way. Newlyweds have their own history of relationships, however, feelings and positive emotions that the photographer tries to capture at the ceremony always remain unchanged. Carefully choose a specialist to shoot your wedding. A good photographer is completely devoted to work, only in this way is it possible to convey on film the happiness of the young, the atmosphere of love and celebration. Newlyweds will look fabulous against the backdrop of beautiful nature, clean quays and ancient temples. See how it looks in the photo selection below.

Wedding ceremony on the shore of Tel Aviv