Wedding ceremony in Bali


A fabulous wedding ceremony is possible only in a heavenly place, so the newlyweds of the whole world have chosen the island of Bali of fantastic beauty. Magnificent landscapes, pleasant climate, amazing atmosphere contribute to the creation of a strong family. A wedding in Bali, with its uniqueness, turns the most important event of the joint life of a loving couple into an exclusive holiday. Make yourself an unforgettable adventure so that amazing memories remain.

How to organize a wedding in Bali

Organizational wedding matters always require special care and scrupulousness. It is best to resort to the services of specialized assistants, the profile of which is ceremonies. Confidence in the perfect celebration will not change even the most demanding newlyweds. When it comes to a wedding on the island of Bali, it is important to enlist the support of experienced professionals. Planning the ceremony should begin in six months, at least better - in a year.

Weddings are organized by tour operators, qualified event agencies, local hotels and event coordinators. The easiest way is to contact a company that creates overseas wedding ceremonies. You just have to choose a package that determines the accompaniment, the location of the holiday. Some newlyweds independently go to Bali, and there, at the hotel, they agree on the solemn part of the wedding. Most hotels practice this, because on the spot it’s easier to choose a location, decide on a feast, the desired style.

Many Bali event agencies have official sites to help book your wedding ceremony. Colorful pictures, a detailed script, professional tips, reviews of the lucky ones help to make the right choice. However, you will need to deal with tickets to Bali and hotel reservations on your own. If you plan to take guests, do not forget to book rooms and flight documents for them..

Holding a wedding in Bali

Where to hold a wedding in Bali

The whole island is an ideal platform for a wedding ceremony. In every corner - the charm of nature, the comfort of luxury villas, the alluring beauty of the beaches, the charm of the water element and the mystery of the mountains. Therefore, it is better to determine in advance the theme and style of the wedding celebration. You will build on this when it comes to choosing a venue for the holiday. The resorts of Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Seminyak, the coast of Jimbaran, a town in the highlands of Ubud are very popular in terms of organizing wedding ceremonies. Let's dwell on each more.

Nusa Dua Resort

The elite ceremony is guaranteed by the most impeccable resort of Nusa Dua. The beauty of the beaches as in the Bounty advertisement has not left anyone indifferent. The wedding here is suitable for those who want to breathe the energy of the vast ocean into their future family. Right at the very edge of the water your fabulous celebration will be organized. To take a vow against the backdrop of blue water expanses under an arch entwined with tropical flowers, few will abandon such a dream in reality. Here they create wedding ceremonies under water, helping to make the holiday even more original..

Wedding ceremony in Nusa Dua in Bali

On the coast of Jimbaran

Exotic wedding in the village of Jimbaran will suit fans of beach ceremonies. There are many villas on the very line of the ocean, where it is pleasant to spend a honeymoon. For a festive feast, choose seafood, because here is the main fish market. On the snow-white sand, the wedding arch, the altar, the path of the most delicate petals of tropical flowers and roses look great. Guests will love to watch the oath of eternal love, which will shade the majestic sunset.

Wedding on the Balinese coast of Jimbaran

Tanjung Benoa Resort

Quiet corner with a friendly population and budget prices. Perfect for organizing simple traditional weddings. No pathos - only the natural beauty of Balinese nature. The ceremony will be held on the beach or in the private villa. Those wishing to get acquainted with the local religion can visit the nearby temples. For Balinese wedding photo shoots, these are suitable places..

Balinese resort Tanjung Benoa for a wedding ceremony

Resort Seminyak

It is best to organize a wedding according to Balinese traditions in the resort town of Seminyak. Your celebration will be accompanied by colorful dances and colorful local music. A bride surrounded by flowers, umbrellas and flags developing in the wind will cheerfully bring them to the altar. The priest will hold the ceremony, the lovers will take their vows, and then the walk will continue. This is a great option for couples who come alone or with guests. Such a holiday will leave in memory the most vivid impressions of all.

Wedding in Seminyak in Bali

Ubud Mountain Resort

Dreaming of an exotic wedding ceremony? Why not spend it on elephants? In the town of Ubud there is an elephant park that will joyfully greet the newlyweds. They will be joined by cute monkeys, which are full in the surrounding forests. Ubud is the focus of beautiful landscapes, so the wedding here will be very close to nature. It is very useful for future spouses to feel the full power of the surrounding mountains in order to become related and become closer to each other. Ubud has no beaches, but water ceremonies are held. To do this, use pools covered on top with durable glass.

Wedding ceremony in the mountains of Ubud in Bali

Required documents for registration of marriage

Bali allows young people not only to organize a wedding ceremony, but also to officially register their marriage. This will require some effort and will take about two months, but will save you from going to the registry office in your native country. To register, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • copies of passports, birth certificates of young people;
  • certificates from the registry office that the future spouses in the present are not married, divorced or widowed;
  • completed form of the registry office of Indonesia, which must be provided by the organizers of the wedding;
  • certificate of religious affiliation. In Bali, they are very sensitive to this issue, the newlyweds must be of the same faith;
  • joint photos, size 6 * 4 cm.

At the wedding there is a representative of the Christian faith and the local registry office. After the ceremony in Bali, the spouses are given a certificate in Indonesian, which will need to be translated and legalized. This is carried out at the consulate, which takes from 1.5 to 3 months. Spouse participation is not required, as embassy staff decide the issue after the wedding.

How much does a wedding ceremony in Bali cost?

The cost of a wedding ceremony on an island paradise depends on many factors. It is affected by the venue, duration, number of people involved, the scale of the holiday, additional services. The more exotic the wedding, the more significant it will affect the budget. If you restrict yourself to a wedding ceremony and photo shoot, then you can invest in a minimum amount. If the wedding will be held on an ocean yacht or under water, with the assistance of artists and professional stylists, with exclusive transfer and services in the SPA, the cost will increase significantly.

Formal ceremony prices

An official ceremony in Bali makes a wedding more expensive at $ 500 or more. So much will be required to pay for the legalization and translation of the certificate. Additional expenses should be added here, including the payment of the organizers, obtaining the necessary certificates, unexpected expenses. This amount eliminates the need for spouses to do something on their own, they can only wait for a ready certificate.

The cost of a symbolic ceremony

A simpler option for a wedding in Bali is a symbolic ceremony. It's easier to sign at home and visit the island for a beautiful ceremony. Young people get a stylish certificate that can be presented to all your friends along with great photos. This is much cooler than a regular marriage certificate. The beauty of the symbolic ceremony in Bali is also that it is allowed to carry out even spouses with experience. This is a great way to refresh feelings or fill a life together with new sensations that could not be obtained in youth.

A wedding in Bali has no fixed cost. The possible price range varies depending on the aspirations of the bride and groom. On average, the cost of a Balinese ceremony is:

  • economy option - from $ 1000;
  • wedding suite on the beach or cliff - from $ 1500;
  • marriage in the mountains, jungle, by the volcano - from $ 1700;
  • elephant wedding - from $ 2500;
  • ceremony in a hotel, chapel, villa - from $ 1300;
  • wedding on a yacht - from $ 2100;
  • royal wedding ceremony - from $ 2300.

Video: holding a wedding in Bali

Together with the wedding photos from Bali, the young will prepare a love story, as in the video below. A beautiful clip with a light musical background will be pleasant to warm the spouses after many years, refreshing the magical mood of the ceremony. The bride and groom will be removed before the celebration, demonstrating their ardent feelings. They will be captured on camera during the ceremony so that not a single warm word from the oath remains behind the scenes. The video will include touching moments of tenderness, care and love, when the couple cut a cake together and feed each other, pass under the flower arches to meet their future.

Photos of weddings on the island of Bali

See below a selection of romantic photos with Balinese wedding ceremonies to imbue the mood of this paradise. The happy smiles of the newlyweds, the amazingly beautiful outfits, exclusive places and the divine nature make each frame stunning. No professional photo shoot in the native latitudes can be compared with simple photos from a wedding in Bali.

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