Free wedding ideas: what can you do with your own hands?


The organization of the wedding takes a lot of time and involves a series of expenses - planned and unforeseen. Find out what wedding ideas can be implemented without financial costs, creating an original author's decor. Get inspired with the portal!

Top Free Wedding Ideas
Free Wedding Ideas
Top Free Wedding Ideas

Wedding design ideas: free and original

We offer you free and original wedding decor ideas that will make the celebration more unique and interesting. After all, your guests could hardly see such decorative elements somewhere, and their implementation will not hit the budget!

Old Book Ideas

Making a wedding in a book style, you get an exclusive decor with a very affordable price. Inspire the best ideas and photos:

  • The arch for newlyweds from books looks especially stylish and does not require any costs.
  • Book Arch
  • The decor of the hall and banquet tables - there is where to unwind fantasy! You can create cute book houses for hanging wedding decor, origami from pages, use books to number tables (stands for floral arrangements). Interesting wedding ideas are presented below in the photo..
  • Book Wedding Decor
    Decor from books for a wedding
    Wedding book decor
  • Elements of books may be contained in the wedding accessories of the newlyweds. Applying a curly clipping, you can get a creative box for wedding rings. From the book pages you can design a boutonniere for the groom or add an accessory for the hairstyle to the bride’s image.
  • Book page buttonhole
  • Photo session area - use books, magazines, pages in all kinds of design variations.
Photozone from books

Vinyl records or discs

If you are delighted with the retro style, we have the idea of ​​designing a creative wedding photo zone from vinyl records or CDs. Surely at home everyone has a collection of those. You can build a wall for the photo zone, as well as use discs or plates as hanging elements. This doesn’t end with creative wedding ideas made by oneself; look at the photo even more!

Vinyl Record Wedding Decor
Plate decor

Can Decor

Ordinary banks are an inexhaustible source of ideas for decorating a wedding hall. You probably have them at home, so take note of the various options for using glass jars in wedding decor:

  • Table Numbers. Looks chic in combination with bright accents, wooden numbers or rough twine.
  • Can Decor
  • Pendant lights. By placing candles inside the cans, you can create original lamps. If you use the can as a shade under the light bulb, you get a fairly stylish and free lamp.
  • Hanging decor from cans
  • Decorations on chairs. On the backs of chairs you can hang jars with bouquets of wildflowers.
  • Decor from cans on chairs
  • Flower vases. A simple but popular way. Using improvised means, you can really create something original.
  • Jars in the form of flower vases

    Runner from photos

    If you have a printer or a selection of printed photographs at home, our portal is ready to share another original idea for decorating a banquet hall. This is a tablecloth for a festive table. To implement it, you will need only a piece of fabric, glue and many photos. Decorated «photo tracks» add originality to your wedding decor. In the same way, runners can be made from book pages or sheet music..

    Book Runner

    Paper decor

    Despite its cost-effectiveness, paper decor is a modern trend in the world of the wedding industry. It can be made independently without prior preparation. The paper decor looks airy, does not require leaving, is selected according to the color scheme of the wedding. Volumetric decorations will help to avoid mistakes in preparation for the wedding, for example, successfully hide the imperfections of the room. How to use paper for festive decoration?

  • Paper lanterns, pompons and other voluminous decor can be used in the design of the arch, wall, ceiling, columns and chairs of the banquet hall, and they can also be used as elements of the photo zone. This type of decoration can be placed both singly and in the form of a large panel, which can become a decoration for the background of the table of the newlyweds..
  • Paper Wedding Decor
  • Making wedding decor using origami technique, you are guaranteed to get a special design. Paper cranes, which, according to Japanese tradition, symbolize a prosperous and happy life, are popular for weddings..
  • Origami wedding

    Interesting wedding ideas: do-it-yourself accessories

    A million beautiful little things that must be taken into account when organizing, make up the whole picture of the wedding celebration. They don’t always have enough money, so part of it can be easily done independently, successfully demonstrating your author’s style.


    Ideas for wedding invitations with handmade decor are of most value to guests. It’s great if the cards that will notify people close to you about the upcoming holiday will be made in the same style. To create original options, you can use additional decor - beads, ribbons, lace (or whatever is at hand). And for those who like to keep up with the times, we recommend taking a closer look at such an idea of ​​interesting wedding invitations as a video of a wedding invitation.

    Wedding invitations

    Cushion for rings

    Manufacturing options just do not count! It can be knitted or crocheted, sewn from silk fabric, embroidered with beads. A more symbolic option may be a pillow in the form of a bird's nest made of thin twigs, which can be decorated with ribbons, flowers or beads.

    Cushion for rings
    Nest Pillow

    Wedding Champagne Decor

    Today, bottles are often issued in the form of a bride and groom. An alternative will be a beautiful stand for wedding champagne.

    Wedding Champagne Decor

    Money box

    Almost any box that you have at home can be stylishly designed for a wedding chest, using different improvised means for decoration.

    Do-it-yourself money chest

    Simple and budget ideas for wedding bouquets

    The bride’s bouquet can be composed of both elite flowers and those that you don’t have to spend money on at all. Is it hard for you to believe this? Then we offer you free ideas for wedding bouquets, which, if desired, can be used in the floral decoration of the wedding.

    From wildflowers

    The natural beauty of meadow plants will successfully emphasize the gentle image of the bride. The possibilities of such flower combinations are endless, as is the variety in the hue palette.

    Bridal bouquet of wildflowers
    Bridal bouquet of wildflowers

    From garden flowers

    They are very lively, seasonal and real! You can take flowers grown at the grandmother's dacha and make a bright accent from them that will complement your image. However, do not forget that such wedding ideas are not universal, because garden plants do not have excessive resistance, they cannot be found in winter.

    Bouquet of garden flowers
    Bouquet of garden flowers

    Of beads and satin ribbons

    Create a masterpiece yourself! Artificial flowers can also be incredibly beautiful and reflect the mood of the bride. How to realize the idea and make a wedding bouquet with your own hands? Step-by-step master class for beginners see below.

    All of the above ideas will give your celebration a unique flavor and help to avoid hidden wedding expenses. Be creative!