Design ideas wedding with their hands


Many brides want the wedding ceremony to be original, that the accessories, the design of the hall and the car look unusual, catchy, original. The easiest way to solve this problem is to trust the professionals, but their services are far from always cheap, in addition, finding experienced wedding designers is not easy. Do-it-yourself wedding, the ideas of organizing it on your own will avoid unnecessary expenses and make the wedding ceremony unique and original. Want to learn how to make your own wedding accessories??

How to organize the wedding of your dreams with your own hands?

If you decide to organize the wedding of your dreams with your own hands, then the first thing to do is choose a date. Go to the registry office, in which you want to legalize your relationship, and apply for marriage. When the exact date of the celebration is set, you will be able to soberly weigh your abilities and understand whether you will manage to prepare everything yourself for the chosen day or will have to use the help of relatives and friends.

How to organize a wedding with your own hands

Next, determine the theme of the wedding. Think about how you see your wedding: will it be a classic event in white, a celebration in bright colors, or a performance based on your favorite work? If you want the whole wedding to be saturated with a certain theme, then decorations - elements of the decor of the hall, motorcade, invitation cards - make in the same style.

What can you do for a wedding with your own hands??

You do not need to have great talent to make original jewelry for your wedding yourself. Do you have a craving for needlework? Then, having shown a little imagination and hard work, you will be able to create unique exclusive things. Even inexperienced needlewomen will be able to easily make jewelry for a motorcade of cars, glasses, and candles with their own hands. And also - a pillow for rings, a basket for rose petals, interesting invitation cards to guests.

Invitation cards

A wedding for guests begins with an invitation. After reading the invitation card, a person gets the first impression of the upcoming wedding, its theme, spirit, orientation. Template ready-made cards purchased in a gift shop do not have individuality, originality. Hand-made wedding invitations will help you express attention and respect for future guests.

You will need:

  • thick sheet of white paper;
  • color cardboard;
  • the cloth;
  • glue stick;
  • sequins;
  • rhinestones;
  • tapes;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • double-sided tape.

DIY wedding invitation

Production Instruction:

  1. Determine the size of the future wedding card. On a thick sheet of white paper, we indicate fold lines for the back wall and front side. The card will open, so we bend it in the drawn places, thereby forming a wall, the right and left sides of the invitation.
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  2. The paper blank must be wrapped in cloth. To do this, glue-pencil process the back of the card. We cut the fabric according to the size of the sheet, making 2 cm allowances on all sides. We glue the sheet of paper smeared with glue and glue it with a cloth of the selected color, carefully bending the edges.
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  3. Bend a sheet of colored cardboard along the same lines as white paper, making the back wall a couple of millimeters smaller.
  4. We coat the back side of the back wall of the card with glue and glue it inside the paper blank covered with fabric.
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  5. On thick paper, draw a small heart, cut it out.
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  6. Using glue, we decorate the entire surface of the heart with sequins, in the middle of which we insert rhinestones of a contrasting color.
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  7. Cut off the satin ribbon of the desired length, which will surround the card. Glue it to the workpiece.
  8. On a double-sided volumetric tape we fasten the heart.
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  9. Inside the card, glue the leaflet with the printed text of the wedding invitation. Tie the ends of the ribbon - a card for guests is ready!
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Glass and candle decoration

According to tradition, on the wedding day, the newlyweds drink drinks from special glasses. They are sold in stores or made to order, but sometimes the bride and groom do not find original and stylish dishes that would match the declared style of the wedding. With the help of improvised tools and decorative elements, you can easily make original wedding glasses.

DIY wedding glasses

When decorating glasses for a wedding, in most cases, satin ribbons are used. The combination of white and pink ribbons or other pastel shades that match the theme of the wedding looks beautiful. They wrap the legs of the glasses, make small flowers or simply glue them on the glass. Ribbons go well with beads and shiny rhinestones.

Lace is an exquisite decoration for wedding glasses. This finished material has an original intricate pattern that will look good on transparent glass. For wedding products to acquire a touch of luxury, a wide satin ribbon is glued at the base of the bowl, and glass walls are decorated with silver rhinestones. The junction of the legs and bowls is decorated with a satin bow.

DIY decorating glasses for newlyweds

Candles are actively used to decorate a banquet hall for a wedding or at a ceremony to light a family hearth. In order for candles to fit into the style of the wedding, you must use the appropriate decorations. The decor uses the same materials as for decorating wedding glasses. Candles are complemented with satin ribbons, beads, rhinestones, small artificial flowers, lace drawings or painted.

Souvenirs for guests

Gifts for wedding guests are a fashionable trend in wedding fashion, which is gaining momentum every year. At the end of the wedding, presenting a souvenir to those who came to the celebration is considered a sign of good taste. To do this, you do not need to spend a lot of money, but just make a little imagination and desire to give your guests pleasant trifles.

DIY souvenirs for guests of the wedding ceremony

At the wedding, guests are usually given sweets. To do this, do it yourself with a box or envelope, designed in the overall style of the celebration. Inside this box are placed sweets, marmalade, candy, chocolate. A mandatory element of the contents of the package is a postcard in which the newlyweds express their gratitude to the guests for being present at the celebration. Original souvenirs for wedding guests will be:

  • key rings with a wedding theme;
  • circles with photos of the bride and groom;
  • fridge magnets with wedding logos;
  • gift soap;
  • candles;
  • pot with indoor plant;
  • a bottle of wine with the image of the newlyweds and the wedding date instead of the label.

Car decoration

The decor of the motorcade is of great importance, it should be as solemn and original as the whole event. Making jewelry with your own hands for a car in which the bride and groom will ride during the wedding will not be difficult. Take the ribbons of the color you like, fasten their ends to the protrusions in front and behind the car. To decorate cars for the wedding you will need:

  • wide satin ribbons;
  • compositions of artificial flowers;
  • lush bows;
  • Toys
  • image of rings, hearts.

DIY car decor for a wedding

The original option is to decorate the wedding procession with fresh flowers. For this, flowers are collected in small bouquets, decorated with ribbon, floral mesh. Created compositions are mounted on tape near the door handles. From organza, tulle or mesh, make large bows, the core of which is decorated with bright satin ribbons. Attach the bows with tape on the front and back of the machine above the license plates. Do not forget about the interior decoration: wrap the steering wheel with ribbons or lace, attach flower garlands to the windshield so that they do not interfere with the driver's view.

Hall decoration

The banquet room for the wedding in most cases is decorated by the owners of the institution. But sometimes the bride and groom want to make decorative elements with their own hands, and place them indoors. To decorate the wedding hall to your liking, use balls, fabric draperies, original tablecloths, satin ribbons. A special charm to the banquet hall is given by floral arrangements from fresh flowers. Bouquets are recommended to be placed on tables for guests..

Do-it-yourself wedding hall decoration

Balloons filled with helium are a more economical option compared to the decor of natural flowers. Satin ribbons are attached to the balls, the ends of which are tied to the backs of guests' chairs. Balls hanging near the ceiling look romantic and cozy: they are tied to a colored serpentine, which gives the room an original and unusual look. Make an arch from the balls, place it behind the backs of the chairs on which the newlyweds will sit.

DIY banquet room decor for a wedding

Unusually and fun look garlands that are made using multi-colored paper, fabric, satin ribbons, lace. From the selected material, cut out the favorite figures (circles, hearts, squares, etc.), then sew them in the form of garlands and decorate the hall for the wedding. Do you want to bring notes of coziness, comfort into the restaurant’s interior, to make it original and unique? Then use a lot of fabric to decorate. Drapery is done either on the walls of the entire room, or separate zones are allocated.

DIY table decoration for newlyweds

Wedding table decor

The table for the newlyweds should stand out among the entire bright decoration of the hall, but be in the same style with the rest of the decor. The original decoration of the table will be compositions from fresh flowers. Traditionally, the floral composition is given an oblong shape, set it in the center of the table, for which any fresh flowers that are suitable in color and are well combined with each other are used. Many decorate the wedding table with a full skirt. To make such a product with your own hands you will need:

  • wide satin ribbon;
  • tulle or color tulle.

DIY tulle skirt for a wedding

Production Sequence:

  1. Measure the required length of the tape, it should be equal to the perimeter of the table.
  2. Cut the tulle into ribbons 10 cm wide. To find out what should be the length of the strip, measure the height from the edge of the table to the floor and multiply by two.
  3. Pull the satin ribbon, tied to two chairs.
  4. Tie a strip of tulle to the tape on the knot. Repeat this step with the remaining strips until the entire tape is full..
  5. Attach the skirt to the wedding tablecloth with pins and evenly distribute the tulle.
  6. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow..

Video: do-it-yourself wedding options

Thanks to our tips, you will be able to independently make decorations on cars, the hall, glasses for the wedding, saving money. To create unique and original things for the holiday, in addition to our recommendations, you need a little imagination and perseverance. If you want to know some more information on the topic, watch the video: