Dubai wedding


When the betrothal ceremony of the future spouses is behind, the marriage proposal is accepted - it's time to begin preparations for the wedding celebration. The main issue is the venue of the event. For those who do not like the standard celebration, like others, a wedding in Dubai would be a good option. Gorgeous nature, diverse architecture, pleasant climate and friendly people - this is what you need to organize an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Dubai Wedding Ceremony

How to organize a wedding in Dubai

Every year, newlyweds are increasingly choosing Dubai for a wedding celebration. This decision is justified, since the organization and celebration of the wedding in the UAE has its advantages:

Perfect warm climate, beautiful nature, the coast of the warm sea - a great place for a ceremony, photo shoot.

Dubai's scenic nature for a wedding

Large selection of nightly entertainment. Numerous clubs, restaurants, cafes will not let the newlyweds get bored.

Many places for the ceremony. It all depends on the wishes of the couple. It can be the seashore, the terrace of a hotel or restaurant, a yacht and even a desert.

Original Dubai wedding at a skyscraper

The cost of organizing such a wedding does not greatly exceed the price of a holiday in Russia.

For a wedding in Dubai you need:

  • Decide on a date. The ideal time when the wedding in Dubai takes place in comfortable conditions is from October to May. During this period, there is wonderful warm weather. The chance of rain is minimal and the heat is not too exhausting.
  • To start preparing, planning a holiday is in advance. The ideal option is 4-6 months before the appointed date. So much time is needed for preparing documents, carrying out all work on the organization of the ceremony.
  • Collect the necessary documents. A visa is required for travel, which should be taken care of in advance..
  • Book a plane ticket, hotel room, restaurant.
  • Find a wedding manager who will deal with organizational issues in Dubai. As a rule, travel agencies help to find such a person.

Weddings in Dubai will be an unforgettable holiday. It is extremely difficult to arrange an official ceremony in the UAE, but the newlyweds have found a way out. They sign on the territory of their native city, and conduct a symbolic ceremony abroad. The disadvantage of such a celebration is the inability to invite all friends, acquaintances, but on the holiday there will be relatives and friends.

Symbolic ceremony in Dubai

Where to have a wedding

Dubai is such a diverse, multifaceted city, where each couple can find the perfect option for a wedding ceremony. Depending on preferences, it can be the coast of the azure sea, an original ceremony in the desert, on the roof of a high-rise building. There are many options, it all depends on the ideas of the newlyweds about this rite, their financial condition, the subject of the wedding.

Choosing a place for a wedding ceremony in Dubai

On the shore of the Persian Gulf

A romantic wedding ceremony can be arranged on the coast of the Persian Gulf. White sand, the blue sea, palm trees and a breeze, giving coolness, will help create a touching atmosphere of the holiday. This option is perfect for a day ceremony. But everything will look more romantic against the background of the sunset. After the ceremony, you can have a small buffet in the open air.

Dubai Beach Wedding

Desert Wedding

An original and interesting option for holding a wedding ceremony is in the middle of the desert. This area has its own charm and magic: the abundance of the sun, flowing sand, delightful dunes, which can enjoy the views for a long time. A wedding celebration in the vast expanses of the desert will be remembered by everyone present as the most unusual, delightful holiday they have been to.

Wedding ceremony in the expanses of the Dubai desert

On a yacht or boat

An unforgettable ceremony can turn out on a beautiful modern yacht or ship. A walk along the sea will give the holiday a special touch, romance. This option is ideal for couples who do not want to share their joyful moment with strangers, observers. Having correctly prepared the route, the newlyweds can see the sights, take original pictures of the most secluded corners of Dubai.

Yacht wedding

Dubai Wedding Ceremony Scenario

To make the holiday go as planned, without unforeseen unpleasant surprises, use the scenario of the wedding celebration:

Festive morning. Newlyweds are preparing for a symbolic ceremony. Experienced craftsmen create a magical look for the bride. The groom checks the last preparations and goes to the place of the ceremony..

Preparing the bride for a Dubai wedding day

Official part. The groom stands anxiously near the arch of beautiful flowers, waiting for his charming bride. Along the path strewn with rose petals, the newlywed passes majestically to her lover. The host gives a solemn speech: «On this beautiful, memorable day, two lovers who love hearts will unite together. Under the boundless sky, in front of witnesses in the person of your family, close friends, answer the newlyweds whether you agree to become forever a single whole. Love, protect each other, loyalty and respect?»

Solemn part of the Dubai ceremony

The young people answer in the affirmative to the question of the presenter, exchange rings, after which the master of ceremonies continues his speech: «For the wedding ceremony, you have chosen the most beautiful place on earth - Dubai. So may there be so many joyful, happy moments in your life as grains of sand in this desert. Your life will be bright, seething, like a sea washing the sacred land. May the sun always shine over your house, as on this beautiful day. And adversity and sorrow are rare, like rains over this land. From now on, you are husband and wife, kiss each other, fastening the union. be happy!

Reception. After a light snack after the ceremony, the newlyweds, together with the guests, go for a walk and a photo shoot.
Festive banquet with entertainment and dancing. After a walk, invited and newlyweds leave for the restaurant. Here, each guest has the opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds and give a gift. This is followed by a festive feast, which the toastmaster dilutes with fun contests, incendiary dances, fire shows.

Dubai Wedding Fire Show

The final part of the evening. The newlyweds thank those present for sharing this day with them, joy. Guests are sent to their apartment, while a young family is sent to their bridal suite..

How much is a wedding in Dubai

The myth of the high cost of a wedding ceremony abroad has long been destroyed. Sometimes this comes out much more economically, because the most native people are present at the celebration, and not all the relatives. The emotions and impressions received from this kind of wedding can not be compared with any celebration held in the vastness of our homeland. And this is much more valuable than «rustling bills».

The average cost of a wedding in Dubai is $ 1,500. This is a classic version of the ceremony, including a standard set of services. If the newlyweds wish a unique wedding, you will have to pay extra for this:

Arab ceremony will cost from $ 1800.
About $ 2,800 will have to be paid for an original wedding on a yacht or in the desert.
About $ 3000 will cost and a ceremony on the beach with a gala dinner.

Gorgeous wedding in the UAE

Many services can be ordered by spouses additionally at their own request: entertainment for guests, fire shows, walks, weddings. Special attention should be paid to the photographer and videographer. It is necessary to discuss with them in advance the working hours, the conditions for the photo shoot and shooting in order to get amazing pictures not only from the ceremony, but also from the festive evening.

The approximate amount of payment for the wedding ceremony does not include:

Visa application.
Paying for tickets.
Registration of passports.

Video: holding a wedding in Dubai

The wedding ceremony in Dubai is an opportunity to organize an unforgettable celebration. Here, the newlyweds, if desired, can stay in the role of the Arab inhabitants, plunging into the eastern culture. This is a great chance to organize the wedding of your dreams, a unique, mysterious, saturated romance. A favorable atmosphere and picturesque nature will help in this. Such a celebration will be a highlight of the new family life. If you still doubt your choice, watch a video that will dispel all doubts about the Dubai wedding ceremony:

Dubai Wedding Photoshoot

It is difficult to imagine a modern wedding without a professional photographer. Thanks to this specialist, the memory of the magic day will be preserved in delightful pictures. There are many places in Dubai, visiting which you can make beautiful photos. These are huge beaches, architectural buildings of historical value, modern buildings - real works of engineers, singing fountains. It is difficult to convey all the beauty and grandeur of the city. Beautiful pictures of the couples who organized the ceremony in Dubai will help you plunge into the atmosphere of the Arab region.

Newlyweds photo shoot in Dubai