Beach Wedding


Instead of the usual feast in a restaurant with standard jokes, the host will be much more interesting if the beach wedding is held under the gentle sun against the background of the surf. Planning and organizing a wedding celebration is not an easy task, but the beauty of this holiday becomes a worthy reward for preparation.

Choosing a place of celebration

When planning a wedding on the beach, first of all you need to choose a place for the holiday. It can be a resort town or some exotic corner of the globe, as well as arrange a beautiful ceremony at the nearest river or lake.

Shore of a local reservoir

This is a convenient and economical option if there is a small sandy beach in the vicinity where it is possible to accommodate all guests.

Beach exit ceremony

When organizing a wedding, you don’t have to bother with transporting guests to the place of celebration, as well as finding everything you need in an unfamiliar city. With the right approach to design, the celebration will look no worse than near the ocean.

By the sea

The oaths given by lovers at the edge of the sea surf look insanely romantic. Beach weddings have long been in love with Europeans and US residents.

If future spouses have the opportunity to arrange their holiday on the shores of an exotic sea or ocean - great! The Black, Azov or White Sea will also become a worthy decoration for wedding events. A good option, for example, could be a wedding on the shores of the Gulf of Finland during the white nights.

Romantic wedding evening on the beach

Ceremony venue decoration

In addition to the natural beauty of the selected landscape, when preparing a wedding on the beach, you need to choose the appropriate decorations.

To emphasize the marine theme, use the traditional colors of water, sea, sand: blue, white, beige, blue, turquoise. They are suitable for decorations, suits of the newlyweds, bouquets of flowers, dishes and drinks of the wedding table.

Nautical style wedding decoration

What do you associate with the sea? With wind, sand, beautiful shells, with boats and sails.

A light tent made of light fabrics will remind you of sails, and shells will serve as good stands for plates with guests' names, elements of bouquets or parts of a newlywed costume.

Beach Wedding Tent

If there is a place for a boat, surfers or yachts where the wedding will take place, all the better - they can become an interesting solution for a photo shoot, a venue for competitions, just a beautiful decoration.

Organization of a wedding by the water

Features of an exit wedding on the beach must be taken into account when planning a holiday:

  • in the evening, midges or mosquitoes may appear near the water: you need to find a way to protect against them;
  • if the wedding on the beach is held in an exotic country with an unusual climate, it is better to arrive in advance so that acclimatization does not spoil your fun;
  • heated sand and water can become an unbearable test during the day. It is better to take into account the nuances of the weather in advance: choose a time for the wedding when there will be no heat.
  • for an exit wedding, the question of food and drinks is usually an acute problem: how to organize their delivery to the place of celebration?

Catering Services

For outdoor weddings, most restaurants provide catering - catering services in the specified place. When organizing a wedding by the water, you can beat the marine theme: seafood dishes, fish, various themed snacks can complement the general scenario.

Nautical style wedding table decor

It is necessary to discuss the menu and serving in advance, and when compiling a list it is better to refuse perishable dishes.

Beach activities

Beach party - a fertile field for entertaining guests. In addition to traditional toasts and wishes, free space near the water allows you to make a spacious dance floor, as well as organize a place for active games: beach volleyball, badminton or frisbee.

Beach Wedding Contests

If strong drinks are supposed during the celebration, you should take care in advance about the safety of guests, because you need to be careful near the water.

If it is possible to ensure the protection of the wedding event area, you will not only protect yourself from strangers, but will protect yourself from all kinds of unforeseen situations.

Beach Wedding Dresses

A luxurious wedding dress is the dream of every bride. But you also need it to be convenient. For such a wedding, heavy classical dresses with a corset and crinoline will not work - it’s hot, heavy, uncomfortable to walk on the sand in them.

Bridesmaid dress for a beach ceremony

For the same reason, do not choose shoes with high heels. Flowing outfits in the marine theme, light chiffon dresses, ballet flats or sandals will look quite organic. The suit of the groom is also worth choosing a non-classical style.

Wedding photo shoot on the beach

Near any pond, the photo shoot and videos will be romantic and original. Here is a beautiful example of such a video:

In advance, discuss with the photographer the script and details that you would like to see in the frame. Then a photo with a background of waves, seagulls and the setting sun will for many years remind you of the most beautiful day when two loving hearts joined their destiny.

Footage of a beach wedding photo shoot

Newlyweds on the seashore

Romantic photo shoot on the beach

Ideas for a photo shoot on the beach