Wedding in Prague


If a couple is planning a wedding, you just want to, and this joyful event will turn into a fairy tale. Realize all the dreams and ideas of the newlyweds will be able to in the Czech capital, which will transfer the lovers to the Middle Ages. A wedding in Prague is a memorable event; newlyweds will be provided with Prague gardens, town halls, castles and many other romantic places for holding a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Traditions and customs of a wedding in Prague

A wedding in any country requires compliance with national traditions. The Czech Republic observes them strictly, regardless of where the celebration takes place - in Prague or a remote province. The youth of the capital even more abide by the customs of their ancestors, because this has become a fashionable trend. Prague wedding rituals are symbolic, unpretentious, very close to Russian people in mentality and spirit:

  1. A test for the groom, when he must transfer the bride through the threshold of the house in his arms, is popular at Russian weddings. So the newlyweds deceive all evil - evil spirits living under the threshold.
  2. A comic test of the groom for a love of alcohol and hard work. The test consists in the fact that two symbolic sheaves are placed at the entrance to the wedding venue. A sickle is hidden in one of them and a bottle in the other. Groom is offered a choice. If he chooses the one where the sickle is hidden - well done, hard worker. If you choose a sheaf with a bottle, then you must follow the craving for alcohol. Czechs like to joke once again.
  3. The bride is subjected to the wedding test. In her husband’s house, she prepared a separate panicle, with which she should sweep the room. With this symbolic custom, the bride and groom make it clear that she is no longer a guest, but a mistress.
  4. At a wedding in Prague, newlyweds are not showered with coins, rose petals, cereals or butterflies. Czechs for these purposes prefer to use nuts and raisins, which are symbols of happiness and prosperity.

How to organize a wedding in Prague yourself?

Self-organizing a wedding in the Czech capital is an excellent solution for those couples who prefer to control their expenses and choose travel routes themselves. To obtain a Czech visa, the newlyweds should prepare the documents:

  • general passports and notarized copies;
  • valid passports and copies;
  • birth certificates;
  • certificates of financial solvency;
  • medical insurance;
  • hotel reservation or other confirmation of your place of residence in Prague.

Next, you need to find wedding agencies organizing ceremonies abroad on the Internet and book the date / place of the wedding. Prague attracts many couples for betrothal, so the most popular places can be reserved for six months. The sooner you start dealing with this issue, the better. You can generally refuse the services of agencies and gain valuable experience of organizing a wedding yourself, but it is unlikely that you can save money on the newlyweds, because you will have to visit the Czech Republic several times.

Official marriage

To officially marry in Prague, you need to visit this country a month before the wedding to fill out an application for a desire to get married. Each Prague castle, town hall or temple is attached to its own matrix (an analogue of the Russian registry office). After choosing a place for the ceremony, contact the appropriate matrix. Prague gives newlyweds several options for holding a wedding:

  • palaces;
  • gardens;
  • castles in the capital or in the vicinity;
  • city ​​halls;
  • Orthodox or Catholic churches.

After choosing the venue for the wedding, the newlyweds need to submit documents to the Russian Embassy to obtain a marriage permit. They must also submit an application to the matrix no later than one month before the selected date. The second time the newlyweds visit Prague 3 days before the appointed date of the ceremony to visit the police to obtain a certificate of legal stay in the Czech Republic.

After marriage, the newlyweds must send the received document to the matrix. Then, from the Embassy of the Russian Federation, the couple takes the ready permission for marriage and begins to prepare for the long-awaited wedding with two witnesses. After the ceremony, the young people are given a marriage certificate, which must be translated into Russian with the help of a Czech court interpreter. Upon returning to your homeland you will have to hand over the document issued by the Czech side to the passport office for certification.

Symbolic wedding

Prague is often visited for a symbolic wedding. She is popular not only among newlyweds, but also among married couples who want to feel like a bride and groom again on any wedding anniversary. Differences of a symbolic celebration from an official ceremony:

  1. It has no legal force.
  2. Witness wedding is not required.
  3. No documents required.
  4. Instead of a certificate of registration of marriage, the newlyweds receive a commemorative certificate.
  5. Lovers can arrive in Prague immediately before the ceremony, they do not need to visit government bodies.

Wedding Venues

Prague is a unique and unique city. Here the newlyweds will surely find the perfect venue for the celebration. These can be popular large castles, town halls or charming small chapels and churches where civil ceremonies or church weddings are held. Outside of Prague, the newlyweds can hold a magnificent wedding in a majestic and luxurious palace with a romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Troy Castle

The monument of art of the Baroque era is considered the castle of Troy. The wedding here will amaze everyone with a mystical atmosphere, because the castle is surrounded by high walls, and the outer staircase is decorated with sculptures of heroes of Greek myths. The main hall is built so that people lose their sense of reality: it changes its appearance depending on the place where a person is.

Wedding at Troy Castle will amaze you with luxury

Starograd Town Hall

The most popular wedding venue for honeymooners around the world is the Starograd Town Hall. The wedding ceremony here has a very affordable price, choosing this option for the wedding, you can save a little. For almost seven centuries, the Town Hall has stood in the center of Starogradskaya Square and is equipped with world-famous astronomical clocks called the Eagle.

Old Town Hall - the heart of modern Prague

Libensky castle

Libensky Castle is located in old Prague, which is suitable for couples who love romance. This place is as if created for lovers: everything is saturated with the spirit of magic, antiquity. Once inside the castle, you and your guests will feel like crowned persons, because the throne room of the building is decorated with expensive antiques and amazing frescoes.

Wedding ceremony in Liben Castle

Clementinum Palace

The wedding in the Clementinum Palace will be remembered by the newlyweds with noble sophistication. For weddings there is the Mirror Chapel, a grand ceremonial hall with a dome inlaid with silver-plated mirrors and frescoed walls. Unique acoustics will allow you to hear the perfect sound of the organ that Mozart played.

Wedding at Clementinum Palace

Wallenstein Gardens

The most beautiful and unusual park in Prague is the Wallenstein Garden, which is considered a miraculous monument to the art of gardening. It was defeated at the beginning of the XVII century, and now has grown and become even more beautiful. The Senate of the Republic is located on the territory of this garden. Modest or lush weddings are held here for most of the year: from spring to autumn.

Wallenstein Garden - the perfect place for a wedding

Municipal Palace

The pride of Prague is the Municipal Palace - a magnificent work of art. The rich halls, decorated with magnificent stucco molding, painted by the best Czech artists, are a magnificent embodiment of craftsmanship. Wedding ceremonies are held here in the Presidential Hall to the accompaniment of live music - the Czech State Symphony Orchestra.

Prague Municipal Palace for Wedding

The scenario of the celebration

There are several options for holding a wedding in one of the restaurants in Prague, where the newlyweds and guests are sent after the ceremony. Consider one of them. Newlyweds get out of the car and step on the red carpet. They approach the parents who are waiting for them with a wedding loaf in front of the entrance to the banquet hall. The mother-in-law blesses the young with the following words: «Dear children! I congratulate you on your marriage and wish your union to be strong, filled with happiness. Stay the same happy for many years of your life together!»

The newlyweds bow, and the leader says: «Whoever bites off the largest piece will be the master of the house». Young people bite off a piece, and guests applaud the winner. Then the newlyweds and guests sit at the wedding table. The host says: «Dear guests, our newlyweds are ready to accept the flowers, congratulations and gifts that you have prepared for them. Go to the bride and groom». Guests take turns congratulating the young and presenting them gifts. Then the leader offers to try the prepared dishes. The wedding ends with cutting the cake and leaving the young.

The scenario of the celebration

How much is a turnkey wedding?

Wedding «Full construction» - This is a package of services, including the organization of a celebration in Prague from a visa to sending the newlyweds to their homeland. By choosing this method of fulfilling your dreams, you will save your time and effort, and the organizers of the celebration will choose for you the option of marriage, the most suitable for your budget and desires. The price varies depending on the location of the wedding ceremony, the chosen services, the time of stay in Prague.

The cost of a turnkey wedding starts from 1000 €. This amount includes the following services: document management, renting a hall for the ceremony, translation services, a receptionist, musicians. If you add a flight for two from 500 € and the cost of the hotel «all inclusive» from 60 € per day, then the most budgetary wedding «Full construction» with a week stay in Prague will cost you at least 2000 €.

Video: wedding for two in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, was created for a wedding for two. This is a great opportunity for newlyweds to get rid of the mandatory invitation to the celebration of close / distant relatives, sharing a magical holiday with each other. Lovers walk along the streets of Prague, content with an atmosphere of eternal peace, in contact with centuries-old traditions and the ancient culture of Prague.

A wedding for two is a very practical solution for those whose budget is not too large. And if the couple chose a symbolic wedding ceremony, such a decision does not require long preparation. The main thing is to find a good photographer who captures beautiful moments. Watch the video below, where the lovers after the ceremony walk along the old streets of Prague, enjoying each other’s company.

Reviews on holding a wedding in Prague

Olga, 27 years old

My husband insisted on Prague, and I wanted the wedding to take place on the seashore. But I agreed with my beloved, and I have never regretted it! Ceremony was held on «Hooray», and the photos were fabulous!

Elena, 23 years old

My husband is a French citizen, but we decided to get married in neutral territory. We went to a wedding agency and chose Prague. The atmosphere of the city, the ancient squares, the Starograd Town Hall made the ceremony unforgettable! It was the wedding of my dreams!

Natalia, 32 years old

My husband and I immediately decided that we would celebrate the wedding together, and we chose Prague for this. We found a wedding organization and didn’t worry about anything else: the employees resolved all issues, from paperwork to ordering a limousine. Everything went amazingly and we were pleased with the choice..

Wedding photo session in Prague

For a wedding it is better to choose a professional photographer. Especially if the most beautiful European city - Prague is chosen for the ceremony. This is a paradise for a wedding photo shoot, because the city is saturated with the spirit of Czech Bohemia and the Middle Ages. Many famous photographers here draw their inspiration, so finding a professional is not a problem. Footage shot on the streets of Prague comes out alive, direct, fabulously beautiful.

A professional photographer will definitely use bright accessories: a bride’s bouquet, an umbrella, balloons and other items to give the pictures more life. As a rule, specialists work during a wedding ceremony, newlyweds walk around Prague and celebrate with guests. At the request of the newlyweds, a Love story is created - a romantic photo shoot lasting no more than 3 hours, during which the photographer tries to capture the feelings of lovers: warmth or passion, tenderness or hotness. These photos from the wedding are saturated with the emotions of the newlyweds..

The streets of Prague are created for a wedding photo shoot