Wedding in Croatia


After marriage, some couples travel to beautiful corners of the world, while other lovers arrange a celebration in picturesque places of Europe. The beautiful nature and mild climate of Croatia are ideal for weddings. Where to arrange a wedding on the Adriatic coast? What needs to be taken into account when organizing a celebration so that a wedding in Croatia brings a maximum of positive emotions to the newlyweds and their guests? How much will a marriage abroad cost??

How to organize a wedding in Croatia

Beaches with picturesque cliffs, beautiful forests, ancient sights, amazing islands in the middle of the Adriatic Sea - all this you will see in Croatia. It is a country with a subtropical climate, so the summers are dry and hot, and the winters are warm and humid. If you choose Croatia for your wedding, then you will be pleasantly surprised by inexpensive prices and excellent service. The scenario of the celebration on the Adriatic coast may include a trip on a yacht, a visit to ancient castles.

Official marriage

Some couples decide to organize a wedding on the Adriatic coast on their own, while others trust this business to professionals. If you decide to officially marry in Croatia, then you will need to arrange a ceremony in advance with the mayor's office of your chosen city. The registration procedure takes place in the registry office, but if desired, the newlyweds can agree on its implementation in a beautiful hotel, villa or in the lap of nature.

The official marriage takes place in the local language, so you will need a translator. To arrange a ceremony and clarify all the details necessary for registration, you must come and submit an application to the municipality of any city in Croatia 2-3 days before the planned wedding date. So that you can legalize your marriage in Croatia, take the following documents with you:

  • Birth certificates of the bride and groom (originals and notarized copies of translations into Croatian with an apostille).
  • A document confirming the marital status of those entering into marriage and guaranteeing its recognition in the country of residence of the newlyweds. Such a certificate for Russian citizens is issued by the consulate in Zagreb.
  • Passport.
  • Other documents that local officials may require.

Symbolic wedding

If you do not want to engage in paperwork for the official wedding ceremony, then another option for the celebration will suit you: this is a symbolic wedding in Croatia. Such a holiday will not be limited by the place or time of registration, so the marriage will really be held at dawn or sunset, under water. A symbolic wedding in Croatia is suitable for those couples who have registered a marriage in their homeland, want to celebrate the anniversary of their family or just add new emotions with their attitude.

Where to have a wedding

In Croatia, there are many places with beautiful sites with sea views. The islands of the Adriatic Vis, Hvar and the Istrian Peninsula are fabulous venues for weddings. And the ancient city of Dubrovnik, Split and the resort of Opatija can give your wedding an unforgettable flavor. Photoshoot in the beautiful expanses of Croatia will give you extraordinary shots and a lot of pleasant experiences.

On the island of Vis

The remote island of Croatia is ideal for weddings with a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Vis is covered with plantations of grapes, which gives it a certain mystery. Many volcanic islands surround the island, which creates an amazing backdrop for wedding photos on the beach. Small bays make the landscape of this place beautiful, unique.

Wedding on the Croatian island of Vis

In the city of Split

In this place of Croatia different architectural styles have combined, which gave the city a special flavor. In Split, nearby are the ruins of ancient civilizations and modern shops with fashionable clothes. Suddenly controversial city is suitable for the wedding of extraordinary and inquisitive couples who love everything new and unusual. Here you will get acquainted with the culture and history of Croatia.

Split - a beautiful place for a wedding

On the island of Hvar

The Adriatic island of Hvar is saturated with the scents of lavender and rosemary, which grow on it everywhere. This place of Croatia can become a romantic corner for the registration of your marriage. In one of the most beautiful bays you can arrange a ceremony right on the seashore and, contemplating the charming seascape, say words of love to each other. Particularly romantic registration on the coast will look at sunset or dawn.

Hvar island for marriage registration

In the resort of Opatija

Want to get married in Croatia where celebrities do it? Then choose the resort of Opatija. There is everything for organizing a chic and spectacular wedding. Excellent service and infrastructure, beautiful vegetation and amazing sea views can give you an unforgettable holiday on the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Opatija Wedding Resort

On the peninsula of Istria

Sea air and the smell of pine needles are the atmosphere of the Istrian peninsula. The unusual beauty of the nature of this region invites lovers from all over the world to join their hearts in marriage among the beauties of Croatia. The Venetian style of buildings in Istria will conquer the newlyweds and all guests with their sophistication and sophistication. Crystal clear sea water and a pleasant aroma reigning around will help to create a festive mood for everyone present at the wedding.

Istria Peninsula for a wedding

In the ancient city of Dubrovnik

If you are planning a romantic wedding with notes of the Middle Ages, then in Croatia there is a city suitable for holding such a celebration - this is the famous Dubrovnik. Its streets are ideal for creating an image of a medieval wedding. This Croatian city is recognized by UNESCO as a world treasure. Dubrovnik is appreciated for its stunning nature, picturesque coves, mild climate, interesting ancient architecture, excellent infrastructure.

Wedding in Dubrovnik

How much is a wedding in Croatia

The cost of a wedding in Croatia depends on many factors: the number of guests, type of ceremony, planned entertainment, excursions. For example, the average price of an official ceremony on the Croatian Adriatic coast will be around 1,600 euros. This amount includes the cost of preparation, translation of documents, support for applying, solemn registration of marriage, translation services, local taxes, legalization, translation of a marriage certificate.

If, in addition to the official registration, the newlyweds will also order a banquet or a walk around the city / island with a photo shoot, this will increase the budget of the holiday. Additional costs depend on the capabilities and preferences of the bride and groom, so the final budget for an official wedding is individual for each couple. The average price of a symbolic ceremony starts from 2500 euros. This amount includes the cost of the services of a wedding steward, translator, ceremony on the beach, flower accessories, photo shoots, marriage certificates.

Video: holding a wedding ceremony in Croatia

Dreaming of an unforgettable, romantic wedding ceremony on the Adriatic coast in Croatia? Your dreams are easy to make a reality. You just need to decide on some nuances, collect all the documents for registration. A wedding in Croatia is clean sea air, friendly people, bays of unearthly beauty, yachts, magnificent mountains covered with forests. Watch a video about how one couple realized their dream and organized a celebration on the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Wedding photo shoot

In Croatia there are many beautiful places for a wedding photo shoot. Beautiful pictures can be taken on the seashore or near cliffs, coniferous forests, bright colors. Wedding photos made among the magnificent landscapes of Croatia will be original and unique. The opportunity to make amazingly beautiful shots is just one of the advantages of a wedding in Croatia. Holding a wedding on the Adriatic coast has the following advantages:

  • You will be able to have a wedding and a honeymoon amidst picturesque nature, enjoying the beauties of the Adriatic Sea.
  • After the wedding, in one week you can see many sights of Croatia, and if you wish, you can also visit nearby European countries. This will be easy to do, because this country has excellent transport links with nearby states.
  • The mild climate allows weddings near the sea from March to November.
  • Climate conditions of Croatia are well tolerated by adults, children.
  • Fly to the Croatian Adriatic coast in 3 hours.
  • Wedding in Croatia will feature a stunning banquet with an abundance of seafood, exotic fruits.

Wedding photo shoots in Croatia