Manor Wedding


Planning and organizing a wedding is a laborious process that takes time and effort. At the planning stage, the question arises: where to hold the long-awaited celebration? Banquet halls of restaurants, a ride in a limousine and classic street photo sessions are tired, I want to celebrate a unique event interestingly. A country wedding in the estate is an opportunity for the newlyweds to hold an unforgettable, fabulous celebration that will be remembered for a long time by all those present and will leave many pleasant impressions.

Choosing a manor for a wedding

When it is decided where the wedding will take place, the heroes of the occasion will have to choose a venue for the celebration. Future spouses can choose a homestead for a solemn event on their own or take advantage of the help of an agency that will select a site according to the capabilities of the bride and groom. When choosing a homestead, pay attention to the following points:

  • Number of guests. If future spouses are not going to arrange a large-scale celebration with hundreds of guests, they can rent a manor for a wedding of relatively small sizes to accommodate 20-30 people.
  • Themes of the wedding. The bride and groom need to select the estate according to the scope and theme of the holiday: for the wedding ball, an estate with a huge hall is suitable, where couples in beautiful dresses will freely spin in dance, and a modern elegant ceremony can take place in a simpler setting.

Manor wedding - a small cozy celebration

  • The style of architecture. Each period of construction corresponds to a certain unique style of architecture, which creates an appropriate atmosphere. For demanding young people, there are various options for renting estates - from old seventeenth-century houses to more modern nineteenth-century estates built.
  • Availability of amenities. There are different types of manors - some are not intended for further accommodation of guests and accommodation, others, more modern options, provide separate rooms for guests, showers, etc..
  • The surrounding area. The estate for a wedding is an estate located, as a rule, far from the dirty urban environment. The culprits of the celebration can choose the estate, based on preferences in the natural landscape - it can be a wooded area, ownership near the river or a estate with a neat, ennobled park.
  • Transport connection. When planning a wedding on the estate, you should consider the possibilities of invited guests to arrive at the venue. If the estate is far out of town, and some guests do not have a car, consider hiring carriers.

Beautiful manor with a park area

Attentive attention to the details of the organization, and even more so to the choice of venue for the long-awaited wedding, will help to make the holiday perfect. Watch a beautiful video showing the wedding ceremony at the estate:

Registration of exit registration

After the future spouses have decided on the venue of the holiday, it remains to be thought about how the wedding will look like in a magnificent estate. Mandatory elements for exit registration:

  • Wedding arch. This arch will become the place before which the bride and groom will marry. There are many options for this accessory for a wedding - arches from balloons, forged, wooden. You can decorate this detail with artificial or natural flowers, fabrics, balls.
  • Registrar's table. The accessory is intended for the convenience of painting future spouses. It can be decorated with the same elements as the rest of the space..
  • Carpet. On a long carpet, the heroes of the occasion will go to the registrar's table. The carpet itself is completely interchangeable with other elements - for example, hay (if this is a rustic wedding). Also, the plot along which the bride and groom will walk will turn out to be denoted by rose petals.
  • Chairs for guests. The magnificent action will be watched by guests sitting in several rows. Chairs can be simple beach or wooden, with ornate carvings. It will be possible to decorate them with fabrics, flowers, ribbons.

Manor Wedding Accessories

Young people also have to choose a color scheme, which will become the basis of a thematic wedding. The perfect combination is a light, calm background with a contrasting delicate or bright shade..

Homestead rental for a wedding - description, prices and photos

Below are the top 5 estates that culprits can rent for a wonderful retreat.

  • The estate in Kuzminki. This noble small estate is rightfully one of the most popular venues for visiting events. It was built in the 18-19 centuries. Around the estate there is an artificially planted park, on its territory there are three lakes where the newlyweds can have a photo shoot. There is a banquet hall, a wedding venue, the opportunity to register at the Stables.

Rental price - 120 000 rubles.

Organization of a feast during the weekend - 230 000 rubles.

Kuzminki: an affordable estate

  • Manor on Chistye Prudy. The place is ideal for weddings with a small budget and can accommodate up to 180 people at a banquet. This unique work of architecture of the nineteenth century is a house with several huge halls, a courtyard, a relaxation area. Marble columns, artsy Russian Baroque, wooden parquet adorn the estate. The wedding in this estate will be remembered for a long time by the guests present and will leave an unforgettable experience for a long time..

Manor rent - 80 000 rubles.

Banquet price - 3000 rubles per person.

Inexpensive wedding manor

  • Estate near Moscow Serednikovo. This option is ideal for young people who value sophistication and luxury. It began to be built at the beginning of the sixteenth century - the construction of estate complexes continued for many years. The current view of the beautiful estate is a restored architectural and park complex. Clean air, arched bridges, custom terrain - perfect for couples who want to celebrate their wedding away from the bustle of the big city.

Rental price - from 600 000 rubles.

Banquet price - 3000 rubles per person.

Wedding estate Serednikovo

  • Manor Ostafyevo (Moscow region). This monument of Russian architecture was built in the nineteenth century. On the estate there is a church, a two-story house, a beautiful lime park with a pond, where the newlyweds will be able to arrange an original photo shoot. The distance from the city and beautiful nature will help guests to relax, gain strength. Also, the organizers will arrange for the heroes of the occasion a stunning fireworks after the ceremony.

Rent a meadow before the estate - 150 000 rubles.

Menu price - 4500 rubles / person.

Wedding estate Ostafyevo

  • Palace of the Volkov-Yusupovs (Red Gate). It was erected during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Gorgeous, elaborate architecture, roomy rooms, noble decoration of rooms - all this awaits the groom and the bride, who decided to arrange an unforgettable wedding in Moscow. The environment will make the heroes of the occasion feel like real aristocrats. Having celebrated the triumph in the Volkov-Yusupov palace, the couple will remember the successful event for a long time.

Rental price - 350 000 rubles.

Menu - 4000 rubles / person.

Palace of the Volkov-Yusupovs

Photosession in the estate

For a wedding in the estate you should definitely call a professional photographer who will capture a gorgeous celebration. A photo session on the territory of the magnificent estate will be an interesting event for invited guests - who does not want to show off in exquisite evening dresses and neat suits against the backdrop of a masterpiece of ancient architecture? And the bride in a white magnificent dress, walking along the marble stairs, will look like a real princess descended from the pages of a fairy tale.

Advantages and disadvantages of a manor wedding

A wedding in a beautiful estate has both undeniable advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of holding a celebration on the estate:

  • Country estate - unity with nature. If the wedding is held away from the city, in the lap of nature, young people can relax. Ecologically clean area will provide a boost of vivacity, will give guests the opportunity to feel healthier than in a dusty urban environment. The surrounding nature will delight the eyes of those present throughout the event.

Country estate with a lake

  • Closed area. When renting a manor, the heroes of the occasion fully receive it at their disposal for the duration of the wedding. They can call close relatives, friends, good friends and spend a cozy holiday with a banquet, a walk in the park, a photo shoot, without worrying that someone will violate their personal space.
  • Architecture. Magnificent examples of architecture of the 16-19th centuries will give a real feeling of a royal holiday. Those present will feel like aristocrats invited to a ball organized by royals - the bride and groom. Many agencies provide services to waiters and cooks dressed in the style of past centuries - this will enhance the feeling of architecture.

The magnificent architecture of the estate Tsaritsyno

Disadvantages of a manor wedding:

  • High cost. Often, renting a suitable estate can cost a fortune, but there are cheaper and more modern options for this..
  • Lack of guest accommodation. Some estates located far from the city do not have a special complex for post-wedding accommodation. Celebrating a wedding in such a manor, you should pre-book the rooms of the nearest hotels.
  • Transport. Country options of estates, as a rule, have an inconvenient transport permit. This can be a big problem for guests without their own car..
  • Inability to rent an estate completely. Some manors allow you to rent only an external courtyard or one hall.

The disadvantages of a manor wedding are small in comparison with the advantages - each couple will be able to choose a place that perfectly matches their capabilities and needs. The original event on the estate will be a real gift not only to the newlyweds, but also to guests who will be immensely happy with what is happening. Everyone will be surrounded by nature, which sets a good mood throughout the holiday..