Wedding on the ship


Every couple who enters into family life wants a long-awaited wedding day to go perfectly. Many future spouses refuse standard celebration scenarios - a trip to a restaurant, skiing in a white limousine, a park walk - in favor of more interesting options. One of the unusual ways to celebrate is a beautiful wedding on a ship. This event is suitable for true romantics who cannot imagine their life without beauty and fun adventures..

Choosing a place of celebration

When the culprits of the romantic celebration decided that they would celebrate the wedding on the ship, it remains only to choose a venue for the original holiday. There are several options where to celebrate the wedding, which will suit the newlyweds with different financial capabilities and needs according to the number of guests:

  • Boat. This type of river and sea transport is suitable for newlyweds who are going to celebrate the ceremony in the company of several close relatives and witnesses..
  • Yacht. With the number of guests up to 150 people, the heroes of the occasion can rent a yacht, the lower deck of which is suitable for holding a small banquet, and the upper deck - open - will allow you to enjoy the fresh air, see beautiful landscapes.
  • Motor ship or liner. For the groom and the bride, organizing a large-scale chic celebration, the option of renting a ship or a liner with a capacity of up to five hundred people is suitable.

Types of water transport for a wedding

If the newlyweds will arrange an evening competitive program, it is better to rent a ship designed to accommodate more guests than they will be during the wedding. This will allow you to conveniently use the space, leave a place for fun gaming events.

After the young have decided on the transport, you need to choose the type of walk. Future spouses can take a short trip along a picturesque river with beautiful nature, or go to sea to truly celebrate their wedding fabulously and unusually.

Motor ship wedding

A motor ship wedding will be an unforgettable adventure for the heroes of the occasion and all the guests present. Future spouses can arrange a magnificent banquet, dance and competition programs on a river or boat trip. Also, the bride and groom have the opportunity to rent a boat for a wedding for a day, so that after the holiday guests can stay in comfortable cabins, and go home in the morning.

Below are several vessels with a capacity of up to 80 people and rental prices.

  • Maria Ermolova. A cozy ship with an original design will be the perfect solution for couples whose wedding will be attended by less than forty-five people. The lower glazed deck will create a cozy banquet mood at any time of the year, and in good weather, the heroes of the occasion with guests can go to the upper deck to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

The price of renting a ship is from 12,000 to 15,000 rubles per hour.

The minimum cost of the banquet menu is 3500 rubles / person.

Motor ship Maria Ermolova for a wedding

  • Argo-2. This ship for up to 50 people will be a good solution for a small budget holiday event. The lower deck is a banquet hall, from where guests can go to the bow to admire nature. On the open upper deck, it is possible to put on an awning that protects guests from the bright sun or a little rain, arrange a buffet table, organize performances of a musical group.

Rental price - from 7500 to 9500 rubles.

The cost of the menu is from 2800 rubles / person.

Wedding ship Argo-2

  • Svetoch. The ship is suitable for a larger celebration on the water - the space inside will make it possible to accommodate about 80 people. Delicious European cuisine will delight guests, and the absence of cork collection will make future spouses happy: this will allow you to bring your own alcohol and save money without tax. Holding a wedding on the ship Svetoch will give a lot of pleasant emotions to the residents of Moscow - low draft allows him to go the route «Drainage channel».

The cost of renting Svetoch - from 8000 to 13500 rubles.

Banquet - from 3500 rubles / person.

Motor ship for a wedding - Svetoch

Yacht charter - description, prices and photos

Yachts are small light vessels with a capacity of up to 50 people, which are designed for recreation and entertainment. Premium Moscow yachts will allow the newlyweds to have a great time, enjoy the amazing service, the original design of the vessel and the beautiful surrounding views. Below will be presented several options for luxury wedding yachts - with a capacity of one hundred people.

  • Ferdinand. The motor yacht is multitasking - it is designed for banquets for weddings, business meetings, celebrations. Its spaciousness, high-tech design, delicious cuisine and good service will allow the heroes of the occasion to relax properly, enjoying a beautiful boat trip. Due to its ice class, the yacht is rentable throughout the year - even with the formation of a river ice crust.

Minimum rental amount - from 45,000 rubles / hour.

The price of the menu is from 3000 rubles / person depending on the number of guests.

Wedding Yacht Restaurant Ferdinand

  • River Palace. This high-class yacht-restaurant will suit the heroes of the occasion, organizing a large wedding. The open upper deck of the ship will allow those present to enjoy fresh air in the warm season, and the spacious banquet room is suitable for a fun wedding in any weather conditions. In addition to the beautiful, functional design, visitors to the yacht-restaurant will be pleased with the experience of the chief chef who worked in the restaurant with three Michelin stars.

The minimum rental amount of the ship - from 75 000 rubles / hour.

Menu price - from 3500 rubles / person.

Yacht Restaurant River Palace for a wedding

Wedding on the ship

Renting a large ship-ship with increased capacity is suitable for the groom and the bride, arranging a large-scale wedding, where 120 or more people are invited. Check out a selection of great rental boats at a low price that can make your wedding event unforgettable.

  • Gzhel. This ship can accommodate up to 600 people. It is attractive due to its original design, which takes as a basis the Russian traditions of pattern painting. Not only the ship itself, but also the interior, dishes - everything corresponds to a single style. On board the ship guests will find delicious cuisine, spacious roomy halls. There are also several cabins, one of which is luxury, where after the banquet, the newlyweds can continue the evening.

Rent a motor ship for a wedding - from 12,000 to 20,000 rubles / hour.

The minimum cost of the menu is 3000 rubles / person.

Wedding ship Gzhel

  • Vatel. VIP banquet ship can accommodate up to 350 people. Its indisputable advantages are the ability to receive guests all year round thanks to climate control, and a huge banquet hall of almost 400 square meters. m., which will allow all those present to feel comfortable during the wedding. The ship is suitable for a large competitive gaming program, invitations to musical groups, and other entertainment events. There is a cocktail deck.

Ship rental - from 29 000 rubles / hour.

The cost of the banquet menu - from 3200 rubles / person.

Vatel - a premium wedding ship

  • Port Arthur. The wedding on the ship Port Arthur can celebrate the heroes of the occasion, who plan to accommodate about 200 guests in the banquet hall. Due to the ability to walk even on the small ice covering the river, the ship functions and receives guests all year round. At the disposal of the newlyweds renting this vessel: two banquet rooms (one with a panoramic view), tented upper deck, bar, restaurant.

The cost of renting a ship for a wedding is at least 12,000 rubles / hour. For newlyweds there is a five percent discount. Menu price - from 3 000 rubles / person.

Wedding Ship Port Arthur

Design Ideas

A wedding, which is a beautiful river walk, can be designed according to the water theme. Newlyweds should be imaginative when choosing a decor style. To decorate the hall, a beautiful pale blue palette, combined with a light pastel tone, is suitable. The logical decision will be to design the wedding venue with marine-themed accessories - fishing nets, shells, starfish, faux pearl garlands, sand colors can be used in addition.

For the bride and groom, organizing a thematic pirate celebration, it is worth paying attention to such accessories - spyglasses, pirate hats, compasses, flags «Jolly roger».

Ship Wedding Design Options

Celebration organization

The heroes of the day have many options for organizing a wedding - it all depends on the imagination and desire. Here are two of them:

  • The newlyweds, together with the guests, come and board the ship, where the newly-married spouses are met by the captain with the team, opens champagne, solemnly congratulates them. Then everyone goes to the banquet hall to have a good dinner, drink, participate in a fun competition program. Further, you can organize dances on the upper deck (or in the banquet hall during the cold season). Then the guests with the spouses go home or the heroes of the occasion go together to the local cabin.
  • Another, more expensive version of the celebration is with the closest people: the newlyweds, together with their parents, witnesses and close friends, go to the port after a small wedding to board the cruise ship. Enough to rent a couple of cabins (the cost of such a cruise starts at $ 800) to have fun several days or weeks together, traveling to different cities, visiting their sights.

Photos of the wedding on the boat and yacht

Check out some beautiful, original photos from the ship's wedding:

Motor boat wedding: fun banquet

Romantic wedding photo session on the boat

The video below will ideally help you present a holiday on a ship / boat:

A wedding is the most important event before the birth of a child, taking place in the lives of young people, so it should go perfectly. The holiday on the ship will be an unforgettable event for everyone present, will leave pleasant memories and many beautiful memorable photos for a long time.