Where to spend your honeymoon


There are many wonderful places where the newlyweds can go after the wedding. Each travel agency offers couples several dozen options, so immediately deciding where to spend a honeymoon can be difficult. Consult with your loved one, determine what type of relaxation both of you like. You can go on a honeymoon to the beach of the Maldives, the ski resort of France or rent a cozy house in the country where no one will stop you from enjoying each other’s company.

Top 10 places - where is the best honeymoon

It is not easy for lovers to choose a place for a joint holiday in the first month of family life. Tastes of spouses can vary greatly, in which case a compromise will have to be found. Do not rush into a choice, you need to go to where you both have long wanted to go. Any place that you choose for your honeymoon will leave a unique impression. What do you like more: outdoor activities and a storm of emotions, contemplation of beautiful nature or hot sand on the ocean? Having decided which rhythm suits both of you, start choosing a place for your honeymoon..

Mahe Island

This incredibly beautiful island is located in the Seychelles archipelago (next to the East side of Africa). Mahe is a great place in the Indian Ocean, and the capital of the Seychelles, Victoria is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is buried in tropical plants, and around are groves of cinnamon trees. A huge number of restaurants, developed infrastructure, hotels offering the highest quality service, colonial style of buildings, luxurious beaches - all this will appeal to couples in love who love a comfortable stay.

Lovers who decided to celebrate their honeymoon on the island of Mahe, will feel all the delights of a beach holiday. The Indian Ocean will please with its warmth, soft golden sand under its feet - with its purity. On a small island, there are about 70 beaches, so everyone here will find an ideal place for themselves. The newlyweds are offered numerous yacht clubs, small picturesque bays, which are full of the whole Mahe. Outdoor enthusiasts can spend some time diving or windsurfing here..

The picturesque island of Mahe

Mauritius Islands

Mauritius is a small island nation whose main income comes from prosperous tourism. This is one of the most suitable places for a honeymoon. Even Mark Twain once compared Mauritius to «paradise model». This seems to be true, because the islands leave an unforgettable impression on the newlyweds, who were lucky enough to spend their holidays here. The state has many plantations where sugar cane is grown, therefore Mauritius is also called the sugar island. He will surely fall in love with couples who prefer a chic vacation.

Spend your honeymoon on amazing beaches with white sand and emerald water, in the lap of variegated tropical nature, sheltered by mountains. Hotels on the island deserve special praise, because the people of Mauritius are very hospitable and kind people. The newlyweds will not get bored, because besides the beaches there are many beautiful places worth visiting: a bird park, the extinct volcanoes of Gran Bassin and Tru-au-sir, a botanical garden and much more.

Newlyweds spend their honeymoon on the islands of Mauritius


In response to the question of where to spend a honeymoon, most Russian couples answer unambiguously - in the Bahamas. In this small island state in the West Indies are the most chic and romantic hotels in the world. Coral reefs, warm sandy beaches, beautiful exotic nature. You can not find the best option for a romantic getaway. In such a climate, the beauty of any girl blooms, especially if she is in love and happy with her husband.

Bahamas - perfect for a honeymoon


This is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. The Maldives is the pearl of the Indian Ocean, where the azure expanse and the endless expanses of snow-white sand delight the eye of vacationers. Numerous coral reef islands are combined into a large archipelago, some of them adapted for fashionable resorts, the other is left in its original form.

The virgin beauty of the nature of the Maldives is combined with high comfort, mainly luxury services are practiced here. The clean beaches of the island, huge luxurious bungalows, courteous hotel staff will delight the newlyweds. The Maldives is a paradise for couples in love, where there is no place for the hectic and dullness of smoky cities. Spend a honeymoon on the islands, and you will provide yourself with the most vivid memories for the whole subsequent family life.

Honeymoon in the Maldives


A magnificent miracle of nature - Hawaii. In this country, an atmosphere of all-consuming joy, carefree, fun and enveloping comfort reigns, thanks to which couples in love feel free and relaxed, like at home. Warm azure beaches, delicious cocktails, exotic cuisine, hot dances and rich sea nature - the island has everything to spend a perfect honeymoon.

Beautiful landscape in hawaii

Palm beach

This is a modern, fashionable resort of Florida (USA). Couples in love who cannot decide where to spend their honeymoon should pay attention to Palm Beach. A sophisticated, diverse vacation will be provided to you. The resort has everything: from VIP-class restaurants, excellent shopping, pristine beaches to trendy nightclubs, bars and other youth entertainment venues. Newlyweds can easily find an interesting activity here..

Holidays for lovers in Palm Beach


The first position in the top list of the most romantic places for a honeymoon is Paris. The city is considered the capital of lovers, so many newlyweds dream of visiting it. Montmartre, the Seine, the Louvre, the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, beautiful parks, squares, cozy cafes - these are all the beauties of Paris that you have to visit. If you decide to spend your honeymoon in France, do not miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful Versailles. He will fascinate you with his luxury and magnificence..

Spending a honeymoon in Paris


The wonderful island of Oceania - Tahiti will be able to fall in love with the newlyweds with delicious cuisine, interesting culture, beautiful beaches and a huge number of luxury hotels. Couples who have been fortunate enough to spend a vacation or honeymoon here tend to return here again. The island has an all-consuming atmosphere of fun and joy. The azure water of the ocean, picturesque bays, exotic dishes and drinks attract lovers from all over the world..

Honeymoon in Tahiti

Hong Kong

Active young people who prefer a vibrant nightlife should consider having a honeymoon in Hong Kong. The city is fraught with so much wonder and variety that seekers of vivid impressions will not be disappointed. From clubs and bars, to ancient Chinese villages and a host of attractions, Hong Kong has entertainment for every taste. Be sure to get acquainted with the unique culture of China, visit the most famous places, try national dishes. Do not miss the opportunity to look at «symphony of lights» Is an amazing sight.

Hong Kong - an option for fans of vivid impressions


Do you want to see the diversity and splendor of nature with your own eyes? Then you should go on a honeymoon to the islands of Fiji - the perfect place for romantic trips. Picturesque bays, caves, grottoes, stunning beaches will leave indelible, vivid impressions in your memory. Fiji is Oceania's most developed state in terms of tourism.

More than three hundred islands are amazing with their green hills, blue lagoons and pristine beaches. Loving couples who like scuba diving, water skiing and blackboard skiing or other active entertainment can spend unforgettable moments here. The large islands of Fiji are interesting for their animal and plant life. According to honeymooners, these islands are the best option for a honeymoon..

Fiji Islands for honeymoon

Where can I spend an inexpensive honeymoon in Russia??

It is believed that the best place to stay is in its climate zone. The body will not need to adjust to someone else’s time zone, temperature, atmospheric pressure. Therefore, in order to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, it is not necessary to leave your country. There are plenty of beautiful, picturesque places in Russia itself. The newlyweds can spend a romantic trip near the lakes in the north-west of the country, not on the shores of the Black or Azov Seas, or go on a tour of «The golden ring».

In a country house

For lovers of home comfort, the optimal solution is to spend the long-awaited honeymoon in the country, rent a beautiful house and stay in it for a couple of weeks. The newlyweds will enjoy the clean air, the beauty of the surrounding nature and feel that they alone exist in the whole world. If you wish, you can rent a modest house with no frills or relax in a chic mansion with a sauna, pool and tennis court. It all depends on the preferences and budget of the couple in love.

Country house for a honeymoon

On the Black Sea

Where to spend an inexpensive honeymoon? The answer is simple - on the Black Sea coast. The infrastructure of coastal cities guarantees a comfortable stay with a wide price range, including budget options. An economical beach holiday involves visiting a large number of attractions and interesting places. If you get married in the summer, then you should safely go to Sochi.

A spa holiday will give you the gentle sun, sea, the opportunity to improve your health with the help of mud, mineral springs. Extreme tourism is developed in Sochi, so thrill-seekers will be able to parachute, swim under the waterfall or ride off-road vehicles. Newlyweds are provided with a wide selection of hotels. Sochi in the summer is the most suitable option for a honeymoon.

Black Sea

On the Sea of ​​Azov

If you prefer a budget vacation, you can spend your honeymoon on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. Many travel companies offer newlyweds a break in the village of Golubitskaya, the heart of the rest on the Taman Peninsula. It is known for its warm sea, delicious local wines and healing mud. Many residents of megalopolises, tired of constant stress, city bustle and noise, dream of finding themselves closer to nature as soon as possible - go to a river, to a forest, to a lake or to the sea. In this case, a great option for a honeymoon will be a vacation in hotels in Azov.

The coast of the Sea of ​​Azov

In a sanatorium

Newlyweds living in a large noisy city like Moscow would probably want to spend their honeymoon in one of the country resorts. Fresh air, silence, peace, long walks in picturesque places, delicious food, pleasant spa treatments - this is just a small list of the advantages of such a vacation. What else is needed to restore strength after the festive fuss and noisy wedding? Enjoy nature in each other’s company on your honeymoon.

Spending a honeymoon in a sanatorium

When choosing a place to stay, do not hesitate to ask friends who were able to spend a chic honeymoon in pleasure. When ordering tickets or booking a hotel room, be sure to specify that you are newlyweds, then special offers from carriers and pleasant compliments from hotel owners will be waiting for you. But the most important thing is to enjoy the company of your loved one, because these days are the first, happiest and most significant in your family life.