Honeymoon to Paradise

... It is so different that even its inhabitants differ externally from each other. And yet, they are citizens of one state - Indonesia. Paradise holidays on 12,667 islands, more than 90% of which (this is probably hard to believe, but still true) are unpopulated! Different religions peacefully coexist on these numerous islands - Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism - so your honeymoon will also be a reason for a lot of pleasant and unexpected discoveries.

Going on a honeymoon trip in Indonesia in your own or rented car, it should be noted that the local traffic rules are not so simple. Indonesia. Please note that there is also no provision for separate road signs that would warn of a particular hazard. What better way to navigate here? Give preference to a taxi (mainly motor rickshaws) or public transport. And get ready that your solvency will be determined “by eye”, and not at any specific tariffs. If you do not use the services of travel agencies, and you will want to see as much as possible during your honeymoon, bargain with taxi drivers. For a very reasonable fee, they will kindly play the role of a guide for a young couple, and get ready, without exaggeration, for fabulous discoveries not available on ordinary sightseeing tours.

Indonesia for their honeymoon is chosen by couples who adore exotic and (without any exaggeration) paradise holidays. Well, tell me, in what other country can you find so much color, colors, aromas, so much endless variety? !

So, let's go through the rare beauty of the Eden places of Indonesia?

Your romantic journey can begin on the island of Bali. Get acquainted with its fantastic architecture, amazing original music and colorful dances. Rare animals and birds will delight the eye and delight the ears of nature lovers, because the rarest fauna is represented here in Bali Barat, a national park. Giant lizards, imposing rhinos, good-natured Malay bears and elephants ...

There are many other reserves here. Delight your ears with heavenly trills in a bird park, look in a butterfly park, get to know the serenity in an elephant park.

The next stop on the honeymoon will be the city of Denpasar (this is the capital of the island), similar to a botanical garden. There are also countless temples. Your attention will be worthy of Taman-Ayun, the "royal temple", the temple complex of Pura-Besaki and, of course, a sacred source called Pura Tirta-Empul.

The honeymoon can be continued on the famous and rich island of Java. Here, the imagination of the newlyweds will amaze Kraton - the Sultan's palace complex and Tamm-Sari - the "water castle", preserved here from the XVIII century.

Natural "highlights" will meet you on the islands of the archipelago. You should definitely add o.Lombok to the route of your honeymoon, where the Ottakokok and Sendang-Gila waterfalls are of incredible and fantastic beauty, as well as o.Flores, where the “tricolor” lake Keli-Matu is simply bewitching you with its colors.

Dazzling! Sumptuously! Great! You will not be able to restrain admiration at the sight of the magnificent magnificent palaces of Istan Maimur and Samosir.

Indonesia is famous for its variegated and distinctive ceremonies and holidays. Here, as in Russia, it is customary to celebrate them generously and with an incredible scope.

It is quite possible that you are lucky, and your honeymoon will fall on the Balinese New Year, which just happens in the spring. Or, say, on the "Silence Festival" on the island of Zumba - a magnificent theatrical performance, based on historical events.

Borobudur is the next stop on your honeymoon. It is here that the famous traditional festival Wesak is held. Its indispensable attribute is grand processions, incendiary dances and colorful national exhibitions. Those who want extreme sensations should take the direction to Madura Island, where (like in Spain) bulls run.

There is nothing easier than arranging a honeymoon trip to the very heart of paradise. Simply choose a direction - Indonesia. And just take a walk around the country. You can - with the help of a travel agency, or you can also as free travelers. Indeed, in the heart of paradise, the newlyweds are waiting for so many discoveries!