Honeymoon in Prague


Of course, not all newlyweds have the financial opportunity to go on a honeymoon to Hawaii or Paris, but do not get upset: there are options for a honeymoon that will cost much cheaper, and in terms of mood they will not be inferior to the notorious islands and the city of lovers. Today, the wedding portal articlewedding.com will tell you about one of these options – about traveling to Prague.

Why Prague?

When you wander the streets of Prague, you are really convinced that only this city could inspire Franz Kafka to write surreal stories… The city seems to come to life: Gothic architecture, smoky beer halls, massive huge cathedrals, a castle overlooking the Old City – everything breathes history, a different time, a completely different way of life…

Honeymoon trip to Prague

What you need to know before heading to Prague?

Residents of Prague communicate in Czech, the main currency – Krone, city transport – metro, trams, buses and taxis, flight time from Moscow – just under two hours.

Time to travel

So, what is the best time to plan a trip to the Czech capital? The most pleasant weather in Prague is from May to October, but at this time the city can be inundated with tourists. The atmosphere of Prague can be fully felt in the winter months, especially on the eve of Christmas. The weather is slightly frosty and sunny, and Prague streets and shop windows have been decorated with romantic colorful lights and garlands since November!

Wedding in Prague

What to do in Prague?

It is best to start with a tour of the Prague Castle, towering on a hill above the city. This is the place where the city was founded in the ninth century. Perhaps the most impressive building in the castle complex – This is St. Vitus Cathedral. Even a part of this building, dating from 1344, has survived. The sharp spiers of the cathedral and the mosaic of the Last Judgment are truly magnificent and unforgettable. Also in the castle complex do not forget to visit the Golden Lane – a chain of tiny houses and workshops in which, as it might seem, life is in full swing as it was in Prague in the 17th century.

Watch and listen to the clock! In one of the districts of the Old Town, where the majestic buildings and narrow streets seem like sets for films, there is a square on which stands the Church of Our Lady and the Old Town Hall. Go to the Old Town Hall and see how the chimes, which are at least 600 years old, will be struck

Watch the opera! Even if you are not a fan of classical opera singing, the Prague National Theater is worth a visit even to just admire the hall.

Enjoy the beer! Brewing tradition – This is the true pride of the Czech Republic, so you can fully experience the taste of Prague by tasting several beers, for example, Budvar, Pilsner Urquell and Velvet.

Honeymoon in Prague

Wander along the narrow streets of Prague, take a walk along the city canals, allow yourself to buy souvenirs and toiletries in memory of the city (by the way, soap making – this is the industry that the Czech Republic is also famous for).

Prague – a magnificent city, however, romance will be best able to feel its atmosphere… Therefore Prague – an ideal place for a honeymoon if you want to be alone with each other and, of course, with the city.