Honeymoon in June


The list of countries for a romantic honeymoon that the couple is planning to arrange in June is very extensive. At this time, water has already been warmed up in European beach resorts. If you are fans of a more active honeymoon, the list of countries includes sightseeing tours in Europe, where there is no access to the sea. The number of places for holding a honeymoon in June is unlimited, the newlyweds can consider anywhere in the world.

Features of rest in June

To correctly determine where in June to spend a honeymoon, you need to familiarize yourself with some facts, so that later you do not have to regret the spoiled vacation. There are places that are not worth visiting in the summer. A trip to the United Arab Emirates is better to postpone for the period from November to April. From June to September there is hellish heat, and newlyweds are unlikely to want to fry on the beach and boil in the sea on their honeymoon. You just have to sit under the air conditioning in the room and enjoy the nature outside the window.

Islands Summer Honeymoon

Jordan is also better to visit in the fall, as the scorching summer sun will not allow you to fully enjoy your honeymoon. Even camels do not want to leave the oasis, so what can we say about people? High temperature is shown by a thermometer for the period from June to August Egypt. And for this season, travel companies make prices very low to attract vacationers. But do not be tempted, wanting to save, because from a honeymoon you will receive only a sunstroke and not a drop of pleasure.

Where to go on a honeymoon

The honeymoon is the beginning of the marriage of the bride and groom. Memories of this period will forever remain in the memory, and the stronger the feelings, the more you want to spend a vacation in a paradise. Summer opens up a ton of travel opportunities. We have collected for you the most successful places, ideal for spending your honeymoon in June.


Paris is famous for its huge number of recognizable architectural monuments. The Eiffel Tower, Parisian boulevards, sheltered by the shade of trees, wicker chairs on the terraces of street cafes, romantic bridges lit by forged lamps in the evenings - the perfect place for a honeymoon. We recommend you to go to the south coast of the Seine, on the Place de la Concorde you will have a magnificent panorama of all the sights.

Be sure to take a honeymoon through the territory of the House of Disabled People, which is the historical residence of war veterans of the 17th century: there is a military museum, the tomb of Napoleon. To see the works of Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, Sisley, Renoir, Soutine, go to the Museum of Orangerie and Orsay. You can admire the magnificent rose garden and sculptures in the Rodin Museum. Walking west along the Seine, you will find yourself near the Eiffel Tower, because it is unlikely that the honeymoon will succeed if you do not look at the famous Parisian woman.

During the Paris honeymoon, take the water bus to the botanical garden, which includes a menagerie, a school of botany, an alpine and winter garden, and a greenhouse. If you want to plunge into the academic life of Paris, take a walk in the Latin Quarter, which is headed by the Sorbonne University. Take a look at the Museum of the Middle Ages, the library, on the colorful Muffetar Street, where you will find a carnival of cheap eateries, student bars, inexpensive clothes, stalls.

Go to the mystical district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where collectors of antiques, literature lovers, and beautiful fashionistas gather. Legendary writers such as Hemingway, Joyce, Fitzgerald, Camus, Sartre came here to drink and debate. In the evening, take a bottle of wine with you and go along the lit streets, bridges. This is a unique opportunity to feel like a hero of a French love movie on your honeymoon.

Parisian newlyweds vacation


Prague has other names - Sulfur Rome, the City of the Hundred Towers with its bridges, palaces, the spirit of the Middle Ages, which permeates every street. In June, for your honeymoon spent here, you will discover many unexpected finds. Not far from the Charles Bridge is the cafe Bella Vida, which offers a magnificent view of the Vltava. The interior decoration of a cafe like an apartment with bookcases, different rooms will make you feel like visiting a friendly host.

Embark on a honeymoon on the island of Kampa, most of which is occupied by the park. His other attraction is a museum of modern art, a brood of yellow penguins. Another place in Prague that you should see on your honeymoon is the wall of John Lennon, which appeared after the death of the musician. Be sure to visit the secret garden of Valdstejnska Zahrada, where peacocks walk, magnolias blossom, fish splash in the pond.

Take a boat ride along the Vltava, enjoy the beauty of the old city during your honeymoon. In the walls of one of the cathedrals, listen to organ music. Do not forget to enjoy unforgettable Prague street food during your walks, because it is a special, eloquent language that tells a lot about the city. Prague was created for the honeymoon when you want to make a lot of discoveries. Do not be afraid to get lost, to find something new.

Prague Honeymoon Tale


The June honeymoon spent in Italy will make you fall in love with this country irrevocably. World famous attractions, rich culture will give you unforgettable emotions. Milan fashion center is the best European shopping, Pisa is known for a tower that will never fall, romantic Venice is an ideal place for a gondola ride, Verona has the most beautiful love story, Naples is located at the foot of Vesuvius, Florence is saturated with history.

Italy is famous for the thermal resorts of Lazio, Campania, Tuscany, Avenego, ski resorts in the Dolomites. On the peninsula are the best recreation areas of Rimini, Amalfi coast, Milano Marittima. An excellent beach holiday for a honeymoon with a cultural program has Sicily, Ischia, Capri. Landscapes of Italy include fields, forests, high mountains, lakes, cactus valleys, olive groves, orange orchards. Be sure to arrange a small picnic near the garden trees, taste the wonderful Italian pasta and fortified wine..

The Italian honeymoon is a fabulous, vibrant, sunny pastime. You will not even get bored at the museum if you choose to visit the museum of tomatoes, Parma ham, olives or pasta. You will certainly relax your body, soul, get acquainted with the best sights, sin in gluttony for honeymoon!

Italian honeymoon

Mediterranean Cruise

One cruise in the Mediterranean Sea allows you to see several countries at once on your honeymoon. Such a route can last from five to ten days. This is a full-fledged trip that you will spend together in June in decent, comfortable conditions. You can choose routes in France, Italy, Spain or Turkey and Greece, Italy, Croatia. Liners discussing such areas have all the pleasures on board: large pools, sports, playgrounds, spa centers, restaurants, cinemas, night clubs, fashion boutiques. You won't have to miss your honeymoon!

Mediterranean Honeymoon Cruise

Great Britain or Scotland

Great Britain is isolated from the world by a veil of mystical fog, muddy waters of the English Channel, vibes of ironic alienation of local residents. On such a small territory fit thousands of fairy tales, ancient legends, breathtaking landscapes. Each Kingdom is distinguished by its culture, nature. London made England the most populous country in Great Britain. You will not meet as many tourists anywhere on the honeymoon as walking along Oxford Street..

The rich old traditions are mixed with modern culture and customs of other countries: you can taste a cup of Italian coffee for a honeymoon, go shopping at the American shopping center, and see members of the government who ride a bicycle to work. The south coast of England has resort places, for example, the Louvre, Brighton, Hastings. Student cities are located north of London: Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield, Manchester.

It is worth going on a honeymoon in June and traveling around Scotland to walk around gloomy Glasgow and Edinburgh, to climb the highest part of Great Britain called the North Scottish Highlands. Here you will find magnificent lakes Lochness, Loch Lomond, Loch Lochy. Great Britain will allow you to see everything you read in your honeymoon «Alice in Wonderland», «Sherlock Holmes», «Canterville ghost».

Great Britain and Scotland on a honeymoon

Holidays in the Maldives

Maldives is a small exotic piece of paradise, especially for a honeymoon couple. Warm waters, clean lagoons, white sand, palm trees, colorful corals. The transparent water that washes the coast allows you to observe the life of marine fauna and flora to a depth of 5 meters. It is an ideal place for diving. Maldives are popular for their honeymoon thanks to the friendly locals, perfect weather, a huge number of holiday events.

These islands are the place for an idyllic honeymoon. When you find yourself here in June, forget about time, get all thoughts out of your head. As the islanders say, there is no news and shoes in the Maldives. Enjoy magnificent sunsets, gourmet cuisine. You can go traveling on a non-tourist island to observe the locals, go in for sports.

The standard Maldives honeymoon set includes a secluded bungalow with its own beach, fringed by palm trees, a romantic dinner by candlelight and starlight, romance. You can resort to exclusive services, such as private bookings in luxury hotels, excursions by seaplane.

Paradise Holidays in the Maldives

What to do on a honeymoon for newlyweds

If you love outdoor activities, then the most interesting activities for June during the honeymoon can be snowboarding and skiing, diving, horseback riding. Extreme situations make people closer to each other, give a positive impression. A honeymoon in the mountains can be very interesting - the newlyweds will have to go along the paths, swim in the clear mountain rivers, spend the night in a tent. We recommend diving, because the beauty of the underwater world and its inhabitants gives an unforgettable experience.

What a honeymoon is good in June

June is one of the most suitable months for a great honeymoon. This is explained by the good weather conditions of most countries: it is not too hot, but comfortable for swimming and walking. In addition, June opens a wide choice for the honeymoon: sightseeing trips where you can get acquainted with the traditions and culture of most countries, as well as beach island holidays or European resorts.