Honeymoon in Venice - a paradise for romantics

One of the most romantic The cities in the world, Venice, is the perfect place for a honeymoon if you like ancient cities and quaint little cafes. Venice consists of 117 islands of northern Italy, and the most romantic way to travel around Venice is to hit the road through many narrow and wide canals. on a gondola, enjoy the peace and charm of this amazing city, away from the hustle and bustle and traffic jams.

Honeymoon in Venice

However, the articlewedding.com wedding portal encourages you to think carefully. budget Your honeymoon: unfortunately, flight to Venice and living in this city can be expensive. By the way, flights to Venice may not take place all year.

As for sights, then besides the Grand Canal Venice is famous St. Mark, or Piazza San Marco, surrounded by majestic churches and historic buildings built in different eras. And the elegant cafes and designer shops located nearby will not leave indifferent any tourist!

The bell tower on St. Mark's Square - the tallest building in Venice - offers you to enjoy amazing magnificent views of the city, and on clear sunny days you can see a magnificent landscape: in the distance, outside the city, you can see the snow-capped glittering mountain peaks. It is hard to believe that the bell tower was built in the ninth century! Tournaments took place on the square itself, traditionally even a bull hunt was organized!

Honeymoon trip to Venice

But Venice may not appeal to fans of noisy nightclubs by the club: there are a minimal number of them in the city. But he offers you a more elegant and wise choice for romantic evenings: in the city there are many excellent restaurants (by the way, they offer tables in the open air, which is especially to the taste of many romantics on a clear starry night) with a beautiful view of the city canals and cafes, where you will hear high-quality live music all night. If you want to try a truly Venetian lifestyle, you can easily find restaurants of national cuisine and historical cafes (for example, a cafe «Florian» traces its history back to 1720! ).

May, June and September - the best months of the year, to go to Venice. In July and August, the weather is wonderful, but at this time the city is simply awash with tourists. However, if you are planning a winter wedding and do not want to postpone your honeymoon, do not give up your intention: in winter, the Venetian canals and streets look magically beautiful and peaceful.

Traveling in Venice

It is simply impossible to convey the atmosphere of Venice with words and even photographs and describe its beauty, but if you are in doubt whether this city is suitable for your honeymoon, watch a movie recently released «Tourist», the actions of which take place precisely in Venice - and you will have no doubt!