Memphis Honeymoon, or Paradise Time for Music Lovers

Memphis today is a kind of Mecca for fans of rock and blues. While the history of the city is immortalized in museums and lurks in many attractions, Memphis itself lives on the culture and music of today. Therefore, spending a honeymoon in this city is a great idea for newlyweds who are fond of music. The wedding portal today will tell you what you should know before heading to Memphis. If you plan to make a trip to Memphis in the near future, remember that in the summer the city can be very hot and humid, and the music will continuously fill the air ...


Memphis is known as the birthplace of blues, where the voices of the Mississippi Delta and the cotton fields seem to blow you decades ago to sing a song about love, life and hardship. The city is very attractive in the evening and at night: it seems that the blues lives everywhere: on the streets, in old houses and clubs. However, there are musicians of all directions in the city. For example, in the Hi-Tone Cafe you can hear music of all directions and styles, from reggae to country. And numerous shops will give you the opportunity to choose music CDs and souvenirs.

Having been in Memphis, it is impossible not to visit Graceland. Remember the story of a poor guy with an incredible voice and a bewitching style of performance, which attracted millions of fans around the world? Of course, we are talking about Elvis Presley! When he did not travel or perform, he always returned to Graceland, an estate he had bought for his family and friends. This place is open to visitors all year round.!


The famous Peabody luxury hotel is located in the heart of the city. He first received guests in 1925. This hotel gained fame thanks to five ducks that march daily to the large lobby along the red carpet as a sign of southern hospitality, which extends even to waterfowl.

Also worth visiting are the Civil Rights Museum and the Mississippi River Museum. By the way, the honeymoon must be romantic, so you can safely walk along the river on the boat.

The Rock 'n' Soul Museum will not only tell you the musical history of the city, but also let you listen to the most famous recordings and songs.

The largest event in Memphis is the Memphis in May festival, which consists of several parts, including a music festival, a symphony festival and a barbecue festival.

If you get tired of music and want something more fun and laid back - visit the city zoo, admire 3,5 thousand animals of 500 species.

As you see, in Memphis - probably the most musical city in the world - there is every opportunity to have a good honeymoon and enjoy not only each other's company, but also a musical hobby! By the way, the cheapest trip to Memphis will cost you in July!