Honeymoon: Extreme Adventure


Honeymoon – it is a period in life intended exclusively for two. And it is only for newlyweds to decide how they will spend this time. A honeymoon trip will allow you to start a family life with an unforgettable vacation.

Today, most newlyweds are replacing beach vacations with outdoor activities. Young people prefer extreme adventures. Newlyweds want to experience something interesting and new while traveling. Therefore, mountain tours, camping, camping, diving, surfing are not uncommon today..

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Diving is an active and exciting form of recreation. He will give you a lot of new experiences. The underwater world is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Massive diving as a form of entertainment appeared in 1943 and since then thousands of people have excursion under water. Immersed in the water world, you can experience a sense of pleasure, while staying away from the daily bustle.



Surfing is also a popular activity. It originated in the Hawaiian Islands, and at the beginning of the 20th century came to the United States and Australia. And therefore, this sport currently has a large number of followers. Surfing exists for those people who want to feel the art of overcoming the sea elements and experience adrenaline.


Yacht fishing

Fishing – Another exciting adventure. It is not at all necessary to be avid fishermen so that fishing becomes a gambling and romantic pastime for you. You will watch the dolphins sailing past you, the coast slowly moving away from you. This type of vacation will allow you to enjoy not from the fishing itself, but from the unforgettable atmosphere of being on the ship.

Honeymoon on a yacht

Equestrian tourism

Horse riding – This is one of the types of active pastime. You can ride an equestrian tour at any time of the year, enjoying communication with horses and the trip itself. You do not need special rider skills to do this, as experienced instructors will accompany you. You can engage in this sport at any age. There are no specific contraindications for horse riding..

Horse ride

Downhill skiing and snowboarding

If the honeymoon falls in the winter season, then you can choose skiing and snowboarding as a holiday. There are entire schools where professional instructors will help you learn these sports..

Many newlyweds choose outdoor activities during their honeymoon. Active holiday – it is a way of life. Being engaged in active sports, you will strengthen your health and will always be in good shape. Choose one of the options for outdoor activities during your honeymoon, presented on our wedding portal articlewedding.com, and you will certainly enjoy communicating with nature, get away from everyday worries and city stresses.