Honeymoon Honeymoon

When planning a wedding, many couples begin to wonder where to go on their honeymoon. After all, the honeymoon is the most amazing time, after the wedding day, when there are only you two and a lot of pleasure.

To help you find a place, where to go on a honeymoon we picked up some interesting options, and we hope one of them will become the embodiment of your desires.

Australian tropics. The Australian town of Cairns will delight you with its unsurpassedly beautiful rainforests and views of the mighty Great Barrier Reef. A truly paradise with huge butterflies, exotic flora and fauna, Australian Aborigines and their world-famous sand painting.

We advise you to visit: Lake Barin, Eaham, which are picturesquely located in the crater of the volcano; paradise on one of the islands of the Barrier Reef.

New York Apartments. New York Penthouse - Tribeca Rooftop gives you stunning views of New York night, skyscrapers, a river, areas.

We recommend visiting: the world-famous Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Opera, as well as one of the theaters on Broadway, the legendary Tribeca Grill restaurant owned by Robert De Niro, Fifth Avenue.

Santorini. The majestic Greek volcano Santorini is one of the largest active sea volcanoes in the world, surrounded by many colorful beaches (with red, black, white sand).

We recommend visiting: famous local wineries, restaurants, museums.

Cote d'azur. Fiji will delight you with Turtle Island. Paradise, surrounded by the ocean, which has 14 bungalows equipped with thatched roofs and open verandas, a beautiful tropical garden, and, of course, the shore of the Blue Lagoon - the abode of many corals, fish, octopuses, and giant turtles, thanks to which the island became famous . An ideal place for a honey place, each bungalow here has its own beach, no one bothers you to enjoy each other and the surrounding beauty. If you want entertainment you can always try pair windsurfing..

We advise you to visit: a village with natives on a neighboring island.

Gambling Las Vegas. If you are lovers of frolic, excitement and just lucky, then go to Las Vegas. He will delight you with his bright colors, alluring adrenaline, casino.

We recommend visiting: Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Colorado River, and the Grand Canyon.

Desert. It would seem that not the best place for a honeymoon. But not the desert, in the redistribution of which lies a chic one of the best hotels in the world of Al-Maha, with a SPA resort and an oasis corner.

We advise you to visit: the desert with its boundless sky strewn with bright stars.

Medieval castle. Scotland is famous for its legends of highlanders, incredible landscapes, and the Skibo castle built during the 12th century. In the XIX century, the castle was renovated and equipped with boudoirs, bars, a magnificent library, two hundred gorgeous bedrooms ... Here you can fully enjoy a good rest, ride horses, shoot archery, play golf, etc..

We advise you to visit: moorlands, a dense centuries-old forest with wild animals.

Of course, in the world there are still plenty of exotic paradise corners where you can go on a honeymoon. A honeymoon often requires not small expenses, but if you approach the process of choosing a place with common sense, you can even have a particularly small budget to spend a great honeymoon in a neighboring suitable country.