How to celebrate wedding night in Russia

The finish of each wedding celebration is the first wedding night. It would seem that everything is extremely clear, and what traditions can be discussed? ! But, nevertheless, everything related to the wedding from its very beginning to the end, including the wedding night, is shrouded and saturated with wedding traditions and beliefs. Let's look at the pages of history, in the tradition section of the wedding night.

In those distant times, perhaps, just as premarital relations were practiced now (meetings, life together). Until the twentieth century, in some villages, the so-called "trial marriage" (the current civil marriage) was actively practiced, when the bride and groom began a life together. The wedding, however, and the wedding, managed only after the couple had their first child. The clergy and the church tried to eradicate such immoral traditions, but, nevertheless, without much success. Because some priests from deaf villages themselves practiced such a relationship.

The tradition of “trial marriage” was born very simply and quite justified, because the purpose of marriage is the birth of offspring. Therefore, the groom was tested for legal capacity.

In those distant times met quite amusing traditions of the wedding night. Once it was accepted at a wedding, for every peasant to "cuddle" the bride, so much so that it looked like an imitation of sexual intercourse, so that the bride knew what to prepare for. Also, at the wedding, the bride could be stripped to the lower shirt, according to tradition, this was done by the father, older brother or witness. At the end of the wedding and the beginning of the wedding night, the young were locked in a separate room. Relatives who were in the house that night were constantly outside the doors, eavesdropping and peeping through the cracks, checking to see if the young had fallen asleep there? ! If it was quiet behind the doors, the relatives made noise in every way: they drove through the doors, shouted sex-related ditties under the windows.

Of course, such traditions of the wedding night could flare up an inexperienced spouse. The next morning, the newlyweds were to provide evidence that the husband did the job and deprived of his narrowed innocence. If the missus failed, he was given two more attempts. Those who were completely “disgraced” found a suitable experienced replacement - an older relative, a godfather, sometimes a wedding musician or the most experienced guest in this matter.

In some regions, the first in the tradition of the first wedding night included holding this very night, not one-on-one, but with one of the elder brothers of the groom. If the youngest could not cope with the bride, then the older one got down to business.

As you know, everything new is long forgotten old, and such wedding "piquant" traditions were held long before today's "disgrace", known as porn and gangbang. According to the ancestors, there was nothing in this that would be considered shameful, let alone indecent.

No matter how the foundations and doctrines of Christianity tried to instill the purity and holiness of the marriage bed, the inhabitants of Russia remained by their nature pagans with their views and traditions.

In the world there are also many traditions of the wedding night, in each country and culture they are different. In some countries, abstinence is practiced on the wedding night. On some continents, nightly battles of newlyweds are practiced, young people literally tan one another until they are convinced that in the near future they do not have any malice that can manifest in married life.

Be that as it may, in all cultures and nations the wedding ceremony is to some extent more confessional, from the moment the sinless family life begins.