First fabulous wedding night


The wedding night. As a rule, it begins with a wedding feast, dancing, and ends with a sweet, carefree dream. But there is something else between the feast and sleep ... That which belongs by right only to the newlyweds - the wedding night. But in order for it to become truly fabulous, it is necessary to create an appropriate atmosphere and atmosphere.

English care

The wedding tradition of bringing a young wife to a new home takes its roots from ancient Greece. What did it do "quietly" when the groom was tired of songs and dances, the endless exclamations of "Gorky". If the groom did not manage to quietly slip away with the bride, friends fell on their tail and one could forget about a quiet wedding night.

Both in Greece and in many other countries, cultures, traditions, "mocking" the young is ineradicable. The only thing today they have moved to a more loyal form: wedding contests, songs, rallies in the form of the theft of the bride, her shoes, etc. But in XVII, it was friends who, according to tradition, delivered the young to their marriage bed (the bridesmaids prepared the bride, undressed her, combed her hair, the best man and friends of the groom "instructed" the groom). This, in fact, was the whole problem, friends in every way prevented the newlyweds from remaining tête-à-tête: they confused the bride's hair, tied her sleeves, chopped off clothes with pins, etc..

Thus, the young people spent half a night on “war games” with friends. But even when they were able to retire in the bedroom, friends in every possible way continued their actions, singing ditties at the door.

That is why the tradition arose of leaving the wedding without saying goodbye.


As in those distant times, now not many young people are able to afford separate housing. So many newlyweds have to spend their first wedding night under parental cover. As a rule, a young spouse takes his wife to his parents, where in their apartments the room stands out for the young, or even just a corner separated by a canopy.

No matter how sad it sounded in our days, such a phenomenon was also observed in the times of kings. For example, this fate with a canopy befell Charles VII and Anna Breton, whose wedding night took place in the presence of six noble citizens of the city of Ren.

But not all kings resigned themselves to such a yoke, so St. Louis and his wife spent the whole wedding night under the icons in prayer.

According to many modern psychologists, it is the first marriage night that determines the longest married life, therefore, it is necessary to solve all sharp questions with relatives in advance.

The night before the start

Increasingly, there are cases when the newlyweds postpone their honeymoon, or tomorrow they have a working day, or no less intense the second day of the wedding.

There’s no time for nightly gatherings. Ideally, you can book a room in a good hotel or hotel. Where there is always a special offer for the bride and groom and their first wedding night, which should be just fabulous and not forgotten.

The service of each respectful hotel has a special offer, which includes a meeting of young people, fruit and champagne for the arrival, breakfast, and, of course, everything you need for the upcoming sweet night.

And then you have to choose either to hang a sign on the door not to disturb, or ask the administrator to wake you up at 8 in the morning in order to keep up with work.

Honeymoon sweetness

Very often, young people combine the first wedding night with the beginning of the honeymoon and honeymoon. Going straight from the banquet hall to a luxurious liner, plane, train, you can not only relax from a busy wedding day, noisy guests, but also bring newness, notes of the start of the vacation, and the extreme conditions of the wedding night to the relationship. Wherever you are, in a train, plane, boat, you can beat all this profitably and turn the trip into a flirt, extreme or resort romance.

To create the necessary festive atmosphere will help the same balls, garlands. Of course, the issue is more complicated with an airplane, but often large well-known airlines, having found out that the newlyweds are on board, will definitely prepare a surprise.

Far from the city

If young people don’t have a lot of money, and they want to make their wedding night fabulous and unforgettable, then one of the suburban resorts with lakes, plantings, kindergartens, ponds, fountains, etc. located nearby will do. Silence, birdsong, and the gentle morning sun, which can be more beautiful than a trip with your loved one on a boat on the lake or in a chic garden.