Iceland - Exclusive Wedding Tour

In Iceland, the season falls on July and August, so it is better to plan your wedding tour at this time, when the wind season has not yet arrived and tourist hotels and a museum are open (many of these institutions are closed in winter). Among individual tours in general, and wedding tours in particular, Iceland is a special direction. This is a country for those who are actually moving away from stereotypes and looking for a truly fabulous and at the same time modern holiday..

So, a wedding tour to the volcanic island, which, in fact, is Iceland, located in the North Atlantic, will bring you many exotic and pleasant minutes. Such an unusual name - Ice country gave the island of Flouki Wilheldarsson, Norwegian Wiggans, back in 865. The state capital of Iceland - Reykjavik is translated very simply. Smoky Bay.

Here, without an account, you will find geysers and thermal springs. The main occupation of the Icelanders is fishing, which is why this camp among the few in the world can boast of its favorable, unspoiled environment. So the wedding tour in Iceland is especially ideal for those who are soon going to become mom and dad.

Fresh air, open-air picnics, exploration of glaciers, contemplation of the fjords and you will be invited to a jeep tour (a kind of safari) only along the desert sands you will plow lava-covered fields. An amazing and exciting sight is whale watching. And keep in mind that if you didn’t manage to see these touching whoppers on the first tour, the second chance will certainly be provided for free. An equally fascinating sight is the observation of the symbol of Iceland - the birds of the puffins. And of course, a vacation in Iceland can not be considered complete without gorgeous fishing!

Contemplation of the beauties during the wedding tour can be combined with active relaxation in numerous national parks of the country. The convergence of the Eurasian and American tectonic plates you will see in the Tingvellir park. Thrill lovers will be provided with a truly unique opportunity to plunge into the waters - diving between the crevice of plates or in one of the amazing lakes - a spectacle that captivates with its fullness, beauty and originality..

Or maybe our newlyweds will want to relax in the geothermal resort with the fabulous name "Blue Lagoon"? An exclusive wedding tour will provide them with this opportunity. For those who crave freedom of movement, fly is offered&drive - combined tours. However, those who are not indifferent to history will find themselves an occupation here. Entertainment "Pompeii of the North" will invite tourists to take part in the excavation of the city, which was buried in 1973 under volcanic ash.

There are also chic historical sights that will decorate your wedding tour. Say, in Reykjavik you will be taken around the house where Gorbachev and Reagan met. Want to get acquainted with mythology closer, drop by the city of Stokseyri. It is here that the "Center for Icelandic Miracles" is located, dedicated, as expected, to all the cute fairy-tale characters - elves, trolls, as well as the chic and majestic northern lights.

A weekly wedding tour to Iceland with a flight will cost the newlyweds about 1800 euros. There is a unique opportunity to combine a stay in Iceland with a visit to even more exotic islands such as Greenland and Svalbard. Or, at your discretion, opt for the Scandinavian countries.

Yes, and lastly, keep in mind that it is preferable to travel around the Iceland wedding tour by car. It can be easily rented here. But there is no railway connection in the country. And public transport is quite an expensive pleasure.

In any case, no matter what exotic you choose to conduct your exclusive, exclusive wedding tour, listen to your desires. And make the appropriate calculations in advance. Have a nice trip!