Original wedding invitations with your own hands


Preparing for the wedding is a serious, but enjoyable occupation. First of all, it begins by compiling a list of guests and sending invitations. Many couples are wondering: how to originally invite to a wedding? After all, postcards sold in stores look corny and it is difficult to choose them for the style of the wedding. And the original invitations will be interesting and will be remembered by your guests for a long time. Do it yourself is easy, and guests will appreciate it, understanding the importance of this event for you.

DIY wedding invitation

Options for Fancy Wedding Invitations

There are many options for original wedding invitations that you can make yourself. To create them, you will need only a little time, a great desire to pleasantly surprise your guests and creativity. The main thing is that the invitations are unusual, corresponding to the colors or themes of your wedding. Then it will be easier for guests to prepare for this celebration..

Electronic postcard over the Internet

There are situations when giving a wedding invitation personally is not possible, because your guests live in another city or even a country, but you really want them to share this holiday with you. What can you think of in such a situation? You can send an invitation by mail, but it will be more original if you yourself make a wedding card in electronic form and send it by e-mail.

Electronic Wedding Invitation

Most modern people keep up with the times, confidently using the popular and simple program Photoshop. With its help and in the presence of simple skills, you can create an individual, beautiful and original postcard template. Be sure to add romantic frames with the bride and groom, as well as photos related to the theme of the wedding, to this template. Any guest will be pleased to receive such a card, and he will definitely visit your wedding.

Original invitation with photos

How nice it will be for your loved ones to receive not the usual wedding invitation, but a real masterpiece, made with love and personally. Today, invitations with photos of lovers have become popular. Place them in chronological order or with step-by-step frames, so it will be doubly interesting. They are performed in the form of:

  • A small photo album;
  • Invitation card with photos;
  • E-cards with slide shows;
  • Chocolate bars depicting young people;
  • Invitation Posters;
  • Cash wedding invitation.

Invitation card with photo newlyweds.

To create invitations with photos, choose the most romantic, successful and original joint photos or conduct a special photo session. The invitation photo made on the background of the wedding date, which is lined with flowers or written in sea sand, will look great. Create different invitations with photos:

  • it is better for relatives to make an invitation-photo album;
  • to close friends - invitations with comic photos of the bride and groom, for example, a photo of a stubborn bridegroom at the registry office entrance;
  • to the other guests - invitation cards with photos of the bride and groom holding a sign «We invite».

Invitation example

Invitation scroll

Today, at the peak of popularity, there is a wedding invitation - a scroll. It looks original, unusual and elegant, perfect for a wedding in a pirate style, a fabulous or even ancient Egypt. Invitations of A4 format, twisted by a scroll and drawn by a ribbon or lace, are also popular. In the latter case, it is advisable to maintain the color scheme in which your celebration will be framed.

Romantic Scroll Invitation

In order to create old scrolls, you must first «grow old» paper. This is done very simply - a sheet of A4 thick paper needs to be soaked for 5 minutes in strong black coffee, and then the sheet should be thoroughly dried. Edges of the resulting «papyrus» need to burn a match. Having done such a simple job, you yourself will create the basis for the invitation of the scroll «antique». It remains only to write the names of the guests, the date and address of the celebration. Then, roll up the papyrus scroll and fasten it with coarse twine, if desired, with a wax seal.

DIY vintage scroll invitation

Plain invitation with original text

Often, newlyweds give preference to ordinary invitations, but give them «zest» in the form of the original text. It involves a limitless flight of imagination of the young, and is also able to emphasize their individuality or to focus on the theme of the wedding. For example, the texts can be humorous or in poetic form, in the gangster style or in the medieval, sincere or strictly official. If you are planning a stylistic wedding, then in the text of the invitations it is advisable to use words, as well as speech turnovers from the necessary sphere of life or era.

Examples of original text for wedding invitations

DIY Video Wedding Invitation

Recently, video invitations have gained maximum popularity, although they appeared relatively recently. It’s easy for you to shoot a video wedding invitation. It can be either in the form of a Love story, or in the form of a wedding trailer or even a movie. What is the secret to the success of such an unusual way to invite to a celebration? The fact that video invitations have a lot of advantages:

  1. Video has the ability to accurately convey emotions and feelings that you want to share with loved ones. In this case, you can disperse with might and main!
  2. You can send a video invitation to absolutely all your guests, even those who live far from you. In this way, you will create a sense of personal presence - guests, even being far from you, will be able to see the sparkle of your eyes, as well as the happiness sparkling in them.
  3. You will not depend on the printing facilities..
  4. You do not have to urgently reprint or finish copies of invitations if there are more guests.
  5. You can easily realize your fantasies and talents in a video that you introduce to future guests.

Frame from a video wedding invitation

All you need for this is an operator (for example, a close friend), a camera or a phone with a camera, as well as your imagination. The captured frames are easily mounted in an interesting video using Photoshop and Movie Maker. Add the appropriate music to the finished video. Do not forget to include in your video invitation the exact date, time and place of the wedding. See a good example of what a video invitation might look like:

How to make DIY scrapbooking invitation

Scrapbooking is a type of needlework, which consists in the creation and design of various photo albums, guest cards, cards, invitations. This technique consists in the application of various materials, it is perfect for wedding cards. Make them easy, use a step-by-step master class on making DIY scrapbooking invitations.

DIY scrapbooking invitation

Source materials:

  • Thick cardboard sheets;
  • A4 sheets of paper;
  • Laces and satin ribbons to match;
  • Ordinary and curly scissors;
  • Hole puncher;
  • Bamboo stick;
  • Ruler;
  • Lighter;
  • Glue gun or any other universal transparent glue;
  • Printout with invitation text.


To create beautiful DIY invitations, do a few simple steps:

  1. Print or write your invitation text. To do this, use a graphics editor or a stencil, or decorate the text with a print of graphic brushes. From the resulting sheet with text, cut the card of the required size using curly scissors.
  2. Make a hole in the middle of the top of the prepared card with a hole punch.
  3. Next, you need to arrange beautiful envelopes for prepared wedding invitations. Measure the size of the card with text, leave free space for its placement in an envelope up to 5 mm. The resulting dimensions must be measured on cardboard twice. Also, when folding the envelope, you will need fasteners, so add half a centimeter to the left and bottom.
  4. Mark with a ruler future lines of folds on the wrong side of the envelope and with moderate effort draw a bamboo stick over them.
  5. Make a beautiful cutout on the front of the envelope. For example, cut a regular triangle.
  6. Bend parts along prepared bend lines.
  7. Take the matching color lace and place them nicely on the blank of the envelope. It is desirable that the lace on the invitation was the same or as close to the color as on your dress. Then glue the envelope.
  8. In the finished envelope, attach the prepared card with the text. Fasten the card and envelope with a narrow transparent tape. To do this, pass it through the holes of the card and envelope. Tie a ribbon with a bow or decorative knot.
  9. From a wide satin ribbon, form and tie the bows as shown in the photo. Be sure to melt the ends of the ribbons over the candle flame so that they do not open.
  10. Attach the finished bows to the envelope with glue. DIY wedding invitation scrapbooking ready!

Photo of the original DIY wedding invitations

DIY wedding invitation