Icons for witnesses to the wedding with their hands


If you think that the red ribbons are old-fashioned and it’s time to put them in the background, we suggest you make badges for witnesses at the wedding yourself. It is a practical and convenient accessory. Before you start creativity, you need to familiarize yourself with a couple of rules:

  • badges are selected to match the outfits or in contrast;
  • the accessory for the witness should be made in one color and style with her other half at the celebration.

Wizard badge making workshop

Wedding badges are a very interesting and bright detail. So that guests would love to wear it and want to keep it in their memory, it is worthwhile to responsibly approach its manufacture. After all, this is not just a distinction, but also an accessory that you will make in the image of witnesses. He should harmoniously fit into it, become a continuation of the general style. We offer you a step-by-step description of making DIY icons in orange and white..

Wedding badge for witnesses from ribbons

Necessary materials

To make the accessory you will need the following:

  • long satin ribbons in two colors;
  • cardboard;
  • needle, thread, scissors;
  • hot glue;
  • safety pin;
  • circles of paper with inscriptions «Witness» and «Witness»;
  • thin satin ribbon.

Stages of creation

  • Circles with inscriptions must be printed in advance and glued to a cut circle of cardboard of the same diameter.
  • Cut out from the cardboard two more circles large in diameter of 2 mm.
  • We cut satin ribbons in strips of 7 cm in length of each color of 5 pieces.
  • Fold the ribbon in half.
  • Bend the edges to the center, forming a triangle.
  • We grab the triangle with a thread. Repeat the same steps with all chopped ribbons..
  • We attach white ribbon triangles to orange so that there is a small ledge. We fix with a thread.
  • Tails singe.
  • We attach triangles to the cardboard circle, forming a star.
  • Glue to the cardboard with hot glue.
  • Cut another five white stripes 10 cm long.
  • Fold in half.
  • We put one end of the strip on glue to the center of the star.
  • Glue the other from the back to the center.
  • So glue the rest of the white stripes.
  • In the center of the icon, we put a circle with the inscription on the glue.
  • For the witness, the badge will be attached to the hand. To do this, cut three strips of thin tape, cut another cardboard circle.
  • We make holes in the cardboard at an equal distance.
  • Threaded through the holes of the tape.
  • Glue to the back of the wedding badge.
  • In the same way we cut out a cardboard circle for a witness, just fasten it to a pin.

Wedding witness badge decor ideas

The standard and boring ribbons were replaced by wedding badges for witnesses. These accessories are very beautiful, comfortable to wear. Thanks to the originality of hand-made badges, witnesses at your wedding will never get lost. You can decorate this accessory as you wish, taking into account the details of the guest attire. A variety of finishes allows you to adapt the icon to the image.

Badges decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Badges decorated with ribbons of various colors look classically, strictly, therefore they will suit both female and male outfits. But the decor with flowers impresses the witness more. This accessory is very cute, funny. Badges with decor will certainly delight your friends, add solemnity and help you to feel your important role in the wedding ceremony..

Badges for witnesses with flowers and ribbons.

Decorated with lace

Another option for decorating a wedding accessory is all kinds of lace of different shades and patterns. Depending on the used color palette of the outfit, jewelry can be made in delicate colors of golden, pink, white. This option is considered standard and most suitable. If there are bright accents in the image, then the lace can have a rich color.

Wedding badges for witnesses with lace

Heart shaped

The executed accessories in the shape of a heart will look very honorable on the costumes of witnesses. Beautiful, bright, original detail will add a sense of celebration, the importance of what is happening. Thanks to this romantic, suitable form of the occasion, guests will want to keep the badge for a long time. The heart can be made in traditional red color, as well as in more muted shades, for example, pink, cream, sand.

Heart shaped badges for witnesses.

Witness Badge Video Tutorial

Badges for wedding witnesses are very easy to do with your own hands. The technique itself is simple. To add uniqueness to an accessory, you should think about its decor. To do this, turn on your imagination and create more boldly. You will see visual instructions for action in the video below. In such a detailed master class, even a child will make this detail, and cute decor will be added to the icon by cute decor with artificial flower buds and bows.

Photo of wedding witness badges

Bright, stylish, colorful badges for witnesses can have a variety of decor: watercolor, embroidery, decoration with ribbons, flowers, lace, beads, rhinestones. Thanks to them, the participants in the ceremony will not be lost among other guests. Icons can be austere, classic, vibrant, stylish, delicate, funny, touching or funny. Presented to witnesses, they will fully support the solemnity of the event..

Handmade Witness Sign Ideas