Wedding rings on the car


A good decoration of a wedding event is the key to a beautiful celebration and a good mood for young people and their guests. You can decorate everything that your heart desires, starting from the front door during the foreclosure, and ending with the restaurant hall. A lot of attention needs to be paid to the wedding procession, and especially to the car of the bride and groom. In it, the newlyweds will spend a long period of time. It is fashionable to install wedding rings on a young car. This decoration gives the event even more solemnity and will not leave passers-by indifferent.

Design Ideas for Wedding Rings on a Car Roof

Modern newlyweds try to make all cars original and creative. And therefore, rings for decorating vehicles can be used in different versions as a separate accessory or decorated with various figures, fresh flowers, bells. Any method of designing a symbol of love will look attractive and will not violate the atmosphere of the holiday. It is popular to decorate rings with flowers, satin ribbons, toys, sweets.

Wedding rings with swans

In classic wedding decorations, swans are often used - graceful and beautiful birds. They look perfect in the form of a decoration for the transport of the bride and groom, especially when using the rings on the roof of the car. Swans symbolize love, devotion, loyalty, which is why they are so often placed on holiday tables, cars. These birds must be white. Only such a color will be a symbol of a new, clean relationship of the future family.

Swans are placed on only one wedding car in the motorcade - the one in which the newlyweds are. You can make birds yourself or buy in a store. If you will create the jewelry yourself, it should be done using feathers, fabric, white cardboard. It is important that the swans attach well to the hood, so their nest can be decorated with flowers, baskets, satin or chiffon.

Wedding rings on a car with swans

Decoration with natural or artificial flowers

The decoration of the roof of the car using colors is used by many newlyweds. It is beautiful, stylish and is not very expensive. Artificial flowers can be used more than once, so wedding agencies offer their cars with ready-made decorations. Living compositions will be expensive, but as a result, the tuple will look richer.

To choose the necessary flower assortment, look at your purchased or rented rings. If they are golden and made of metal, then any kind of jewelry will look good with them. If the rings are decorated with satin ribbons, you should choose exactly the same material and shade for the colors. Beautiful plants can complement the image of the wedding procession not only on the roof, but also on the hood, bumper, handles, glasses. Consider different options, choose something of your own.

Rings with flowers for a wedding car

Decorated with Satin Ribbons

Rings on the roof of the wedding car are attached with satin ribbons, fabric cuts (light, flowing) or other textiles. If bows or ruffles will be used in the tuple, then it is worth adding to the main composition with rings. It is important that all cars feel the same style. For example, decorate the handles of each machine with beautiful bows..

When using satin ribbons, it is important to remember that they are very strong and do not stretch. If you want to fit a hood or other part of a car with them, cut the desired length of the accessory in advance with a margin of 10-15 cm and sew an elastic band to the edges. In the process of registration, it will be tied under the hood of the cars, and the tape will become perfectly flat, not flown in the wind. So the easiest way to fix any decor for cars, no matter what size it is.

Satin ribbons for decorating a wedding procession

Soft Toys Rings

Rings on the roof of the main escort car may be decorated with soft toys. They not only harmoniously fit into the wedding atmosphere, but also give the holiday tenderness and romance. As soft toys, many prefer teddy bears in pink or purple. It is also relevant to use dolls in the form of the bride and groom, heart toys that symbolize the mutual feelings of young.

You can decorate the symbol of eternal love with such accessories in different ways. It depends on your preference. It is important not to overshadow the rings, so you need to install toys on the side or back. Very often, cubs or dolls are placed on both sides of the rings or mounted just below the main composition. The presence of toys in the decor of cars will make the whole wedding procession original.

Dolls can be attached together with rings on the roof of the car to magnets or double-sided tape. In frequent cases, these fasteners alone are not enough. During the fast movement of the car, they can fly off. To protect the jewelry from loss, you can additionally tie ribbons to them on both sides and fix them in the passenger compartment. This will protect you from unnecessary worries and worries..

Stuffed Toys for Wedding Car Decor

In the form of hearts from fresh flowers

What can be more beautiful than living greens? It is unlikely that something artificial can replace natural beauty. If you decide to use live compositions for the decor of the wedding procession, this is an excellent choice. Having decided on the assortment of jewelry, select several types of greenery for decorating cars. You should not take all possible flowers that are in the store.

When the main car is decorated with living decor, and the rest with artificial compositions, it does not look very beautiful. In this case, it is better to decorate the rest of the car with fresh flowers. Let it be miniature bouquets for door handles and satin ribbons on the hood or small compositions. For them, you can take flowers that are in the bouquet of the bride and groom.

Floral hearts for a wedding car

Wedding rings made of sweets

Often, newlyweds try to create something new in the design of a wedding style. Such originality is necessarily reflected in the decoration of the tuple. Wedding rings with sweets are one of the rare types of decoration. Sweeten «bitter» a holiday, because there are no restrictions on the choice of sweets. You can choose the right candy for the celebration style.

If you decide to perform such a decor, you need to consider some nuances:

  • If you have a wedding in spring or summer, it is better not to take chocolates, they can melt under the sun.
  • Before decorating the rings, tie each candy along the edges with a thread so that they do not unfold during decoration or when the tuple moves.
  • It is not recommended to store such a composition after the holiday, it is better to distribute sweets to children at the celebration or to hold an interesting competition with their use.

Candy for decorating a wedding procession

Video: a review of the rings to decorate the wedding car

To accurately determine the choice of rings, rely not only on your opinion and vision. It will be good if you consider different, already implemented ideas. Many decorators devote their whole life to decorating weddings, they obviously have a lot of unrealized ideas that they can share. For example, watch the video below, which discusses interesting options for decorating a wedding car with rings and gives good ideas..

Photo of rings for decorating a car for a wedding

When buying a wedding decoration for a car, do not forget about some important nuances:

  • The color of the decoration does not have to be very colorful. Choose just a few colors from the entire gamut to stick to one direction..
  • For car decor, use symbols that carry beautiful feelings of fidelity, purity, love.
  • Make all escort cars in one format.
  • Be sure to consider different photos of finished jewelry in order to make your unforgettable design on their basis..

Wedding procession decoration options