Wedding Trivia for a Wedding - List


Car decorations, decorated champagne, invitations, candles, garter, pads for wedding rings. How much needs to be prepared for a wedding celebration so that this day and holiday will delight everyone, be perfectly organized, and remain in the memory of the newlyweds and guests as magical, joyful, happy. Wedding little things can make a celebration original, unique. Timely preparation of the necessary wedding attributes will help to avoid unpleasant situations, embarrassments.

What you need to remember to buy at a wedding - a list of little things

The list of little things necessary for the wedding for each couple who is preparing to get married can be completely different, it all depends on the preferences of the newlyweds, their taste, the theme of the event. The list of little things for a wedding:

1. For guests:

  • Invitation cards. When choosing invitations, pay particular attention to style and text. In order for guests to understand how desirable they will be at a wedding, it’s better to write a few lines by hand, choosing words that come from the heart, than buying a standard card with ready-made template text.
    Wedding Invitation
  • Wedding bonbonnieres. Even in Russia, a tradition came to thank guests for honoring their wedding celebration with their presence and sharing their joy with the young. In gratitude, they were given tasty souvenirs wrapped in beautiful scarves. At modern weddings, bonbonnieres are made out in the form of cute boxes or bags, inside of which they put something tasty: a bar of chocolate, sweets, nuts.
    Bonbonnieres - pleasant little things for guests
  • Buttonholes for children at a celebration.

2. To buy the bride:

  • Balloons, posters to decorate the entrance, the apartment of the bride.
    Posters for the redemption of the bride
  • Souvenir money.
  • Corresponding props for thematic buybacks.

3. Car decorations:

  • Wedding Car Rings.
  • Car numbers.
    Non-wedding procession
  • Boutonnieres on car handles.

4. Wedding stuff for the registry office:

  • Wedding rings.
  • Cushion for rings.
  • Wedding Towels.
  • Little things for meeting and congratulations to the newlyweds after the registry office (rose petals, grain of wheat or rice, confetti).

5. For a wedding walk:

  • Glasses from which young people will drink, and then will be broken for happiness.
  • Photo Shoot Accessories.
    Accessories for a wedding photo shoot
  • Castle, if the young are planning to hang it on «bridge of love».

6. Wedding trifles for a restaurant:

  • Loaf, salt, rushnyk. With such a set of young spouses, parents meet in front of the restaurant.
  • Wedding glasses for young people for a banquet.
  • Several bottles of decorated champagne.
  • Wedding Treasury - a bag or box for collecting money.
  • Bouquet understudy for the bride.
  • Wish book and pen.
    Wedding Wish Book
  • Wedding cake and figures for him.

Pillows for rings

A pillow for rings is a wedding accessory that will help to create a festive, romantic mood, will be an excellent decoration for wedding rings, and in the future it can become a family heirloom and will be inherited. Do not forget about the little things and save on them, because thanks to such small, seemingly insignificant things, the wedding celebration becomes spectacular, memorable.

Wedding Ring Pillow

The choice of such a trifle should be approached with all seriousness, because it is important that the pillow is decorated in the same style as the wedding celebration in general. Pillows can be completely different: decorated with openwork lace, beads, beads, rhinestones; made in various colors and sewn in different shapes (in the form of a heart, round, rectangular, square). Rings on such pads are held by ribbons or bows.

Types of ring pads

Glasses and decorations to them

When choosing glasses, the newlyweds must take into account the style in which other wedding accessories are decorated so that everything looks harmonious. Do not forget that the glasses will remain forever, so they should delight your eyes and become a pleasant reminder of a happy day in the life of the newlyweds. Glasses can be completely different: glass with the image of pigeons, swans, hearts; crystal without extra details or with original handmade decor. For the decor, they mainly choose different little things:

Glasses for newlyweds

  • Beads, Rhinestones, Beads.
  • Satin ribbons, lace, tulle.
  • Flowers with polymer clay combined with Swarovski crystals.
  • Making glasses in the form of a bride and groom.

Different glass decoration techniques

The newlyweds at the wedding pay attention to the whipping glasses. Buy not expensive glasses and decorate them with small details. The decoration is selected in accordance with the general theme of the wedding, or vice versa - choose another decoration so that the glasses become a bright accent that attracts attention. Glasses for whipping often fall into the frame of the camera during a walk of young people, after which they remain in the pictures in the album, so it’s important to take into account such a trifle.

Glasses for whipping

Wedding towels and salt shakers

The tradition of using towels at a wedding originates from the time of Russia. Brides independently prepared a dowry, including such wedding trifles as rushnyks. It was believed that the more beautiful, neat and with less knots a rushnyk will be embroidered - the happier the marriage and life of the spouses will be. Few brides undertake embroidery of rushnyks, because in shops, wedding salons there is simply a huge selection of these little things. Towels are traditionally kept by the newlyweds throughout their lives, as a symbol of love, fidelity, unity.

Embroidered Wedding Towel

When preparing for the wedding, it is necessary to prepare the right number of towels, it is important to understand and remember their purpose:

  • Hospitable rushnyk. They put a loaf, a salt shaker on it and meet young people at the entrance to the restaurant.
  • Wedding - use it during a wedding ceremony.
  • Towels for icons.
  • Union rushnyk intended for bandaging the hands of the newlyweds at the wedding.

By tradition, at the entrance to the restaurant, the newlyweds are met by parents with a rushnyk, on which there is a loaf and salt. Solyanka can be made directly in the test on a loaf or it can be purchased separately. Such a wedding attribute can be made of wood, ceramics and decorated with ribbons, beads or a beautiful ornament. Solyanka is always kept with spouses, as a reminder, as a reminder of how the first and last time «salted» spouses in each other's life together.

Solyanka for a wedding

Jewelry for wedding cars

At the wedding, everything should be perfectly prepared, thought out to the smallest detail. The wedding procession is no exception. Car decoration should be given special attention, because the little things that decorate cars, distinguish them from hundreds of other vehicles, make them bright, festive.

  • Decorations on the hood and roof of the car. It can be rings, cute bears, soft toys, dolls. The composition from natural or artificial flowers on the hood of the car looks original. When making a car, it is important that the wedding car looks beautiful, and not get lost in a riot of colors, flowers and tulle.
    Rings and dolls for a wedding car
  • License plates for cars. For the car of the bride and groom, it is worth choosing numbers with the corresponding inscriptions; for a wedding bus where guests will travel, a room with the inscription is perfect «Happy guests!», «The best guests!».
  • Boutonnieres on handles of wedding cars. Such trifles will give the car a festive, romantic look.

Car decorations can be found in abundance in salons, wedding car rental points, and in floral shops will make up a composition of fresh flowers. If desired, the newlyweds can make decorations on cars with their own hands, using their imagination, paying attention to the little things. In order to learn some rules for designing a tuple, to familiarize yourself with a master class on creating simple tapes, watch the video:

Figurines for cake decor

The final of the wedding banquet is an enchanting presentation of a huge wedding cake, the top of which is usually decorated with cute figures in the form of a bride and groom, cute doves or charming swans. This tradition came to us from Europe and it is difficult now to imagine a truly festive cake without a bride and groom standing on it made of mastic.

Figures of the bride and groom on a cake

Wedding cake is a real work of art and the figure should complement it, therefore, choosing this trifle, it is important to focus on size, shape. Figurines can be funny, funny, romantic. In addition to the bride and groom, angels and flower arrangements can decorate the cake. The main thing is that the figures go well with the wedding cake, and it all looks harmonious.

DIY wedding accessories workshop (photo)

Wedding little things are not difficult to find in stores, there is a huge selection of craftsmen who are ready to make accessories to order, taking into account all the wishes of the newlyweds. But the ideal option is to find a little time and create the necessary little things with your own hands, investing in them a piece of soul, heart, love. These lovely accessories will be priceless for spouses, they will protect these little things all their lives, as well as their love.

Flower pad for wedding rings

The process of exchanging wedding rings is an exciting moment for the newlyweds. The photographer will capture this moment, and the pillow for the rings will fall into the frame. Therefore, to approach the choice of this little thing is with all the attention and responsibility. A huge selection of such accessories is presented in stores, but they are all of the same type, fabric, sometimes even boring, but you really want something special, unique. Creating a truly original pillow is not difficult with your own hands.

Examples of flower pads

To create a wedding flower pillow you will need:

  • Satin ribbon to match the composition..
  • Wire.
  • Gardening scissors.
  • Floral sponge (size approximately 4x5x2 cm).
  • Orchid, amaranth, hydrangea, brunia berries, eucalyptus, moss.

Materials for creating a pad

Stages of creation:

  1. The top and sides of the floristic sponge must be wrapped with moss, evenly distributing it over the entire surface.
    Wrap the sponge with moss
  2. Moss needs to be fixed with a wire, creating a mesh from it.
    Wind wire mesh
  3. Wrap a sponge with a satin ribbon, on the model of how to pack a gift - cross to cross. From the side where there is no moss to tie a bow.
    Tie a satin ribbon bow
  4. Insert flowers into the grid, filling the space so that there are no empty spaces. When placing flowers, you need to look so that the finished composition looks harmonious.
    Place flowers in a composition
  5. Cut a part of the bow in half so that the ribbon does not untie, a knot should be tied. Pass the wedding rings through the free ends, make a bow. The original, fragrant pillow for wedding rings is ready.
    Put on wedding rings on a bow
  6. Such a charming little thing should be created in the evening just before the wedding, and left in the refrigerator at night so that on the wedding day the flowers on the pillow are fresh and beautiful.

Flower pad

Bow for wedding shoes

To make a small re-design of wedding shoes, to give them sophistication, will help a variety of little things. It is possible to decorate them using a beautiful bow, rhinestones, beads. To create a bow you will need:

  • Wedding shoes of the bride.
  • Satin ribbon in the color of shoes.
  • Rhinestones.
  • Stapler.
  • Scissors.
  • Clips for shoes.
  • Fabric glue.

Materials for creating a bow

Stages of creating little things for decor:

  1. Cut the ribbon of the required length and make a bow. To create a more magnificent bow, you need to do more additions (minimum 3).
    Make a bow from a ribbon
  2. Fasten the bow strictly in the center using a stapler. In order to mask the place of fastening, you need to cut a small piece of tape and wrap around the center of the bow, securing with glue. Wait for the glue to dry completely..
    Fasten the bow with a stapler
    30 = Hide tape mount
  3. The next stage requires maximum accuracy and attention to detail, because the quality of the final result depends on it. Using a brush, glue on the edges of the bow, glue rhinestones. To make it more shiny, it is worth sticking rhinestones on the bow core.
    Decorate bow with rhinestones
  4. Glue the shoe clip to the back of the bow or glue it directly to the shoe. Wedding shoes are ready!

Attach a bow to the shoes

Preparing for the wedding takes a lot of time, effort, finance, but taking the time and taking care of even the little things, as a result, the newlyweds will receive the wedding of their dreams, where everything will be thought out to the smallest detail, organized at the highest level and done with love. And if future spouses create some accessories with their own hands, having invested a piece of the soul, they will delight your eyes and warm your heart, and in the future will become a reminder of the happiest day of their life!