Wedding Topiary


Topiary is an ancient art of landscape design, implying a decorative trimming of trees to decorate gardens, parks. Over time, this concept migrated to needlework and began to mean the manufacture of small trees to decorate the house. It has several other names - «european tree», «tree of happiness». This type of decor is suitable not only for home decoration - sometimes unusual trees are used to decorate the holidays. How to make a beautiful wedding topiary?

Organza and cotton ball wedding topiary

Topiary can be made using different materials. For a simple and budget design, you can use organza, decorative pebbles and cotton balls. Such a wedding tree looks gentle, romantic, airy, will be a wonderful gift for the heroes of the occasion. Future spouses can make it themselves to put on the festive table. If this is a present from guests, donors can decorate «european tree» spouses congratulations.

Necessary materials

  • Balloon for future wedding topiary made of polyurethane foam or foam.
  • Cotton balls.
  • Metal, wooden or plastic straight stick for the barrel.
  • Superglue, PVA glue or glue gun.
  • Suitable Organza Petals.
  • A flowerpot where there is a floristic sponge (it is replaced with polyurethane foam).
  • Decorative stones.
  • Pearlescent acrylic paint.
  • Brush.
  • Decor elements: feathers, scrapbook, beads, rhinestones, stones.
  • Candles.
  • Sewing pins.

Stages of creation

  1. Put a floral sponge in the pot, insert the trunk of the future topiary there. Fix the foam ball on top. If there is no special sponge, evenly place the barrel in an empty pot, fill with mounting foam. Wait for it to harden, fasten the ball.
  2. Combine the cotton balls into one cloth, treat the lower part with PVA glue, immediately fix the cotton wool on the floral sponge. When the glue dries a little, carefully fold decorative stones on top so that they completely cover the cotton layer.
  3. Make the petals with organza. To do this, cut a large number of circles (depending on the size of the base ball), slightly singe the edges of the candle material so that the fabric does not diverge. Then apply a layer of pearl paint on the barrel.
  4. Take the sewing pins, thread one through the center of the organza petal, and attach to the foam ball. In the same way, decorate the entire base until the material completely covers the topiary. When everything is ready, decorate the resulting tree at will - with feathers, beads, postcards with inscriptions. Beautiful wedding decor is ready!

Instructions for making topiary for a wedding

Wedding topiary of tulle and satin ribbons

To make a topiary for a wedding, needlewomen use different fabrics - sisal, silk, organza, satin, linen and even burlap. Looks great trees, decorated with air tulle and shiny satin ribbons. In this master class on making wedding topiary, tulle forms a pillow for touching satin roses in a contrasting shade. If desired, the heroes of the occasion or the donors of the tree of happiness can use fabrics of a different tone, more suitable for the style of their wedding. See below for step by step instructions for making topiary.

Necessary materials

  • Ball-base (mounting foam).
  • Foam Pieces.
  • Fatin trimming.
  • 5 cm wide satin ribbon for roses.
  • Brocade trimming.
  • Hot glue.
  • Large beads, bugles.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Wire.
  • Small pearl beads.
  • Plastic flowers.
  • Pot.
  • Curved trunk.
  • Gypsum.
  • Heart stickers.
  • Scissors.

Stages of creation

  1. Cut a suitable size ball from a piece of foam. Fix the resulting base on the trunk. Save the remaining pieces of foam - they will be needed to consolidate the future topiary.
  2. Make roses. Cut a square of satin ribbon, fold diagonally and glue it. When the glue dries a little, attach two opposite corners to the base of the petal, to the bottom edge of the triangle. Make the required number of elements, then collect the rose: twist the first petal into a tube to make a core. Then gently glue the petals in a circle. Pay attention to the back of the product: all elements are on the same level.
    Topiary base and rose making
  3. Fold the tulle trimmings, there will be a lot of them, because these decorative details will make up the main decoration of the ball. Glue two tulle trimmings to the toothpick, let dry. Make additional decorative elements with a thin brocade tape: just fold it in half, fix it with glue, as shown in the figure. Fasten large beads, plastic flowers on a strong wire. When all the details of the decor of the topiary are ready, give them a ball base.
  4. Put the mounting foam in the pot, glue it to the bottom and edges, so that when plastering it does not float up. Put the trunk in the resulting mount, carefully check that the wedding tree is equal. When the ideal position is chosen, fill the pot with gypsum - this material will need very little. Wait a few days for the fill to dry completely..
    Decor Elements and Foam
  5. Make the finishing touches: make a beautiful bow with white and pink satin ribbons, prepare tulle trims (this time without toothpicks), buy heart stickers, bugles. After the material has dried in the pot, glue the bead to the gypsum surface of the trimming, bugle, and bow on the top of the topiary trunk. Stickers decorate a flowerpot. Beautiful «european tree» ready for the wedding!

The final design of the topiary

DIY coffee bean topiary made from coffee beans

For wedding topiary not only classical materials are used, such as ribbons, beads, stickers and a variety of fabrics. Often, the heroes of the occasion want something more original, and sometimes the wedding theme dictates the unusual style of the topiary. As a decor of a wedding tree, cotton pads, paper, money, lollipops, pasta, artificial vegetables can be used. Very popular coffee topiary. Its design looks original, such an element of the decor spreads the magnificent smell of unrefined grains.

Necessary materials

  • Grain coffee - preferably well roasted (250-300 g).
  • Foam ball.
  • Small flower pot.
  • Wooden stick or plastic tube for the barrel.
  • Glue.
  • Double sided tape.
  • Stucco or Alabaster.
  • Thin satin ribbon.
  • Wide tulle ribbon.

Stages of creation

  1. Start gluing the ball with grains - you need to do this in two layers to avoid gaps. When gluing the first layer, coffee should be placed upward with the semicircular side, and the second - vice versa. The place where the trunk will be mounted must be left empty.
  2. Wrap the base for the barrel with double-sided tape so that the entire surface of the mount is completely covered with it. Then, diagonally attach the tape to the stick or plastic pipe - make sure that the adhesive tape does not appear under it. Glue the resulting trunk to the crown of the wedding tree.
  3. Pour a small amount of water into the pot, dissolve alabaster or plaster in it. The solution should be thick. Until the mixture has frozen, fix the barrel with the topiary in the pot, it should be located in the middle.
  4. If the alabaster did not have time to harden, begin to lay out the coffee beans on the surface of the mixture - first the smooth side, as in the case of the crown, then vice versa.
  5. When the solution has solidified completely, decorate your topiary as you like. In this case, a laconic decor was chosen - a wide phantine ribbon tied with a bow on the front side. The finished topiary looks elegant and interesting..

Master class: coffee topiary

Ideas for creating a topiary on a wedding table - photo

Newlyweds from around the world have already realized many ideas for decorating a wedding tree. Newspapers, ribbons, lace, corrugated paper, floristic mesh, flowers, butterflies, angels and doves can be used as decorative elements. Not only details of crown decoration, but also containers in which «planted» wood. It can be glasses, round, square pots, banks, watering cans. Often, instead of the classical basis - the ball - the heroes of the occasion prefer a heart-shaped topiary, emphasizing the romantic nature of the relationship between the newlyweds.

Heart made of napkins

It’s easy to make a heart shaped topiary for a wedding decorated with napkins. You will need the basic elements (pot, mortar for fixing the barrel, the barrel itself, the base-heart) and napkins of a suitable color, which are twisted into balls. The resulting details need to completely glue the heart so that there are no gaps. This and other types of topiary in the form of a heart, see the photo below.

Heart shaped topiary

«Cooing pigeons»

A pair of doves at a wedding celebration is a symbol that means trembling love between spouses, peace and harmony in a future family. Beautiful birds can be created using paper, felted wool, often ready-made feather, glass figurines are used.. «To plant» touching doves can be on the pot, on the crown of the topiary or choose a flowerpot with the appropriate design.

Topiary with birds and doves

Tree with photos of young

A topiary with a photo of the newlyweds will decorate the wedding event. A tree with a joint picture of the heroes of the occasion is usually addressed to the guests. After the wedding, the newly-made spouses will be able to take the topiary home, so that over time they insert photos from the wedding celebration. Check out the photos of these interesting topiaries below..

Topiary photo frames for a wedding celebration

Video: how to make topiary of sweets with your own hands

Nowadays, candy bouquets that are given for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries have gained great popularity. Often, the brides themselves choose a similar wedding bouquet instead of the classic floral arrangements. The needlewomen did not leave this trend unattended and began to use a variety of sweets to decorate the topiary. Sweet trees are not only a beautiful element of wedding decor, but also a delicious treat that the heroes of the occasion will try at the end of the event.

Future spouses or guests who decide to give them a sweet gift can make candy topiary on their own. For this, in addition to the basic elements, you will need corrugated paper, floral ribbons, oilcloths, nets, as well as favorite sweets of the heroes of the occasion. Details on how to make a sweet topiary for a wedding are described in the video below..