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Each bride at her wedding wants to look perfect. Particular attention is paid to the details, especially the handbag, which should be combined with the style of the whole image as a whole. Some girls believe that this accessory is optional, so they do not pay due attention to its choice. The handbag will never interfere with the bride, in it you can put lipstick, a handkerchief, a mirror and other little things. The right accessory will help to make the image complete and harmonious..

What kind of handbag to choose for a bride for a wedding?

Due to the wide variety of wedding handbags, you can choose the model that will best suit your style. An accessory made of the same material as the dress looks very interesting. If this option does not fit, buy a handbag for the bride, which will be perfect in terms of shade and color, not very different from the background of a wedding dress. For example, a short outfit in a vintage style cannot be combined with an accessory complemented by sequins..

Variety of Handbags for Brides

Rope bag

An elegant and elegant accessory for the bride is a bag-bag, supplemented with a rope, thanks to which it will be convenient to carry with you. There are several options for this model:

Handbags with ropes for the bride
  • With handles in the form of tape, braid. It can be made of satin or delicate lace.
  • Clutch bag of the bride in the form of a small bag, complemented by pearls or rhinestones.
  • Product with a metal clasp on a rope.
  • Accessory in the shape of a bouquet.
  • Handbag, the main decoration of which is fresh flowers.
  • Crochet.
  • Handbag made in the shape of a flower or a heart. Such models are usually made to order..

Clutch embroidered with rhinestones or pearls

Clutches for the bride, embroidered with rhinestones and pearls

A small but roomy clutch bag will be an indispensable addition to the image of the bride. An accessory made of airy fabric, complemented with rhinestones, pearls, sequins, with a metal clasp, on or without a chain. Each girl will be able to choose the perfect model for herself. The clutch bag is an exquisite detail of the delicate image of the bride. The main thing is that she is fully consistent with the style of the wedding dress.

Handbag decorated with fresh flowers

Handbags for the bride, decorated with fresh flowers

This accessory should attract attention, but not become the center of attention. The bride’s handbag decorated with flowers looks very interesting and stylish. Almost always, this element is complemented by rhinestones, pearls of different sizes, beads or crystals. But the decor with flowers looks more festive, bright, natural, fresh and elegant. If you choose such a model of a handbag, make sure that the flowers are harmoniously combined with a wedding bouquet. It’s important to maintain one style..

Envelope Handbag

Envelope Wedding Handbags

Thanks to the unstoppable flight of fancy of fashion designers, recently there has appeared just a huge number of different variations of the bride's handbags in the form of an envelope, complemented by a thin chain. Such an accessory can be worn both on the shoulder and in the hands. An envelope handbag looks stylish, restrained, elegant, feminine and fits perfectly with almost any bride’s dress.

For the manufacture of such a product, a wide variety of materials are used. For example, soft fabric, substitute or genuine leather, elastane, delicate lace, braided material. The handbag will help in creating a complex or simple, glamorous, seductive or strict image. And the main emphasis in the image will fall on like an envelope handbag.

Envelopes for the bride

If you want to use this accessory in everyday life, choose the option made of matte soft white leather. This product is universal, and will last you several seasons. If the wedding is held in the fall, it is recommended to complement the image of the bride with stylish gloves and a scarf. An envelope bag with a long chain will give its owner glamor. Rhinestones, large beads, sequins, natural or artificial flowers can be used to decorate this accessory..

What to put in the purse of the bride?

The image of the bride should be thought out to the smallest detail, and in the purse you need to put things that you may need during the day. This is not just an accessory, but a functional element of a wedding dress. It is imperative to take cosmetics with you. Even if professional makeup was done in the morning, during the day it may be necessary to adjust it. In the purse should be:

Crying bride
  • powder;
  • mirror;
  • mini bottle of perfume;
  • cotton buds;
  • ink;
  • napkins;
  • lipstick or lip gloss.

It is advisable to bring wet and dry wipes with them, they will help to discreetly tear away the tear and not spoil the makeup, wipe the cheeks of the groom after numerous kisses of guests. When choosing a compact powder, it is best to prefer matting, which gently disguises the oily sheen that appears on the face during the day, especially if the wedding is held in the hot season.

Be sure to bring gloss or lipstick with you, with the help of which the created image will be complete and harmonious. Lipstick should not be too bright or pale. If you are very emotional, your handbag should have a handkerchief and cotton buds. Crying brides look very touching, but the smeared makeup will look ugly in the photo.

What to put in the purse of the bride

Each girl at her own wedding should look like a real princess, and be surrounded by an exciting, sensual aroma. To do this, put a perfume bottle in your purse. In order not to carry a whole suitcase with things, purchase a sampler of your favorite fragrance in advance, and mini-packaging of perfumes is also suitable. Some of the necessary things or cosmetics should be given to mom, witness, close girlfriend.

Be sure to bring some medicines with you. A wedding is an important day for every girl, so put a plate of activated carbon and universal painkillers in your purse. We must not forget about the bactericidal patch, because new shoes can grate the skin very much, and the bride who is limping towards the end or even in the middle of the wedding looks depressing.

Bactericidal patch on the legs

Where to buy and how much

In order not to miscalculate with the details of the image, first you need to choose the style of the bride's dress. Only after that are accessories selected (earrings, bracelets, shoes, jewelry on the neck, handbag). You can buy an indispensable thing for the bride - a handbag in the following stores:

Store Name and Address

Price benchmark, rub.

Wedding Salon, Moscow, ul. New Forest, 1/49


Bridal Salon Bella Bride, Moscow, ul. Suschevsky Val, 43


Amantes Wedding Salon, Moscow, ul. 1905, 5


If there is no time or opportunity to go shopping, boutiques and wedding salons in search of handbags, check out the assortment of online stores:

Product Model

Price, rub.

Addresses of online stores

Elegant bag bag "Charm"



Wedding clutch silver with white pearls



Handbag decorated with flowers, «Silk roses»



Silver brooch chain envelope bag



Photo of wedding bags for the bride

To be the ideal of beauty at your own wedding is the dream of every girl. To create a feminine, stylish, harmonious and sophisticated image of the bride, you need to choose the right accessories, including a handbag. It is important that this element is combined with the style of the dress. Look at the photo below a selection of the most elegant and fashionable models of wedding bags for the bride and groom.

Wedding bags for the bride